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Free Guitar Lesson Videos About Guitar Playing And Practicing

Sweep picking secrets video How To Master Sweep Picking Guitar Technique
For many guitarist, sweep picking is a very difficult technique to master. Fortunately, it will be much easier for you once you learn the most effective way of keeping both of your hands in sync while you play. Learn how this is done by watching this sweep picking arpeggios video.

Guitar Phrasing Course Sample Learn How To Improve Your Guitar Phrasing
Guitar solos sound too boring? Fact: Until you learn how to use great guitar phrasing, you will struggle to play solos that sound musical and expressive. Learn how to use great guitar phrasing now using the advice in this guitar phrasing course sample.

Guitar music theory video How To Use Music Theory In Your Guitar Playing
Think you know music theory? Think again! Hint: Music theory is NOT just a set of abstract rules to memorize. Learn what music theory really is and how you can use it to make your guitar playing sound highly emotional by watching this guitar music theory video.

Learn how to improve your guitar phrasing Improve Your Guitar Phrasing Fast
Would you like to know how to take any grouping of notes and make them sound awesome? To do this, you’ll simply need to learn the important elements of good guitar phrasing. Learn them now by watching this free guitar phrasing video.

Powerful guitar playing secrets How To Quickly Improve Your Guitar Skills
To become a better guitarist fast, you’ll need to do much more than watch amateur YouTube videos that merely demonstrate a collection of licks and tricks. Instead, making fast progress on guitar requires being shown exactly how to improve from a proven guitar teaching expert. Take your guitar playing to the next level right now with the expert advice of these free guitar playing videos.

Classic rock guitar licks video How To Play Awesome Classic Rock Guitar Riffs
Wish you knew how to play killer classic rock guitar riffs like your favorite bands? To do this, you’ll need to learn the secret to expressing yourself as much as possible with only a few notes. Learn it now by watching this classic rock guitar licks video.

How overcome your guitar frustrations 10 Ways To Improve Your Guitar Playing Right Now
Are you tired of feeling frustrated with your guitar playing? It’s time to overcome your guitar playing problems and take your skills to the next level! Get 10 solutions for to help you become a better guitarist now by watching this free guitar practicing video.

Guitar arpeggio phrasing resource How To Make Your Guitar Arpeggios Sound Awesome
Don’t make the mistake of trying to play fast, technical sweep picking arpeggios without ever learning how to make them sound musical. This is the mistake most guitarists make, and it makes their arpeggios sound very boring. Find out how to make your arpeggios sound badass by using this guitar arpeggio phrasing resource.

Metal guitar licks video How To Add Emotion To Your Metal Guitar Solos
Stop relying on stock guitar licks and phrases for building your guitar solos. The best way to make your solos sound awesome and emotional is learning HOW to use the notes you solo with. Learn how to do this by watching this free metal guitar licks video.

7 string guitar playing video How To Create Awesome 7 String Guitar Riffs
Wish you knew how to play killer riffs for 7 string guitar? Most guitarists focus only on the 7th string – but there is much more to it than that! Learn how to play badass riffs now by watching this 7 string guitar playing video.

sweep picking guitar video How To Make Your Sweep Picking Arpeggios Sound Awe-Inspiring
Most guitarists have no idea how to use sweep picking arpeggios in a musical and creative manner. If you play arpeggios like them, your playing will likely sound very boring. Learn how to make your arpeggios sound truly intense by watching this sweep picking guitar video.

Lead guitar playing video How To Make Your Lead Guitar Licks Stick Out
Did you know that there are lesser-known, powerful techniques that great guitarists use to get people to pay attention to every single note in their lead guitar licks? It’s actually easier to do this than you think. Find out how you can make your guitar licks really stand out by watching this lead guitar playing video.

Resource about taking guitar lessons Learn How To Get Great Results From Taking Guitar Lessons
Most guitar players do not know how to truly get great results from taking guitar lessons. However, by making a few changes to your mindset, you can totally MAXIMIZE the results you get and become a better guitarist fast. Learn how this is done by checking out this resource about taking guitar lessons.

Shred guitar video How To Turn Any Boring Guitar Lick Into A Badass Guitar Lick
Want to know how to play amazing guitar licks any time you pick up the guitar? To do this, you must use more than just speed... you must learn how to build up tons of intensity through your playing. Learn how by watching this shred guitar video.

Guitar soloing video How To Make Any Guitar Solo Sound Great
Want to play guitar solos that turn heads? You won’t be able to do this by simply learning licks or memorizing scale patterns. The key to great guitar soloing is understanding HOW to use the notes you play to achieve maximum expression. Learn more by watching this guitar soloing video.

