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How To Make Money Teaching Guitar.... Whether You've Been Teaching For 30 Years, Or Just Getting Started

Is it difficult to keep your guitar teaching schedule full with serious students?

Do you want your students to improve faster?

Do you find it hard to keep your students motivated?

Do you wish your students practiced more?

Do some of your students quit taking lessons after a few months?

Are you not earning enough money to live the life you really want?

Do you lose money during summertime and holidays because your students don't attend lessons?

Are you unable to take time off from teaching without losing money?

Every day, guitar teachers just like you tell me things like:

“I wish I had a consistent way to get new guitar students who are actually serious.”
“I’m not always sure what I should teach my guitar students next.”
“I enjoy teaching guitar, but a lot of my students improve very slowly or hardly at all.”
“Some of my students quit after a few short months.”
“Many students don’t practice daily. I’m not sure how to motivate them.”
“I want to charge more for my guitar lessons, but I’m afraid some students may quit.”
“I want need to earn more money teaching guitar lessons!”

You’re Probably Passionate About Teaching Guitar, But…

… solving all these problems and building a successful guitar teaching business can be really hard on your own.

Many guitar teachers struggle with the exact same things (including myself in the past).

One way guitar teachers try to overcome these challenges is to copy what they see other teachers doing. The problem is, most of those ‘other teachers’ struggle too. Why copy stuff that doesn’t work?

Another common way is to just start teaching in order to gain experience along the way. The problem here is they waste years trying and hoping to get things right. Gaining experience through trial and error is a long and painful process (for both you and your students).

If you’ve done this too, I know how frustrating it feels, a lot of guitar teachers have felt this way. What I found are better ways to solve these problems, become a better teacher and earn a lot more money teaching guitar lessons.

With The Right Guidance, Training And (A Proven) Step-By-Step System, You Can:


And you'll:

  • become a much better guitar teacher
  • gain prestige and recognition
  • stand out from your competitors
  • know exactly how to teach guitar lessons
  • attract better and more serious students
  • experience greater fulfillment from teaching guitar
  • and gain more free time (while still getting paid)
Make Money Teaching Guitar

If this sounds too unbelievable for you right now, I know how you feel. I too used to be very skeptical and didn't believe this is possible. Not only is it possible, but it is in fact a reality for me and for many guitar teachers I mentor. And it can be true for you too.

The secret to becoming a highly successful guitar teacher with a thriving teaching business is to have both

Most teachers don't have either of these things. They are limited by outdated guitar teaching methods and weak systems that keep them from earning big money teaching guitar.

When you have these things and an easy way to implement them, you can:

  • help your students improve faster
  • build your reputation as the best teacher around town
  • earn a lot more money teaching music
  • avoid the feeling of being burned out from teaching
  • have a lot more fun teaching guitar
  • finally get paid for time off

22 years ago, I struggled to make money teaching guitar. I felt stuck in a rut for a long time.

Over many years, I created better methods of teaching and developed systems that worked much better than anything else out there.

My students improved very rapidly, my teaching business exploded and I started to make more money teaching guitar.

People came to me asking for help about guitar teaching… this why I founded the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle.

How to create a guitar school

As a member, you get everything you need to build your own local 6-figure guitar teaching business.

I personally coach you on what to do and how to do it. And best of all, I’m going to help you implement everything. I’m here for you when you have questions along the way.

You Become A Part Of THE Global Community Of Guitar Teachers And Music School Owners From All Over The World

Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Community

You’ll feel welcomed, accepted, respected and like you belong. It’s like a family… a brotherhood of like-minded guitar teachers & music school owners sharing the same passions and being on parallel life and guitar teaching journeys. 

QUOTE (Robert Morgan @ Jul 11, 08:58 PM) forum quote
Thank for the warm welcome everyone! I will say that I'm a member a a few other forums and I've never seen such positivity and general warmth from an online community. Looking forward to getting to know more of you and developing my skills!

QUOTE (Maurice Richard @ Jul 12, 07:52 PM) forum quote
100% correct. No better forum on the planet. I have been a member of many forum and communities as well and nothing comes close to this.

QUOTE (Vishaal Kapoor @ Aug 17, 09:12 PM) forum quote
The forum is beyond words. I mean, I ask a question and I get 20 responses or 10 responses from very helpful people. Everybody is trying to help there. Nobody is criticizing like anybody. Everybody is just so helpful. It’s like having 20 Tom Hesses. It’s like, you know... 20 mentors, 20 people… more than that actually. So I think the forum is awesome for that. Not only because of the information available there, but just because of the people willing to help.

