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Music Careers Mentoring Program

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Mike Philippov - Music Careers Mentoring Program MemberThe Music Careers Mentoring Program is an absolute must for anyone who is dead serious about succeeding in the music business. If your heart is set on achieving success in music and you are looking for guidance on how to do it, this program is for you.

Taught by an experienced pro, the program really teaches all the ins and outs of "making it" in the music industry. The program is more than merely "lessons on tape." There is a lot of "hands on" training taking place as Tom guides the students through a variety of reputation and experience building projects. You also have the unique opportunity to interact and establish positive relationships with other serious and dedicated musicians who are just as serious about becoming music professionals as you are! Where else can you find that?

Tom does a superb job of explaining the mental attitudes and beliefs that all successful musicians have in common and he also guides you step by step through some actual projects that will significantly boost anyone's reputation in the music industry even if they have zero prior experience.

I found myself transformed as a person is some very positive and empowering ways and I'm totally confident now that my success in music will only be a matter of time.

Tom, Thanks so much for all your help bro!

- Mike Philippov (Indiana, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Music Careers Mentoring Program Student - Tim GibsonFirst off, because Tom Hess' name is attached to this class you know it is world-class instruction that you simply can't find anywhere else. A career in music is broken down and information is shared that most people spend a lifetime trying to figure out. I guarantee that if you follow the concepts and ideas in the MCMP you will see a significant difference in the direction of your career. If you apply the knowledge you gain you cannot fail. It amazes me that Tom would be so willing to give this information away freely. He continues to revolutionize the methods of guitar instruction.

- Tim Gibson (Wisconsin, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Zack Uidl - Member Of Music Careers Mentoring ProgramTom Hess's Music Careers Mentoring Program has taught the most incredible amount about the music industry and how to succeed in this industry. Through this program, I realized what I needed to do to become very successful in such a demanding industry. I can honestly say that without this program, I would never have become who I am today and reached the level of success that I have. Thank you Tom.

- Zack Uidl (Illinois, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Nick Layton - Member Of Music Careers Mentoring ProgramWhen I first approached Tom Hess I was still searching for direction in my dream of having a career as a professional musician. I have believed for many years now that this dream was my destiny--but I was frustrated because I felt like things weren't progressing the way they should be, and I wasn't sure what steps to take next.

Tom approached me about entering the Music Careers Mentoring Program (MCMP) in the fall of 2005. This program has changed everything for me. I now wake up every day with a clear sense of purpose. I have many various projects and assignments I'm working on that will all further my music career.

Tom has been/and continues to be a great musical mentor to me. Tom has a ton of experience in the music business and had to learn all he is teaching in the MCMP the hard way. His combined experience and fresh approach has no doubt saved me years of struggling to find my own way. I felt for many years that I was wandering down a dark hallway....feeling around for doors or windows that could help light the path to my dreams. The MCMP turned the lights on all at once and showed me where I was and where I needed to go--and how to get there. Tom Hess is not only a great mentor, but I also consider him a friend.

Speaking of friends--maybe the greatest thing that has happened since I joined the program is that I've made a bunch of new friends. These people are not only very talented musicians but also great people. I'm sure many of them will be friends for life! As part of the MCMP we are constantly helping each other in our individual careers, and also working together on various projects. What a great thing it has been to have a support network of musicians from all over the world working together to make our dreams come true!

I am now more excited and fired up than I have ever been about my career as a professional musician!

- Nick Layton (California, United States)

Ysrafel - Member Of Music Careers Mentoring ProgramBeing in the MCMP has changed my musical career, as well as life in so many ways. Not only have I learned about many different aspects in music business; but as well what it takes to be a successful person in the industry. Before I was in the program I was hoping to become a great musician someday. Now, I am excited as I see my goals and desires getting closer and closer each day. This program is all about personal growth on many levels.

- Ysrafel (Oklahoma, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Tyler Goyak - Member Of Music Careers Mentoring ProgramThe Music Careers Mentoring Program is everything I hoped it would be and more. It has helped me tremendously and will continue to do so long into the future. I now have a focus and a road to follow to achieve everything I want in music. The program is giving me the tools and insight to create my own opportunities and manifest my dreams into a reality.