Guitar practice video Learn How To Play Anything You Want On Guitar
Are you ready to finally be able to play that one guitar lick you’ve always struggled with? It’s probably much easier than you think, and all you need to learn is one fundamental principle. Learn it now by watching this free guitar practice video.

How To Play Arpeggio Guitar Licks Learn How To Play Awesome Arpeggio Guitar Licks
Playing creative sweep picking arpeggios does not require practicing countless arpeggio exercises. To make your arpeggios sound awesome, you just need to know how to make specific adjustments to the standard patterns you already know. Learn how this is done by watching this video on how to play creative and badass arpeggio guitar licks.

Guitar speed secrets video Learn How To Take Your Guitar Speed To The Next Level
Have you spent a lot of time practicing to increase your guitar speed but still struggle to make progress? Before you can finally take your speed to a new level, you’ll need to avoid the mistakes made by most guitarists. Learn how to do this by watching this guitar speed secrets video.

How to clean up your legato guitar techniqueHow To Make Your Legato Guitar Technique More Clean
Do you struggle to play cleanly with legato guitar technique? Before you can do so, you MUST identify which of the 3 common mistakes most guitarists make while playing with legato that you are making (and correct it/them). Learn these mistakes now and correct them by watching this video about how to play with clean legato guitar technique.

Free Video Guitar LessonsFree Video Guitar Lessons - How To Make A Lot Of Progress In Your Guitar Playing
Most guitarists use the internet to learn guitar. Unfortunately, most guitar lessons online are made by totally amateur guitarists. This means when you use their lessons, you may actually be slowing down your own guitar improvement! In order to get real results on guitar, you need to learn from a professional who has already helped many other players like you. See how you can become a better guitar player by watching these free video guitar lessons.

Guitar solo lesson videoGuitar Solo Lesson Video
It's not 'what' you play, it's 'how' you play it that matters most. Whether you play rock, metal or any other electric guitar style, you can immediately transform your lead guitar playing by watching this guitar solo lesson. This is among my very best free guitar lessons online.

The Easiest Way To Increase Your Guitar SpeedHow To Easily Increase Your Guitar Speed
Want to tremolo pick faster on guitar? Then STOP trying to "move your hands faster" - this will never work. I’ll show you the 4 steps you need to take to REALLY improve your tremolo technique so you can play lightning fast and make it feel super easy. Practice this exercise to greatly improve your tremolo picking.

Break Through Guitar Speed Barriers And Play FasterPlay Guitar Fast Without Making Mistakes
Before you can play guitar fast without sacrificing accuracy, you must learn how to practice as effectively as possible. For example, you must train your brain to process notes at higher speeds and eliminate slow, sloppy movements in your hands. Learn more about playing fast without making mistakes by watching this guitar speed video.

Clean Up Your Sweep Picking ArpeggiosHow To Clean Up Your Sweep Picking Are you struggling to play arpeggios cleanly? Wouldn't it be awesome to have a way to not only make your sweep picking cleaner and faster, but also to come up with awesome sweep picking shred licks at the same time? Good news: you absolutely CAN do and have both in your practicing and you are about to learn how! Watch this video to see how to make your sweep picking practice a lot more fun and infinitely more effective at helping you play arpeggios cleanly on guitar.

 Advanced Guitar Speed Secrets VideoAdvanced Guitar Speed Secrets Video
How to build massive amounts of speed on the guitar is a big mystery for most guitarists. Learn how to play guitar fast by watching this free guitar speed video lesson. This is another one of my best free guitar lessons online.

Sweep Picking Video Lesson by Tom HessSweep Picking Video Lesson
Learning how to play sweep picking arpeggios at very high speeds with flawless accuracy is difficult for most guitarists. In this free 3 string arpeggio sweep picking video guitar lesson you will discover the secrets of fast sweep picking, how to avoid common mistakes and much more.

How To Practice Guitar VideoHow To Practice Guitar Video
Discover why the traditional way of practicing guitar has been holding you back and discover how to practice guitar using the Geometric Guitar Practicing Method™.

The Best Way To Practice Guitar With Limited TimeThe Best Way To Practice Guitar With Limited Time
Are you not sure about what you should practice when you don't have enough time to do everything on your guitar practice schedule? Learn how to practice guitar with limited time in this free guitar practice video.