You’ll find the level of support, camaraderie and connection between members to be incredibly strong.

See More Reviews About The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle.

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Here's What You Get To Become A 6-Figure (Or Greater) Guitar Teacher:
How To Attract A Lot Of Guitar Students

Why Guitar Students Do (Or Don't) Choose You
Learn the four main reasons why students choose one teacher over another. (Hint: it’s probably not what you think it is

How To Attract A Lot Of Guitar Students

How To Find A Steady Flow Of New Students
Generate a steady flow of new students using 16 "specific" tactics (that actually work) to attract new students all year long.

How To Find Guitar Students And Make Money Teaching Guitar

Build A Student Attraction Magnet
Learn five easy methods to attract the highest quality students (the people who always pay on time, practice and stay with you for a long time) 

Guitar Teaching Business

How To Build A Great Website That Works
Discover how to build a better website that gets listed at the top of page 1 on so that people can actually find you FIRST.

Guitar Teaching Website For Your Guitar Teaching Business

The Secret Conversion Formula
Learn exactly what to say (and what not to say) when new people contact you for lessons so that they choose YOU and not a competitor.  

Make Good Money Teaching Guitar

Automatic Referral Machine
The very best way to get new students is through referrals. Learn how to implement powerful referral systems to bring you more high-quality students.

Guitar Teaching Business Referrals
How To Earn More Money Teaching Less Hours

THE BIGGEST SECRET To Earning (At Least) 6-Figures Teaching Guitar
There are several ways you can make more money teaching guitar… but this one is the best place to start. I’ll coach you to do this and make it easy for you to implement.

Guitar Teaching Secrets For Guitar Teachers

The Teaching Business Growth Formula 
Learn the Student Value Optimization process and the formula you can use for exponential growth. When you combine the right model, systems and teaching, your business (and income) can explode.

Guitar Teaching Growth Formula For Guitar Teachers

The 5 Layers Of Massively Increasing Your Teaching Income  
You learn the 5 core areas that massively increase your ability to make money teaching guitar (raising your prices is not one of them). This is one of the very first things you learn to improve.  

How To Make Money Teaching Guitar

Get More Done In A Lot Less Time
Making a lot of money teaching guitar is really not that hard. I teach you to do this quickly. The more important piece is not killing yourself teaching guitar lessons lots of hours every day. You don’t want to be one of those people who earn a lot of money, but has no time left to enjoy your life. We’ll help you do both.

Productivity For Guitar Teachers

Finally Get PAID Time Off 
Discover how to get more free time (while still getting paid). Music teachers are (almost) never paid when they are sick, on holiday vacations, etc. The teachers I coach ARE paid when they want time off! Wouldn’t you like to be paid too when you want some time off? This one piece alone is worth the entire price of this coaching program!

Paid Time Off For Guitar Teachers

The 17-Minute Gap Bridge
Every teaching business has gaps between where you are and where you want to go. Together, we bridge those gaps so that you can build your business faster.

Build A Successful Guitar Teaching Business

Increase Your Value, Increase Your Rates
You learn how to create more and better value for your students so that you can charge more money for your guitar lessons... and your students will be happy to pay it!

What To Charge For Guitar Lessons

How To Phase Out Your Day Job And Teach Guitar For A (Better) Living
If you still work at another job and want help making the transition from your day job to teaching guitar, we’re here to help you do that. Many of our members have gone through this exact same process and today have thriving teaching businesses and much more money teaching guitar lessons… you can too! 

Leave Your Day Job And Make Good Money Teaching Guitar
How To Effectively Teach Guitar And Maximize The Benefits Your Students Receive From You

Become An Elite Guitar Teacher
We believe our students deserve the VERY BEST guitar teacher. I’m sure you agree and want to be among the very best of the best guitar teachers in the world. Your students deserve that... and so do you. I coach you to become a truly elite guitar teacher…even if you’re new to teaching guitar!

Make Money Teaching Guitar And Be The Best Guitar Teacher In Your Area

The 12 Fastest Ways To Make Students Improve Quickly 
Learn the 12 critical things the best teachers do to make students improve rapidly and rave about them. These things are easy to do. Fact is, most guitar teachers simply haven’t thought about them before. 

Fast Improvement In Your Guitar Teaching Business

4 Magic Questions To Ask Before You… 
Answer these four questions before you take on a new student. As long as you can answer these 4 questions, you’ll know exactly how to teach any guitar student sitting in front of you. 