- Tyler Goyak (Illinois, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Trevor Darmody - Member Of Music Careers Mentoring ProgramComing from the perspective of someone who already had a full-time teaching career in the Music Industry prior to entering the Tom Hess Music Careers Mentoring Program; it has still proven itself to be of major benefit to my career and to my growth as a person as well.

Tom Hess is the real deal! He has achieved major success as both a successful musician and recording artist, selling thousands of records worldwide, and as a teacher.

In the MCMP, Tom's approach is highly unusual in that he doesn't just give you a bunch of information about the industry and how it works; he also addresses the many other factors that are key to achieving success. For instance, he works on your way of thinking, and how to purge yourself of negative disempowering beliefs. He teaches you how to work with others, and puts you in many situations where group interaction is necessary to accomplish the projects that he assigns you. In short, he teaches you how to be a successful PERSON in general, and gives you the opportunity to apply these techniques to relevant industry-specific projects that will greatly enhance your career.

But not only is his approach highly unusual, it is also highly effective. Having taught hundreds of students myself, I know when I see an effective method. And I am lucky enough to be one who can live out this method.

You actually work on your career while being in this program. You don't just sit around and listen; you get up and act. It's hands on, it's a lot of work sometimes, and it's a lot of fun too. Since entering the program, my life and career has been changing direction, and has plotted a very positive course towards my goals and dreams.

Whether you want to improve your already existing music career, or want to build one from scratch, the Tom Hess MCMP is the place to be.

- Trevor Darmody (Ireland)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

- Member Of Music Careers Mentoring Program - Jonathan VipondI must admit I was a little unsure about what to expect when Tom suggested I sign up for this program but within a matter of weeks this had all been turned around. I wish to become a teacher and professional recording artist and I have found every session of this program to be a great asset to my development. Tom has worked me harder than I have ever worked but the end result is that I know that I cannot fail to reach any of my goals with Tom's teaching and Mentoring behind me. I advise ANYONE no matter how much you think you know, to get involved in this course. You will not be disappointed.

- Jonathan Vipond (United Kingdom)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Paul Tauterouff - Member Of Music Careers Mentoring ProgramTom, I know I've told you this before, but once again I have to say how your MCMP has been the greatest investment I have ever made in my music career and myself. Before joining this program I subscribed to the false Belief that you had to be a "rock star" to have a career in the music business. Thanks for helping me to learn the truth. I have made more Progress in my music career in the short time I have been studying with you than I did in the past 20-something years on my own and without any proper guidance. I keep reviewing past sessions and amazed at how much useful information is packed into each one. The motivational aspects have helped me to develop the proper mindset to be successful and the other topics (endorsements, tax tips, promotion, releasing CD's, etc.) have given tools and me the knowledge I need to reach my goals. After years of treading water I am finally accomplishing things; I will be on three CD's this year, and also release my first instructional materials. I especially love the fact that since I am running my own teaching business the cost of all of the sessions is a tax write-off for me!


- Paul Tauterouff (New York, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Mark Carozza - Member Of Music Careers Mentoring ProgramThe connections and opportunities alone that the Music Careers Mentoring Program creates are invaluable. And if that's not enough, you get information that pro musicians have spent years learning through trial and error (with out having to go through the trial and error process yourself).

- Mark Carozza (Illinois, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Angel Zamora - Member Of Music Careers Mentoring ProgramGreat friend and mentor. Tom has a very good work ethic and inspires to work. After years of knowing him, Tom has never failed me.

- Angel Zamora (Mexico)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Teemu Kleemola - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring ProgramHey! My name is Teemu Kleemola. I've been playing guitar over 15 years.  Currently I'm studying in Tom Hess' Music Careers Mentoring Program and also via his Correspondence Lessons, with which I started out with in the start.  After reading Tom's articles and playing and listening to the correspondence lessons I realized that Tom Hess is really something and studying with him is now invaluable for me. What the MCMP is for me is to have the right mindset in everything you do, to make effective plans to reach your ultimate goals, to start forming relationships with the right people, to be involved in great projects that help you to grow into the music business, to work with highly motivated and supportive forum members around you (many of which are already professional musicians) and to have a superior virtuoso guitarist, teacher and mentor who is totally committed to help you and show you the path to success by talking to you every ten days.  If music is what you love and you want to have success in the music business, I recommend you to take serious forward moving actions on a consistent basis with the  guidance of Tom Hess.

