Nikke Blout

Student Type:   Music Careers Mentoring Program
Location: Frankfurt, Germany & Los Angeles, CA, USA
Web Site:
Occupation: Drummer, Instructor, New Media Specialist
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I'm just a girl (No Doubt)

Nikke is a professional drummer from Los Angeles, currently living in Frankfurt, Germany, where she has a private drum studio equipped with everything to collaborate together live as well as remotely. Her background and experience includes playing on big stages to recording in studios as well as teaching music lessons.  Drumming and technology are NIkke's specialties. She is excited to be working and contributing to Music Careers Mentoring Program musical projects.

Nikke says: "I think the program, the forum, and events make for a great platform for us to collaborate and support one another at being our very best. It's all about sharing our talent with the world and eliminating all the obstacles in between. Explore the possibilities! "

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