Magic Questions To Ask To Get More Guitar Students

A Treasure Chest Of Guitar Teaching Tips & Tactics
You'll learn all the most closely guarded secrets used by the world's top guitar teachers, like "The 90-Day Achievement Plan”, "The Summertime Explosion”, “Pyramid Layering," “The Gates” and much more.

Tips And Tactics For Teaching Guitar

The Guitar Student Training Cycle
Learn the 7 critical layers that make up the guitar student training cycle. Using this cycle enables your students to improve much faster in all aspects of their guitar playing. Your competitors will not know how to do these things and that gives you a major advantage over all the other teachers in your local area!  

How To Teach Guitar To Your Students

The Master Motivator
Learn how to inspire and motivate your students to want to practice on a consistent basis. When students are not inspired, they don't practice. When they don't practice, they don't improve and quit lessons. I show you innovative ways to keep your students on fire.

How To Motivate Your Guitar Students
How To Make Your Students Stay With You For Many Years

The Student Lifecycle
Discover how to teach stellar guitar lessons for all 8 stages of the student lifecycle (you learn what these are too). When you know this, you'll be able to keep your students happy for a very, very long time. 

Guitar Student Lifecycle In Your Guitar Teaching Business

Decrease Churn and Increase Retention
The easiest way to build your teaching business is to reduce churn (students quitting) and increase retention (the period of time they stay with you). You learn dozens of ways (that actually work) to decrease churn and increase retention! 

How To Keep Your Guitar Students With You For A Long Time

The 3-Step Automated Retention System
Learn how to build an automated retention system that helps keep your students happy, engaged and motivated to continue learning with you for years. 

Keep Your Guitar students For A Long Time

Metrics That Matter (and the ones that don't)
Learn how to properly measure growth activity to determine the health of your teaching business. The healthier your business is the more value your business will get and the happier you (and your students) will be.

Guitar Teaching Business Success Metrics
How To Stand Out From Your Competitors

How To Stand Out From The Competition
As a guitar teacher, or music school owner, you struggle every day to stand out from a sea of competitors. 

In this coaching program, you'll learn how to do things your competitors not only have never seen before, but wouldn’t understand how to copy - because they won’t have access to this coaching program (you can block them from becoming a member!) 

Stand out From Other Guitar Teachers In Your Area

Access The Classified Secrets That Only The Most Successful Teachers Know 
These teachers don’t stand out from the crowd because they work harder, they stand out because what they know and what they do. I’ll share these with you too. (Some of these are extremely powerful!)

Guitar Teaching Business Ads Secrets

Here’s How You Get It All:

  • Monthly Teaching Business Coaching Session
    All your sessions will be recorded and made available for download in a secure "Members Only" section of the website.

  • Monthly Teaching Skills Coaching Session
    All your sessions will be recorded and made available for download in a secure "Members Only" section of the website.

  • 1-1 Phone Calls With Tom Hess
    You get unlimited implementation support telephone calls with me (on a first come, first serve basis).

    You and I will speak one-on-one on the telephone. I will answer your questions, give you guidance and help you to take what you learn and actually apply it all into your own teaching business.

    (Platinum and Diamond members only)

  • 1-1 Phone Call Recordings Between Tom Hess And Other Members
    Other members often ask questions or need help on the exact same things you do. As I guide them on what to do each week, you also learn what to do and how to do things.

  • Live Video Training Sessions With Tom Hess
    Depending on your membership level, you get a number of live video training sessions with Tom Hess.

  • Live Video Accountability Sessions
    Depending on your membership level, you work on building your business live on video with Tom Hess and other members.

  • You Join THE Global Online Community Of Guitar Teachers And Music School Owners
    This is the goldmine where you get access to real-life examples of strategies and tactics that our members have used and gotten huge results from. You see how they used it, and what their results were. You’ll see both things that worked extremely well, and things that didn’t work out well, so you know what YOU should do, and what NOT to do.

    Get all your questions answered fast, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The bond between our members is so strong, it’s literally like a great family. They want to help you and are eager to do so. Why? Because they understand that the more successful YOU become, the more you may be able to help them at some point in the future.

  • Templates
    You get step by step teaching and business templates that will eliminate trial and error and enable you to easily get started right away using the right strategies, right methods and right ideas the first time.