Thank you for your great job!!

- Teemu Kleemola (Itä-uusimaa, Finland)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Orest Dziatyk - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring ProgramThe music Careers Mentoring Program is one of the best investments a musician could make to take their musical career to the next level. The amount of information is much valued lasting many times over, throughout a person's musical career. It has helped me tremendously, improving my level of success in the music industry tenfold. Tom Hess is a very personable, positive instructor, and he is also a great human being.

Thanks Tom for all your help Bro!

- Orest Dziatyk (Illinois-United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Ben Johnson - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring ProgramThe value of the Music Careers Mentoring Program cannot be underestimated. Throughout the sessions, Tom Hess methodically paints the perfect picture of the highly successful, famous, wealthy, and professional musician and the steps one should take to reach such a goal. But this program goes FAR beyond a physical guide (i.e.: who to send your demo to, finding the right audience, marketing yourself, etc). Through planning and organization of the greatest care, Tom "dissects" the mind of the pro musician and points out each and every mental characteristic that led to that musician's success, and how they have led to his own success. Such a focus on the mental aspects of the pro musician is also essential in order to ensure sustained, long-term success in the music industry. This (along with many more topics) is covered in great detail throughout the MCMP. As far as how this program has helped my own musical career, I'm 100% confident that I will be able to attain ALL my goals (even the non-musical ones) because of Tom's teaching and mentoring. For that alone, participating in this program has easily been the single best investment I've made yet. It has literally changed my life.

- Ben Johnson (Illinois, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

David Cardwell - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring ProgramI am very glad I decided to join the MCMP.  I've used the information in the MCMP to greatly advance my own career.  It has a lot of crucial info I haven't been able to find anywhere else.  The MCMP has been an important investment that will pay off for the rest of my life.  Thanks Tom!

- David Cardwell (Indiana, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Oscar Ortega - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring ProgramThe Tom Hess Music Careers Mentoring Program is literally life changing. I was first hesitant about it because I didn't know anything about it and this could easily be a "fraud". Either way, I basically weight my options and noticed that if this was a fraud I would loose a couple bucks and I would at least KNOW about it. Well, its NO fraud and it has shaped my musical career in a way never imaginable. I was exited, scared, curious and felt like I had just taken a leap into the unknown. Thank God I did! I've always thought that I had a certain calling with music, but I never knew how to get to my goals and without a doubt, the MCMP has placed me in a road that will only lead me to success!!!! Now, you might think this is only a "positive outlook and hints to do things" Well it is, and its not. The MCMP literally shows you what to do, and if you don't do it, you fall behind in the class. You have to be prepared to work for your career and your success because it wont be given to you...but trust me, email me if you must, the MCMP will change your life forever!

With one thing left to say...

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!

- Oscar Ortega (Idaho, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Tevis Maloney - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring ProgramTom's MCMP has been to this point, hands down the most informative and eye opening experience for me. There are so many valuable lessons and topics that you will not find out there in books or various websites that are really just selling you a product. Although the MCMP is, in a sense a product that Tom sells, there is more to this than just reading about the music business. Tom is a pro and actually shares his insights and experiences on making it in the music business and as a "student" I am starting to take the right steps to get my music career going. There is a ton of things that I have learned thus far and the fellow students who are just as serious, are all great people. Tom is a very inspiring person, musician, teacher and mentor and I'm so glad I got involved with this program. Thanks!

- Tevis Maloney (Arizona, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Tony Bradbury - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring ProgramIt's crazy and rare how certain people affect your life. Not just guitar, but how you approach life. This program has reinforced both. Nothing much more to say than it has been a life-changing experience being in this program. If MUSIC is what you want, Tom is THE person to show the way.

This is not a sales pitch. This is the real shit.