10 Steps To Become A Better Guitarist Video10 Steps To Become A Better Guitarist
This video will show you what you should do to become a better guitarist. Discover what you really need to practice, how to use guitar practicing frustration as a positive force and much more. Watch the video on how to become a better guitar player now.

Guitar phrasing video with Tom HessGuitar Solo Video Lesson On How To Improve Your Guitar Solo Phrasing Skills
Are you still struggling to create great guitar solos? Give me 5 minutes and I will show you how to immediately improve your guitar solo phrasing skills in this guitar solo video lesson.

Video Lesson About Guitar PhrasingGuitar Phrasing Video Lesson
Many guitar players struggle to express themselves fully with their guitar solos. If you have this problem, watch this guitar phrasing lesson to learn a highly innovative way of breaking out of this musical creativity rut and discover how to create truly awesome guitar solos.

How To Play Intense Blues Guitar Licks VideoMake Your Blues Guitar Licks Sound Totally Badass
To make your blues guitar licks sound totally badass you MUST play them with a lot of aggression. However, you must also make sure that you play them cleanly otherwise your playing will sound sloppy and all expression will be lost. Watch this killer blues guitar licks video and I'll show you how this is done. 

Create melodic and lyrical guitar solosLearn How To Create Highly Melodic And Lyrical Guitar Solos
Many guitar players create their guitar solos by simply throwing together a bunch of random licks. This often leads to mediocre sounding solos with a weak sense of melody. To create great solos with powerful melodies, you can learn a lot by observing how singers sing their vocal lines. Watch this video and learn how to create guitar solos.  

Creative guitar lesson videoHow To Play More Creative Lead Guitar Solos
Before you can play amazing guitar solos, you must learn how to enhance every lick you play using creative vibrato and bend techniques. Watch this guitar soloing video to learn how to use them so you can play killer solos every time you pick up your guitar.

How To Play Cool Blues Double Stop Riffs VideoHow To Play Cool Blues Double Stop Riffs
Blues guitar players usually only know how to play common double stop riffs, while only the most expressive blues guitarists understand how to creatively use double stops to add intensity and aggression into their playing. Don't limit yourself to only using common double stop patterns - Watch this video to learn how to make creative, expressive and intense blues guitar double stop riffs.

 The Coolest Way To Apply Pitch Axis Theory To Guitar SolosHow To Easily Play Emotional Guitar Solos Using A Variation Of Pitch Axis Theory
Your guitar solos will sound much better once you understand how to use a single note to create tons of emotion. By using an easy-to-apply variation of pitch axis theory, you will be able to do this in only a matter of minutes. Watch this guitar solo video and learn how to play intense and emotional solos right away.  

How to express intense emotions on guitarHow To Play Emotional Guitar Solos Using A Single Note
To play great guitar solos you must understand how to express intense emotions with every note you use. Fortunately, this is much easier to do than you think. Watch this video and find out how to play emotional guitar solos using only one note.

Video On How To Compose A Guitar SoloHow To Compose Great Guitar Solos
Truly great guitar solos are NOT created by stringing a bunch of cool guitar licks together… they are created using one of many different 'compositional processes'. If you desire to know exactly 'how' great guitar solos are composed and want to see one of the very rare (but extremely effective) ways that you can use to compose your own cool guitar solos, watch this video about how to compose guitar solos.

How To Play Guitar With Feeling VideoThe Most Important Aspect Of How To Play Guitar With Feeling That Most Guitarists Will Never Know
To be able to influence the emotions of people simply by what and how you play is the single greatest power in all of music. For musicians, this is the pinnacle… the Holy Grail of musicianship. Learn more about how to play guitar with feeling in this unique guitar playing video.

How to play intense lead guitar licksHow To Play Powerful And Intense Lead Guitar Licks
To play powerful guitar licks that demand attention you only need to make slight changes to how you play 'one' note in your phrase. Watch this lead guitar licks video and see a demonstration for how this process works.


Free Guitar eBooks

Clean up your legato guitar technique Eliminate Excess Muscle Tension: The Silent Killer Of Your Guitar Technique
Does your guitar playing sometimes feel like a real struggle? It won’t feel like this anymore when you eliminate the silent killer of your guitar technique: excessive muscle tension. Download my free eGuide to relaxing excess muscle tension & improve your guitar technique today.

Learn 5 Guitar TricksMake Your Guitar Playing Sound Better With These 5 Tricks
Want to make your guitar playing sound great no matter what you play? There are 5 cool tricks that make your playing sound amazing every time you pick up your instrument... Plus, they're really easy to learn. Learn them right now by downloading this free eGuide for making your guitar playing sound better.