  • Maps
    You will get detailed step-by-step guitar teaching business maps. These maps show you where you currently are in your guitar teaching business and also show exactly what you need to do next, each step of the way. I won't only give you the theory and ideas, no, you will also get the exact maps showing you the steps to take in order to actually implement everything.

You Don't Want to Miss These VERY POWERFUL Bonuses!

Block Your Guitar Teaching Competitors


You get to block any competitors in your local area from joining this program!

For as long as you are a member, you get exclusive rights to this coaching in your local area.

This means ONLY YOU will have my systems, tools and strategies! This is a VERY powerful competitive advantage for you!

– Value: priceless

Grow Your Guitar Teaching Business And Attract More Guitar Students


In this eCourse, you learn step-by-step how to immediately begin to attract new guitar students by using bulletproof student attraction strategies.

You will also discover how to avoid the damaging mistakes that most guitar teachers make when trying to get new students, and much more.

– Value: $97

How To Teach Guitar And Make A Lot Of Money


You learn EXACTLY, step by step, how to teach ANY guitar student based on their personality type (you also learn how to quickly evaluate their personality type).

These HUGE guitar teaching secrets you will never find anywhere else, and this will immediately improve your ability to teach music.

– Value: $250 | Platinum and Diamond Members only

How To Inspire Those Around You To Achieve More So That You Can Lead Them To Victory


You learn how to become a (better) leader so that you can help your students and others to achieve more and become their best self.

You can use these strategies both as a guitar teacher and a business owner in order to build your guitar teaching business. This 75-minute video masterclass is jam packed with leadership building strategies that any guitar teacher can use right away to better lead those around you.

– Value: $250 | Diamond Members only

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Imagine how great you will feel when you begin confidently teaching as many students as you want, working part time hours and earning at least 6-figures in your local area.

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s ok to be skeptical. Actually, a reasonable amount of skepticism is a good thing. There’s a lot of nonsense out there… but hundreds of successful guitar teachers and music school owners can’t be wrong…

. . . but . . . will your coaching work for me?

Getting started or taking your guitar teaching business to the next level is actually not very hard. Once you know exactly what needs to be done, you can move forward quickly.

If you doubt whether YOU are really capable of becoming a highly successful teacher... you are not alone!

I've coached both guitar players with little or no teaching experience and seasoned teachers with tons of experience to become ELITE guitar teachers and build thriving guitar teaching businesses. If they did it, you can too!

You DON'T need to be a highly advanced guitar player. You'll meet some members of my program who are not yet 'great guitar players' but they earn a lot of money teaching guitar… teaching part time hours.

You don't need a lot of teaching experience in order to build your guitar teaching business. Your skills will massively improve as we work together.

You don't need to have a location to teach guitar students before working with me. I will show you several low cost or free locations in your local area where you can teach students in private or group classes.

Choose Your Level Of Success Now

Monthly Teaching Business Coaching Sessions
Monthly Teaching Skills Coaching Sessions
Exclusive Mastermind Support Forum
1-1 Call Recordings of Other Teachers
2 per month
1-1 Live Calls With Tom Hess
Additional Q & A Support
Block Your Competitors
YES (4 miles)
How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students
BONUS: How To Teach Better Than Most Pros... Even If You Are Just Starting Out - $250 Value
BONUS: How To Inspire Those Around You To Achieve More So That You Can Lead Them To Victory - $250 Value
Live Video Mastermind Sessions With Tom Hess
1 per year
Live Video Accountability Sessions
Spouse Diamond Access $100 Monthly Discount
Closed Door Mastermind At Events In June (does not include EGTM ticket)


Monthly Teaching Business Coaching Sessions
Monthly Teaching Skills Coaching Sessions
Exclusive Mastermind Support Forum
1-1 Call Recordings of Other Teachers
5 per month
1-1 Live Calls With Tom Hess
Additional Q & A Support
Block Your Competitors
YES (10 miles)
How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students
BONUS: How To Teach Better Than Most Pros... Even If You Are Just Starting Out - $250 Value
BONUS: How To Inspire Those Around You To Achieve More So That You Can Lead Them To Victory - $250 Value
Live Video Mastermind Sessions With Tom Hess
5 per year
Live Video Accountability Sessions
Spouse Diamond Access $100 Monthly Discount
Closed Door Mastermind At Events In June (does not include EGTM ticket)


Monthly Teaching Business Coaching Sessions
Monthly Teaching Skills Coaching Sessions
Exclusive Mastermind Support Forum
1-1 Call Recordings of Other Teachers
8 per month
1-1 Live Calls With Tom Hess
YES (unlimited)
Additional Q & A Support
Block Your Competitors
YES (12 miles)
How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students
BONUS: How To Teach Better Than Most Pros... Even If You Are Just Starting Out - $250 Value
BONUS: How To Inspire Those Around You To Achieve More So That You Can Lead Them To Victory - $250 Value
Live Video Mastermind Sessions With Tom Hess
11 per year
Live Video Accountability Sessions
Spouse Diamond Access $100 Monthly Discount
Closed Door Mastermind At Events In June (does not include EGTM ticket)


If You Cannot Afford This Coaching, Then You Definitely NEED It. Desperately. Urgently.

