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What Students Say
See for yourself what students from all over the world say about taking guitar lessons with me online.
Online Guitar Lessons With Tom Hess Review Mike Philippov

“I am grateful to Tom Hess for guiding me towards becoming the guitarist I always wanted to be!”

Mike Philippov | Florida, USA

James Maxwell Reviews Metal Guitar Lessons with Tom Hess

“If you follow through, the results will be off the charts, more than you could ever anticipate!”

James Maxwell | Michigan, USA

Tom Hess Lessons For Guitar Online Review By Ty Morgan

“Tom Hess helped me tremendously, I can do things on the guitar that I could have never dreamed of 5 years ago!”

Ty Morgan | Arizona, USA

Internet Guitar Lessons Review By Tom Hess Student Zack Uidl

“It’s hard to compare Tom Hess to any other guitar teacher out there. His knowledge & technique are unbelievable!”

Zack Uidl | Illinois, USA

Online Lessons For Guitar With Tom Hess Review By Tevis Maloney

“Tom Hess is truly a master at what he does! The lessons I have received are excellent in content!”

Tevis Maloney | Arizona, USA

Online Guitar Lessons Student Review By Magnus Gautestad

“When I met Tom Hess and started lessons with him, he opened up a whole new world of what guitar playing can be!”

Magnus Gautestad | Norway

Leo Smith Review Of Tom Hess Online Lessons For Guitar

“Tom Hess very quickly and consistently got me really massive results as a guitar player!”

Leo Smith | Iowa, USA

Simon Candy Online Guitar Student Of Tom Hess Review Of Online Lessons

“I see more results in 18 months in a lot of areas of my playing than in the past 20 years!”

Simon Candy | Australia

Tom Hess Online Guitar Lessons Review By Student Jake Willmot

“Taking lessons with Tom Hess, you’re guaranteed to get results if you implement what he says.”

Jake Willmot | England

Jackson Slate Guitar Student Of Tom Hess Review Of Online Guitar Lessons

“My guitar playing has improved so much… to another level that I didn’t know I could reach!”

Jackson Slate | Indiana, USA

Jago Blacksky Review Of Guitar Lessons Online With Tom Hess

“It was just an amazing experience from lesson 1… It’s mind-blowing!”

Jago Blacksky | Kansas, USA

Freek Vanden Broucke Review Of Guitar Lessons Online With Tom Hess

“One word… RESULTS!”

Freek Vanden Broucke | Belgium

Guitar Lessons Online With Tom Hess Review By Ben Armstrong

“You get FAR more information than the monetary value you pay for this… It’s phenomenal!”

Ben Armstrong | England

Tom Hess Rock Guitar Lessons Online Review By Shreyas Kodasara

“The progress I made is ridiculous! The lessons I got from Tom Hess are FAR superior to anything else on the web!”

Shreyas Kodasara | Maryland, USA

David Schramm Reviews Tom Hess Rock Online Guitar Lessons

“Tom Hess has this special something that a master teacher has!”

David Schramm | California, USA

Tommaso Zillio Online Guitar Student Of Tom Hess Review

“I’ve seen other students basically changing their lives, and I wanted to be part of it! It’s fantastic!”

Tommaso Zillio | Canada

Online Electric Guitar Lessons With Tom Hess Review By Rovan Deon

“I have to say it was the best things I ever could have done. There’s nothing better than online guitar lessons with Tom Hess!”

Rovan Deon | New Jersey, USA

Advanced Guitar Lessons With Tom Hess Online Review By Jeff Moore

“As soon as I found Tom Hess… it put my progress on light speed and I’m really pleased with the lessons.”

Jeff Moore | New York, USA

Mark Turko Review Of Tom Hess Electric Guitar Lessons Online

“My guitar playing has improved in EVERY way since I started taking lessons with Tom Hess.”

Mark Turko | Connecticut, USA

Tom Hess Online Guitar Student Niklas Eskilsson Reviews Online Guitar Lessons

“I started taking lessons, I improved massively ever since and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for my music skills!”

Niklas Eskilsson | Sweden

Watch Students Play
These excellent students started out as just ordinary people. They weren’t gifted with natural talent. Most were nowhere near the advanced guitar playing level when I began teaching them. They were simply normal, average, regular people who followed what I taught, trained and coached them to do. If these guys did it, you can too!
Gottfrid Norberg Waxin Guitar Student Of Tom Hess Playing Guitar

Gottfrid Norberg Waxin | Sweden

Charlie Long Guitar Student Of Tom Hess Playing Guitar

Charlie Long | Missouri, USA

Dan Mayhew Playing Guitar After Online Guitar Lessons With Tom Hess

Dan Mayhew | England

Online Guitar Student Of Tom Hess Jure Golobic Playing Guitar

Jure Golobic | Slovenia

Tom Hess Electric Guitar Student Johan Tillgren Playing Guitar

Johan Tillgren | Sweden

Byron Marks Playing Guitar After Taking Guitar Lessons Online

Byron Marks | New Hampshire, USA

Josh Beetler Guitar Student Of Tom Hess Playing Guitar

Josh Beetler | Massachusetts, USA

Naoto Yagi Playing Guitar Online Guitar Student Of Tom Hess

Naoto Yagi | Japan

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