- Tony Bradbury (B.C., Canada)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Andrew Greenhalgh - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring Program Dear Tom, I just wanted to say that the MCMP is proving to be an absolutely amazing experience. I was a bit worried at first due to only being an intermediate player, but I am learning so much and I am progressing as a musician at a rate that I did not think possible. I feel that this is due in a large part to your mentoring in the MCMP, the projects that we are undertaking and the support and interaction with the other participants.
Thanks again,

- Andrew Greenhalgh (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Randy Johnson - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring ProgramMy investment in Tom Hess's Music Careers Mentoring Program (MCMP) for my own musical journey has been worth every penny. The returns I have gotten from this program are MANY! There is no question that I will continue to reap the benefits of this program long after I have completed it.

I took some time to ask others about the MCMP and did a lot of thinking before I applied. There were things I had in mind I wished to gain before I got started. I have received much more than I expected!

I really doubt there is any program like the MCMP anywhere else. This program addresses many aspects from the deep mental issues that can hinder or feed ones musical success, to ideas and wisdom about various topics related to the business, to practical exercises that can be used to build ones own personal musical resume. On top of that Tom has surrounded us with other "serious" musicians and quality people to learn from and to offer additional support.

Thumbs up for the MCMP!

- Randy Johnson (Ohio, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Tarek Al Malki - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring ProgramTom Hess is an intelligent person and I think he has a lot of experience as a professional musician.  Also he has a lot of ideas, but the most important thing is that he is so organized and he knows what he is doing and he knows where he is going with that...and the MCMP shows proof of that. 

MCMP is not magic; actually I thought that signing up for this program could be - a waste of money because it sounded like magic!!! But when I checked his website for the first time and I read his columns on, I learned from him as a life example in front of me. To tell the truth -especially for people who haven’t signed up yet and they are reading my testimonial- Tom in his sessions makes you face your weaknesses and face yourself ... and .. MAKE YOU BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF... not only as a musician but also as a human being (at least it did so for me).  So you will be able to decide if this industry is for you, did you make the right choice by choosing this career path or not? 

-Tarek AL MALKI (Syria)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

At first I was VERY skeptical, how can a guy teach me to have a music career over the Internet and I wasn't too familiar with Tom. I had only read some of his articles on I thought I'll submit my application just to see if I get in and if I don't like it I can always cancel. Well, after I submitted my application, the next day I got an email from Tom saying he wanted me in. I signed up still skeptical to what the program was. Due to a mix up Tom wasn't sure I had actually signed up and he Actually Took The TIME TO CALL ME, TO MAKE SURE I WAS IN! My impression started to change.

The first session I was impressed, then with each session after I was like this guy KNOWS what he's talking about, this is what I've been looking for (the mentor part from Think And Grow Rich). He was not only teaching what EXACTLY to do! But he was giving us the overall mindset (mind virus, a Good one to catch!) how to think about the music business, "Perception is EVERYTHING." He was also putting the puzzle pieces together of the music industry, and separating popular myth from FACT. He really inflated my ego when he told about how now in the music industry big record companies do NOT want drug addicts as opposed to popular myth that is spread by ignorant people who have only heard about what it was like in the 70's. I feel like now (and we still have more to go!) I could have a career or even manage a band to the big time. This is definitely worth it! I wish I had this when I was just starting out playing. GREAT JOB TOM!

- Anthony Lacey (Georgia, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Being a part of Tom's Music Careers Mentoring Program is a huge honor for many obvious reasons. One of which is because I'm a fan of his music but also because of Tom's willingness to explain everything relating to the music business. I'm really beginning to understand how I can venture out into the music industry and manifest my own destiny. Tom really lays it out on the line on how exactly to go from that guy that plays guitar in their bedroom to the world class, touring musician. He lets you know the pitfalls to avoid and the express routes to take to reach your own dreams towards music and in your personal life. With that said, the gigantic amount of opportunities as well as the amount of talented guitarist I got to work with has made my future that much brighter. I can honestly say 100% that the Music Careers Mentoring Program was one of the best things I have ever been a part of, thanks Tom!