If you’re a truly success-minded person, there’s nothing you can’t afford. If the price is going to be hard on you, then that proves you really NEED this coaching.

Thinking you can’t afford something that you know will make your life better, indicates there is a belief or attitude that’s been holding you back from getting what you want in life. 

You WILL get massive value as a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. It’s that simple.

Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Gold Membership Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Platinum Membership Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Diamond Membership

Question: do you think that using what you learn in this coaching program would bring you at least ONE new guitar student? If yes, then you can already afford the Gold level of membership. If you think you can get at least TWO new students, then you can afford the Platinum level of membership. If you think you can get at least THREE new students, then you can afford the Diamond level of membership.

I’m confident you are going to get a LOT of new students when you use what I teach you. Our members do this all the time.

"I got 55 new students in 5 months. Within 6 months of starting the program, I have quit my non-music related job and have been a full time teacher ever since.” - Antony Reynaert | Belgium
"Before I started to work with Tom in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, I had 2 guitar students, I now have over 50 students and my phone doesn’t stop ringing!” - Greg X | England

* If you are currently a guitar student of mine (or an MCMP member), you automatically get a $50 discount (a Diamond membership = $347/month, a Platinum membership = $247/month, a Gold membership = $147/month).

Tom Hess Music Corporation BBB Business Review

Tom Hess Signature

Tom Hess

Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Trainer

I’ve coached dozens and dozens of guitar teachers like you to earn at least 6-figures. Join us and we will help YOU get there too! 

P.P.S. If one of your competitors joins before you do, they will automatically block YOU from ever being able to gain access to my guitar teaching success secrets! (This actually happens all the time)

Begin now and transform your guitar teaching skills, build a highly successful teaching business, and attract all the ideal students, money, fun and freedom you want! Choose your membership option now.

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Here are some of the results that Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle members are achieving - in their own words:


Frequently Asked Questions

“I Don’t Teach Guitar Yet; Does It Make Sense For Me To Join Your Coaching Program?” 

Absolutely, there’s no better way to get started teaching guitar than to have training from day 1. By getting the coaching now, you avoid all the typical mistakes that new guitar teachers make when learning how to teach guitar lessons.

“I Already Have A Successful Teaching Business; Does It Make Sense For Me To Join Your Coaching Program?”

Yes. If you’re already earning a good income, I will coach you how to grow your business by 300%-1000%. We have a member now who started at $127,000 in annual revenue and now earns more than $1.2 Million as a direct result of my coaching.

He is a very active member of our online community and attends all our live events. You will meet him (and others like him) in our coaching program. The best part is, they are very eager to help new members!

“Will I Learn What And How To Teach My Students?”

Yes. In addition to all the business help you get, I coach you on how to teach every type of student that you will ever have. You will know exactly what and how to teach each student in order to help him/her improve quickly and reach his/her goals. 

“How & Where Do I Get The Coaching?”

You get it all in a variety of ways, including:

  • Audio recordings in your member account
  • Live 1-1 phone calls with me
  • Live video training sessions with me
  • Through our incredible online community of members who have been where you are and already travelled down the road you are travelling. They too want to help you and are very welcoming, friendly, and helpful to all new members. This uniquely special community is a goldmine for you. You get answers to all your questions that keep you up at night.

“I Teach Piano And Voice; Will Your Coaching Program Work For Me Too?”

Absolutely, we have many teachers who teach other instruments (piano, voice, drums, etc.). 100% of the business coaching is applicable to all instruments. 95% of all the teaching concepts also apply to all instruments. 

“Can I Cancel At Any Time?” 

Yes. You can cancel at any time.A subscription is required, which you can cancel at any time.

Simply log into your member account (or your Paypal account, if you prefer to use Paypal) and follow the simple steps to cancel. If you need any assistance to cancel, you can always reach out to to walk you through the simple process.

