Can I Try Only One Lesson Before Committing Myself?

No. Here is why:

  1. When you work with me, you are NOT simply 'buying a product' or 'paying for guitar lessons'. I do not sell cookie-cutter "guitar lessons" that you can find on other websites online. Guitar lessons with me are not products, they are a transformational process. My job is to enable you get the RESULT you want to get in your guitar playing. Getting this result cannot happen by taking 1, 2, 3 or 5 lessons to "see how it goes". If that is your intention, you are missing the point of how becoming a great guitar player really works. A transformational process cannot possibly be evaluated by taking 1, 2 or 3 lessons.
  2. When we work together, I invest a huge amount of my personal time into you. For example, before you even see your 1st lesson, I will invest 3-5 hours studying your evaluation form in detail, designing a long-term lesson strategy for you and putting together your lesson materials. As we work together, I will invest more time into tracking your progress, giving you feedback on your playing, answering your questions and providing other resources that you need to reach your goals. I am only prepared to invest this time into you if YOU are prepared to make a strong commitment (to yourself) to become the guitarist you want to be...but not if your intention is only to "try 1 lesson to see how it goes".

Although you can stop taking lessons at any time (and for any reason), the only way you can reach your goals by working me is by committing (to yourself) to fully follow the strategy I create for you.

Here is a huge amount of proof to show you what results you can expect from working with me to reach your guitar playing goals. Watch/listen to my students play and judge for yourself:

Do you want to get the same results in your playing? If so, then let's begin working together right now to help you master the guitar.

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