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Customer Support

Tom Hess Music Corporation BBB Business ReviewIf you have a question about: 

  • A technical issue relating to the website, your member account or the forum

    Examples of technical issues might be:

    - you cannot log in to your member account on

    - you cannot log in to your forum account

    - you cannot download a file inside one of your Breakthrough Guitar Lesson folders

    - you cannot get some audio file to play inside something you downloaded from, your member account or your Breakthrough Guitar Lessons

    - you cannot get a video to play on some page or inside your Breakthrough Guitar Lessons.

    - you are trying to find a product you bought on in your account

    - you want to make a change to your payment details or create a new subscription.

    Note: the more precise you can be describing your technical issue - the better and faster our webmaster can help you. If you see an error message on the screen, please take a screenshot of it. Please also include what device (desktop, phone or tablet) you are using to access, what browser you are on and what operating system you are using (if you know it).

    Note: please do not contact Tom Hess about a technical or website issue. Doing so will only delay the resolution of the issue. 
  • Shipment of products made by mail (that should come to your home)

    Please note: there are big shipping delays between US and Europe due to the China virus. Everything goes on ships now instead of planes and there are not enough containers, port workers, truck drivers, etc to accommodate all the packages being sent worldwide. If you are waiting on a product that is being shipped to your home, it was very likely shipped almost instantly and is currently on its way or is simply sitting in customs. So, please be patient. :)
  • Translating into other languages

    Many of the guitar playing, music career and guitar teaching instructional articles on have been and are being translated into other languages. Translations currently exist in these languages: Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Croatian, Greek and Dutch.

    More translations are always welcome. If you know more than one language, you can become part of helping the struggling guitar players, musicians in the music industry and guitar teachers around the world by translating Tom Hess's articles into your native language.
  • Making a business proposal to Tom Hess Music Corporation

please contact the appropriate person on the contact page

Note: please do not contact more than one person about the same issue! Doing so will only delay the resolution of the issue.

For all other support issues relating to your guitar lessons, music career mentoring or guitar teacher training with Tom Hess, email us any time at: 

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