- Grant Hatfield (Florida, United States)

Music Careers Mentoring Program

Jeff Vivrette - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring ProgramI started playing guitar when I was 12 years old. I saw AC/DC open up for Aerosmith at my first concert and I knew right then and there what I wanted to do when I grew up, just like millions of other kids that saw that tour and many others that followed. But I felt like I was different than many other kids out there that wanted to be guitar heros and rock stars. I truly felt that I had a gift; a calling that was taking me in a direction that was pre-destined to guarantee success. It was just a matter of time. 

By the time I was 16 my band was playing bars 4-5 nights a week. We were announced on one of Detroit’s premiere radio stations as one of Detroit’s best up and coming bands. We had a fairly large following, especially for our age. This fueled my drive and made me even more convinced that the path I was headed down was leading me directly to a recording contract with Warner Brother’s. My goal was to be signed to them by the time I was 21 and I was on my way. 

My grades in high school suffered a great deal because I was playing all the time. School just wasn’t important to me. You see, I didn’t really need school because I was going to be a rich rock star by the time I was 21 anyway. I decided to quit in the 12th grade to give me more time to focus on my music career. My mother and high school principal convinced me to graduate, so I did. But I had to go an additional half a year the following school year because of my grades.  

A small price to pay knowing what laid ahead for me. Besides, it would be some great material when I started doing interviews!

Move ahead a few years. My band is broke up and some of them have moved to California. I’m playing with a few different people, recorded a song and did a video that was played on a local cable show on their debut show with Ozzy (yes, Randy Rhoads was in the band) and Sammy Hagar. This was cool and I was feeling like a soon to be rock star. My plan was to jam around until I decide what my next move is to get me back on track.

During this time I suffered a severe injury to my left hand, severing 2 tendons and 90% of the nerves. The doctors told me I would never play guitar again. I think you can imagine the feeling. 

Through sheer determination, divine intervention and about a year of physical therapy and pain I persevered and was able to beat the odds and play guitar again. Although some damage was permanent and I had to learn to adapt. Now I’m thinking, "look at what I’ve overcome! If I can get over this nothing can stop me"! So I packed my bags and went to California to re-group with some of the old band.

I’m on my way! 

Going to California was a dream come true. Guns-N-Roses had just hit it big out of the California club circuit, Warrant was big and about to leave and I was heading out to the land of rock-n-roll milk and honey and all was well. Just a matter of time now! 

Some of the original band was reformed with a new drummer  (who now plays for Unwritten Law) and bass player. We recorded, played the sunset strip and some local festivals and were having a good time doing so. We were going to NAMM shows and other places and meeting some of the biggest names in music. I just knew someone big from a record company was going to see us playing at a club and sign us on the spot. After all, that’s how it’s done, right?! 

Two years later and still no deal, I get a call from a friend back home asking me to join his band. They had signed with a production company and had major label interest. They had a huge following playing the biggest clubs in Detroit. They wanted me to get there as quick as possible to record a few songs so they could send them to Virgin and Geffen Records. The manager was a previous executive at the Record Plant in New York and used to manage Ted Nugent in the early days. 

THIS IS IT!!! I’m heading home now! Sorry guys I got to go! 

Within two weeks I had moved back to Michigan, recorded three songs and was playing my first show with my new band. The place was packed! Everyone wanted to see the new guitar player in the band. Local music scene publications were printing stuff regarding the buzz going around about us getting signed soon. Over the next month we recorded many other songs and kept sending them to Virgin, Geffen and Warner Brother’s, at their request. Virgin was telling us they needed a big rock act because they didn’t have one at the time. They wanted us to be their answer to Def Leppard. 

We were told to get our passports ready because they weren’t sure if we would be recording the album in New York or London. We were doing photo shoots, playing shows at bars and community center and recording constantly. We rented a bar that we played at frequently to record our rehearsals to watch back and improve on our live shows. We had a pro soundman that toured with some huge names. We were on fire and I was ready! 

We did a private showcase for Virgin Records and to our surprise didn’t get signed on the spot. They weren’t happy with our singer’s performance. Long story short we got rid of him and flew out my singer from California to audition for the production company we were signed with. They loved him, as I knew they would, but Tony didn’t want to move unless we had a record deal locked in. So we kept looking for the right person locally and to make a long story short the band broke up. 