“How Much Money Do Your Guitar Teachers Make?”

We have new members who are just getting started. We have other members who have been here for several years.

Naturally, the incomes of members vary greatly. We have several dozen members earning at least 6-figures per year. About half of them earn over $200,000. We have members at the $300,000 level, $400,000 level and $500,000 level.

Our most successful member now earns $1,200,000 annually. You will meet these wonderful people in our online community. They are all friendly people and are happy to help new members.

We have successful members in many countries around the world.

“I Live In Poland; Can I Earn 6-Figures In My Country?” 

Absolutely. I have coached successful members from many countries that have challenging economies, such as: Lebanon, Czech Republic, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa, Estonia, Lithuania, India and yes, Poland.

If you follow the coaching and implement what you learn, you can reach 6-figures virtually anywhere.

“I Live In A Small Town; Can This Coaching Program Work For Me?”  

Absolutely. We have successful members from both big cities and small towns who have reached multiple 6-figures teaching guitar lessons. One of our multiple 6 figure members lives in a town of only 9000 people.

If he can do it… you can too.

“Can I Really Prevent My Competitors From Joining Your Coaching Program?” 

Yes. Our number 1 priority is protecting our members and their businesses. We block the competitors of our members all the time.

Once you join our coaching program, you get clear and simple instructions how to prevent competitors from joining the program (it’s simple and easy to do).

“Do I Need To Be An Advanced Guitar Player To Begin Teaching Guitar?” 

No. Becoming a great teacher has little to do with very advanced levels of guitar playing. Many excellent guitar teachers are not highly advanced players.

You get the training you need to teach students (even very advanced ones).

“I’m 18 Years Old; Am I Too Young To Earn Money Teaching Guitar Lessons?” 

No. The earlier you get the coaching, training and knowledge, the better. A few of our members are in this age range too. :)

“I’m 57 Years Old; Am I Too Old To Start A Guitar Teaching Business?” 

No. We have very successful members as old as 66. :)

“I Have A Good Paying Job Already In Another Industry; But I’m Unhappy There And Am Considering Changing Careers. Is It Too Late For Me To Start Teaching Guitar? 

It’s never too late. We have a very successful member here who earned his PhD in physics and worked at a university. He decided to join this program, implemented what he learned and built a very successful teaching business (earning much, much more than what a scientist earns)… more importantly, he’s much happier doing what he truly loves now.

We have other members who had also made the career change and never looked back.

“I Have A Full-Time Job Now; Can I Build A Guitar Teaching Business Part Time On Nights Or Weekends? 

Yes. Most of members once had (good paying) day jobs and learned to start a successful guitar teaching business and phase out their old day jobs. If they can do it, you can too!

You can start your business part time on nights or weekends to get it going. Many of our successful members started out exactly this way.

“Can I Teach Out Of My Home And Build A Serious Business From Here?”

Yes. Most start out this way. In fact, it’s generally a good idea to begin this way. That’s also how I got started. 

“Can I Teach Out Of My Home If I Have A Wife, A Dog And 2 Small Kids? It Can Get A Little Noisy In Our House” 

Yes. This is also how I started. A wife, 2 kids, a cat all in a very small house. (Actually, I taught in 1 car garage space, no heat, no air conditioning, no windows and no ventilation. Yep, it was really bad, but that’s where I built this company in the beginning. If I did it, you can too!

“I’m Skeptical, Does This REALLY Work?”

It’s ok to be skeptical. Actually, a reasonable amount of skepticism is a good thing. There’s a lot of nonsense out there… but hundreds of successful guitar teachers and music school owners can’t be wrong… see what actual members say:

“Will You Help Me Build An Online Guitar Teaching Business?” 

No. This coaching program does not work for online guitar teaching. It is strictly for you to teach offline in your local area.

If you want to teach online, I cannot help you.

“Can I Expect To Pick Up Students In The First Month?”

This depends on you. If you listen to what I'm teaching you and implement what I'm teaching you, then you are very, very likely to get new students in a short period of time. I cannot guarantee you any specific result because I cannot control what you will (or will not) do.

You will get out of this coaching program what you put into it.

“Do You Suggest Getting Started With Your Program Prior To Getting Any Students?”

In any other industry, people typically go to a university or receive other forms of education and training before they ever work in that field. So of course it makes sense to get the education, training and coaching right now whether you’ve already started teaching or not.

Tom Hess Music Corporation BBB Business Review


Get Started

Successful guitar teachers