9 Deadly Mistakes You Should Avoid To Make Your Rock Band A Big Success

You have (or want) a real cool band, lots of ambition and the potential to make it, but instead of taking your band to the next level, you have reached a plateau and feel stuck. You have come this far on your own, but now you don't know what to do or how to do things to finally get where you want to be. You need to be seen, heard and remembered. You want to get discovered and signed. You are tired of spinning your wheels musically without getting anywhere. Does that sound like you?   
Obviously, there are countless bands out there that face the exact same problems as you do. To most musicians, how to climb the rock band success ladder seems like a big mystery. Other musicians think they know what to do, but when they try to do it, it doesn't work for them.  

Here are the biggest mistakes many bands make when trying to become successful:

Mistake #1: Most bands focus either on the wrong things, tiny insignificant things or no specific things at all.

Mistake #2: Most bands put a lot of effort into their music (which is good), but very little effort into the many other critical elements needed to make it in the music business.   

Mistake #3: Most bands don't think of their band as a 'business' and therefore don't run it like a business. Of course being in a band is about having fun and creating great music, but fact is, in order to be successful in the music business, you need to run your band operations like a business.   

Mistake #4: Most bands have a fundamental misunderstanding about what record companies look for, and expect from, new bands. This misunderstanding puts bands on the wrong path.   

Mistake #5: Most bands severely underestimate the importance of their image. Yes, music is about 'music', but music business success is about a total package which includes music, image, visual stage show among other things which need to be fully developed in a congruent way. (This is where the term "Artist Development" comes from!)   

Mistake #6: Most bands' live show is mediocre at best. The music might be good, but a live 'show' requires more than great music. If people only wanted to hear the music, they would save their money and listen to the music at home. Both fans and record labels want (and expect) to see a REAL show. Neglecting this area results in talented bands becoming quickly forgotten.   

Mistake #7: Most bands falsely believe that the number of 'fans' they have is the holy grail for success. The fact is, it is not the number of 'fans' which matters most, it's the number of FANATICS which will contribute more directly to your success (or lack of it). Bands need to focus more effort on converting existing fans into raving fanatics of the band.   

Mistake #8: Most bands do not understand nor have an effective music marketing strategy to promote their band. Without this you will continue to struggle.   

Mistake #9: Most bands who do work on becoming successful typically focus on 'getting their name and music out there'. Their objective is to be seen and heard as much as possible. The biggest mistake is these bands usually do little or nothing to become totally unforgettable!  

So where can you find the help you need to avoid all of the common mistakes mentioned above and finally begin to put your band on the right path to success?

The conventional way bands try to learn to become successful goes something like this:   

When you're starting out (as an unknown band) you are typically limited in your ability to gain access to knowledge about how to become successful. So what usually happens is:   

1. You spend a lot of time using the 'trial and error' approach hoping to learn from your own experiences.   

2. You look at what other local bands are trying to do.   

The information you have from these first two sources is only on the amateur level.   

3. You look for information in music industry books.   

Music industry books typically discuss general things about how the music industry functions. Those books are almost like dictionaries. They only offer basic outlines of things. In addition, those things are never written by musicians or from their perspective. They are written by former agents, entertainment lawyers or the occasional retired (or unemployed) A&R guy. There is still some useful information to be found in some books. Feel free to use 'recently written' music business books as a 'reference', not a 'blueprint' for aspiring bands like you. There are huge pieces of the puzzle missing about what YOU should be focusing on right now...   

4. You look at what big famous bands do or have done and try to copy what they did.   

There are several problems with looking at what famous bands do (or have done in the past)... First, the information you get about these bands in interviews, videos, articles, or in books, etc. is interesting for fans, but it's not the type of insider information you need to know in order to become a successful band yourself. The things you want to know are the things huge bands usually don't talk about (because it's not interesting for the music press or the fans)   

You cannot get information about the specific things they did, steps they took, the conversations they had with people in the music industry, what detailed events happened that led them to where they are today. These details are lost to anyone who wants to follow the same path, because nobody documented them or made a course out of it.   

Wouldn't it be great if you COULD get the insider secrets about exactly what things successful bands did (and how they did them) when they were starting out on 'your level'? There is probably a huge distance between where you are right now and where very successful bands are today. What you need is the insider information about the 'process and path' these bands went through.   

The ONLY way to get this insider information is from musicians (or bands) with experience in the music industry who went through the same journey of being totally unknown to becoming successful in the music industry. 

This is why we, Alex Staropoli, Tom Hess, and Draven Grey have created "Becoming Unforgettable - A Rock Band's Guide To Image And Branding".

Our combined experience from selling more than a million records, performing huge concerts on multiple world tours, producing, artist development, mentoring and coaching musicians and bands has given us a wealth of knowledge, experience and insider information to help musicians like you.   

Alex Staropolo  Tom Hess  Draven Grey

Your music and your talent are too good and important to be wasted on doing the 'wrong things'. There are probably many areas that you and your band need to improve on to become really successful, but one of the first things you NEED to work on is making your band 'unforgettable'.   

Becoming unforgettable means that your band is remembered over the long term in 'everything' you do. It's not about how many people have listened to your music or seen you 'once', it's about how many people want to (and do) remember you. What you need to do is turn strangers into listeners, listeners into fans, and fans into fanatics!


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You will receive a 2 and a half hour audio version that you can listen to with your entire band or in your car. You also get a 62 page eCourse so that you can quickly refer back to all the concepts, ideas and training.

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Now it's up to you... will you believe in the myth of the "starving musician" stereotype and do nothing? ... or will you be one of the few musicians/bands who take action to get ahead. If YOU won't invest into your own band, nobody else will either. The most successful bands use these insider secrets to become unforgettable and build thriving careers in music. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity and take your band to the next level NOW.

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