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Tevis Maloney - Guitar Teacher In Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle
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Location:  Mesa, Arizona
E-mail: arsenio44@netscape.net
Website: terashain.com
Occupation: Musician/NDT Technician
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Tevis began playing guitar in 1980 after receiving a ¾ Montgomery Ward acoustic for Christmas. He began lessons with local guitarist and current owner of El Rey Music Tom Henrichsen and also studied with Scot Ashley, a Chicago session player and member of The 33 Band. 

Jump ahead to 2007, Tevis signed up with virtuoso Tom Hess for lessons and is also currently involved in the Music Careers Mentoring Program.

Tevis says that these decisions were: “Two of the wisest choices to date musically speaking”. 

Tevis is influenced by a wide spectrum of players and genres from the gritty urban blues of Otis Rush, to the late night smoking lines of Kenny Burrell or the melodic works of Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth. 

Tevis has worked with a few bands over the years from the hard and heavy Battle Array in the late 80’s on to some blues and R&B with Jerry Lee and the Groove Machine with one album to boot “In the Groove” from 1991. In late 2006 Tevis played on “Celestial Love Jones” by the band Poppy and The Usual Suspects, a CD with a strong mix of blues and rock.

In fall of 2007, Tevis joined Terashain, a Phoenix-based melodic hard rock band and he also picked up an endorsement with In Tune Guitar Picks. Terashain is currently rehearsing for upcoming shows as well as writing new material for a CD. 

Recordings Released:

  • 2008 - Guitars From The Shadows- Compilation CD
  • 2006 - Poppy and the Usual suspects ( Celestial Love Jones) 
  • 1991 - Jerry Lee and the Groove Machine "In the Groove" Smokestack Records
  • 1987 - Battle Array EP 
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