How To Calm Stage Fright

Even the most successful and famous rock bands experience excitement and a bit of nervousness before a concert. Performance anxiety (stage fright) is a widespread concern for all musicians. Get control over it and channel that energy into something positive and your live shows are likely to go well. But let it control you and you are sure to make mistakes and miss a great opportunity to have fun and freely share your great music with your audience.

Tom Hess wrote a very useful article about his stage fright remedy for guitar players. I suggest you read it because I won’t repeat the same ideas here and I don’t want you miss out on the advice he gives.

Meditation: I was always into meditation and relaxation techniques, so, if really needed, I always have the possibility to calm down in a few minutes. Good meditation techniques are not something that can truly be learned quickly. Like all things in life, you will need to spend some time to really learn to do this well, but it is well worth your time. In a nutshell, meditation is about breathing deep and slow, freeing your mind from all thoughts. Once you achieve this, it makes you feel more relaxed and ready to face challenges with a positive and constructive attitude. During a show, anything can happen, but when I take a look and hear the crowd going crazy with the band and wanting to have fun... that’s a great injection of energy that makes a big challenge look small.

Roots and Reasons: Anytime you find yourself feeling nervous before a gig, remember why you wanted to become a musician in the first place and concentrate your thoughts (before you meditate) on the reasons why you are going to play your concert. Not to get paid, not to be perfect on stage, not to look cool, not to impress others. You began to play music because you loved the way your favorite music made you feel. Now it’s your turn to make others feel that way. Not by being perfect or avoiding mistakes, but by being a musician… by being yourself.

Make yourself unforgettable to your fans and achieve rock band success.


Alex Staropoli

Alex Staropoli Professional Keyboard Player

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