Disheartened and tired from the last four years I decided to take a break. This break ended up lasting 10 years and I got into a different career, got married and started a family. Wow, what happened to my dream?!

After time I realized that I had to create music. It was a part of me that I had denied for far too long and some personal events happened in my life that made me 100% certain that music had to be a part of my life again.

I started getting together with some old friends and having a good time. This time I knew what I had done wrong in the past and how to go about it the right way. You know the saying, if I knew then what I know now I would have made it? I got real serious and starting taking guitar lessons. I had ideas of how to make it work this time. I was older, wiser, had more resources, I could do it now. Or so I thought.

After trying the things I knew would work this time and taking guitar lessons from a teacher and getting nowhere for about two years, I stumbled onto Tom Hess. I was impressed with his playing, his credentials and his teaching philosophy so I decided to start taking correspondence lessons from him. I was amazed with the content of the lessons and his well thought out approach and method of teaching. I started learning at a rapid rate and watched my guitar playing skills improve dramatically in a short period of time. This bolstered my confidence and made me take a good look at my life and what I wanted to do. Where was I going with all this, anyway?

I started reading about Tom’s Music Careers Mentoring Program and became interested. I decided to sign up for the next class, which was a few months’ out. Very early in the program the question came up in a session regarding what my state of mind was about creating and establishing a career in the music business. How serious was I and how bad did I want this for my life? Was I passionate about it?

My mind set at the time was "It would be cool to be able to have some kind of career in the music business on top of what I do with my day job, if I could make it work. If not I'll do something and still enjoy and if I make a little money that's great".

Keep in mind I have a family, I’m a lot older now than I was when I was intensely pursuing a career in music, plus I’ve got a good job. I figured it was going to be too difficult have a real career in music. But hey, I’m sure this guy Hess can at least get me to where I am more active than I am now and if I make a few bucks, life is good. I had no idea how my life was about to change.

When I first started in music I thought I needed to work hard and wait until someone discovered me. Then when I was older and wiser I just knew I had the right ideas to make it. When I started Tom’s Music Career Mentoring Program I found out just how far off target I really was. I realized there was absolutely no way I would have been able to have a career in music with the direction I was going using the information I had drawn from all those years of experience in the past. What an eye opener! 

I became very, very excited! It was like a door opened and I could see a clear path beginning. I thought, this guy is serious and he knows his stuff. As the program continued my mindset changed right in front of me.

I went from:

"It would be cool to be able to have some kind of career in the music business on top of what I do with my day job, if I could make it work. If not I'll do something and still enjoy and if I make a little money that's great". 


"I will have a career in the music business and work in my current field while I build my music career. I will establish my short-term goals in a way that will get me to my long-term goals. I will assess my current financial and lifestyle situation and make adjustments that will not only improve my family's quality of life but will also position me to make the transition from part time to full time musician. Etc…." 

I get hyped thinking about it! 

Since starting the Music Career Mentoring Program I've seen a veil removed and my vision getting very clear. I can now actually see another career developing. I mean truly see it! Not just desire it but actually see how it can, and will, and is becoming reality in a practical, sensible, calculated manner. The lessons learned are so life changing and the information is real world application, not just philosophies that you have to figure out how to apply. 

I'm actually seeing my new career in the music business slowly become a reality because it’s happening! Real applications that require you to actually follow Tom’s direction and complete the task when you’re done you haven’t just completed a class project. You’ve completed an item on the list of things that must be done to establish a career in music! And none of this was on my own list of to do’s. This program brings real, tangible results! 

I am 100% certain that I am in the process of transitioning from my current profession to one in the music business. It’s happening right now! 

It's just a matter of time. And I'm not talking like a hyped up "Amway" want to be that's trying to convince myself of something. This is the real deal and I am so excited! 

I always wondered what I would do if I couldn't work in the field I am in. Especially, since I don’t have a degree my options are very limited in the job market. However, this program has given me a new lease on life and showed me how it’s actually done.

 Now I can truly say, "If I knew then what I know now ……" I’ll spare you the rest.

 Thanks Tom for offering this program. It has changed my life forever.

 - Jeff Vivrette (Michigan, United States)

 Music Careers Mentoring Program


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