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Tom Hess Music Corporation BBB Business ReviewFrom time to time, you may need assistance with a problem, challenge or concern. The fastest and best way we can help you is if your questions / comments are directed to the appropriate person. Below, you will find a partial list of Tom Hess Music Corporation employees and partners. These people are here to assist you in specific areas, “please” find the appropriate person to contact before sending e-mail. This will allow us to help you faster. Please do NOT email the same question / comment to more than one person – that only causes confusion on our end…. Helpful hint: If you have more than 1 question to ask, you will receive faster replies if you send each question in separate email versus sending someone a single email with multiple questions.

  • Technical Issues: Alexander ( E-mail Contact For Alexander Of Tom Hess Music Corporation ) - Webmaster and Forum Administrator

    Languages spoken: (2) Russian, English

    Alexander is here to help you if you are having a technical problem with the website, your member account or the forum. (Please do not contact Tom Hess regarding a tech support issue. Doing so will only delay the resolution of the issue).

  • Shipping And Receiving: Krzysztof ( E-mail Contact For Krzysztof Of Tom Hess Music Corporation ) - Office Manager

    Languages spoken: (2) Polish, English

    Krzysztof is here to assist you with all shipments made by mail (books, Cds, etc.). If you do not receive something you ordered from the website which should have come to your home, contact Krzysztof directly. Please give a reasonable amount of time for the item to arrive to your home before emailing Krzysztof about it. (Please do not contact Tom Hess regarding a shipping or receiving issue. Doing so will only delay the resolution of the issue).
  • Translations/Forum Moderation: Mike ( E-mail Contact For Mike Of Tom Hess Music Corporation ) - Translations Director; Forum Moderator

    Languages spoken: (2) Russian, English

    Mike will assist you with any issues relating to language translations or forum moderator issues.

  • Business Proposals: Uli ( E-mail Contact For Uli Of Tom Hess Music Corporation ) - Senior Strategic, Operations and Executive Director

    Languages spoken: (6) German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese

    Uli will assist you if you have any business proposals for Tom Hess Music Corporation. Those should be sent to both Tom Hess and Uli.

  • Music Lessons/Coaching/Mentoring: Tom Hess ( E-mail Contact For Tom Hess Of Tom Hess Music Corporation ) - President and your Guitar Teacher, Mentor and Coach

    Languages spoken: (1) English

    Tom Hess will assist you with all issues relating directly to your music lessons, goals and progress. Essentially if you need assistance with a music issue which is NOT answerable on the FAQ page or on the forum, you may email Tom Hess directly.




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