Master Finger IndependenceMaster Fretting Hand Finger Independence For Guitar
You don’t need lots of exercises or hand strengthening gadgets to develop fretting hand finger independence. You can develop finger independence with any exercise… if you practice it the right way. This guide to fretting hand finger independence makes your guitar playing feel incredibly easy.

How To Play Guitar Accurately And PerfectlyThe Guide To Playing Guitar Without Mistakes
Doesn’t it drive you crazy when the songs, guitar solos or exercises you play on your guitar sound good on one day, but sound like total crap the next day? We’ve all had this problem… here is the solution that will make your playing totally consistent and reliable, even on your worst days. Learn how to play guitar perfectly.

Guitar Playing Guide On How To Sweep Pick Fast And Clean Sweep Picking Mastery Secrets Unlocked: What The Pros Do To Sweep Pick Clean And Fast
Sweep picking is A LOT easier to master than most other techniques on guitar (yes, you read this correctly). There are only a few concepts you need to focus on when practicing to make fast sweep picking feel effortless. Naturally talented guitarists have figured these elements out on their own and this is why they master sweep picking fast. Now it’s time for you to join them and learn to sweep pick fast and clean.

 Double Your Guitar SpeedHow To Double Your Guitar Speed While Cutting Your Practice Time In Half
Ever wonder why some guitarists seem to be able to increase their playing speed while practicing much less than you? It's not because they are much more talented and that you lack talent. To play with greater guitar speed while practicing less, you simply need to practice more efficiently. Learn how by taking this course about doubling your guitar speed.  

How to add emotions to your guitar playingLearn The Secret To Adding Fire And Emotion To Any Guitar Lick (Even If You Can’t Play Guitar Fast Yet)
You want your lead guitar playing to sound expressive and emotional instead of dull and uninspired, right? Then you’d better make time for actually training to play guitar with emotion. Get this free guide to learn the secrets that the pros use to play emotional guitar licks and solos.

 Free Guitar Practice eBookDiscover The Secrets Most Guitar Players Will Never Know About How To Practice Guitar! 
Download this FREE Guitar eBook about guitar practice secrets and get more than 100 pages of guitar practice tips, advice, exercises and tab! Get your Free Guitar eBook about guitar practice secrets! 

How To Choose The Right Guitar Teacher eGuideHow To Choose The Right Guitar Teacher
Do you want to find and select the perfect guitar teacher for yourself? Find out which teacher is best able to help you become the great guitar player you want to become! Download the Official Guide to "How To Choose A Guitar Teacher"

Learn How To Easily Increase Your Guitar SpeedHow To Improve Your Guitar Speed Without Moving Your Hands Any Faster
Most guitarists struggle to play guitar fast and clean because they only focus on moving their hands faster when they practice… but fail to train and track progress with all the other elements of guitar technique that make their speed actually sound GREAT. Download this free special report to learn the easiest way to improve your guitar speed that most guitar players do not know about.



Free Guitar Playing Assessments (See All Assessments)

Free guitar playing assessment How Effective Are You At Achieving Your Musical Goals?
Are you ready to reach your musical goals but still have a long way to go? It’s time to learn what factors are keeping you from reaching your full potential. Learn them now by taking this free guitar playing assessment.

Test For Improving Rhythm Guitar Playing Rhythm Guitar Playing Test
Want to massively improve your rhythm guitar playing skills? You will become better rhythm guitar player as soon as you can quickly identify any rhythm guitar playing mistake by ear. Test yourself now to see how good your ear is for hearing mistakes using this rhythm guitar playing assessment.

Lead guitar creativity assessmentWhat Is Your Lead Guitar Creativity Level?
Are you having trouble playing highly expressive lead guitar solos and licks? Chances are, you need to work on becoming a more creative guitarist and musician. Learn exactly what you need to work on right now by testing yourself with this lead guitar creativity assessment.

How to become a killers guitaristHow Good Is Your Guitar Playing?
Is your guitar playing really as good as you think? Before you can truly become a great guitarist, you must identify your strengths and weaknesses. Test yourself now using this assessment and learn how to become a better guitarist.

Practicing Guitar Discipline Or FunIs Your Practicing Disciplined AND Fun At The Same Time?
Most guitarists either have lots of fun practicing, but are not highly disciplined, or try to be very disciplined, but find it boring or unfulfilling when they do so. To make the most amount of progress, your learning experience needs to balance BOTH elements. How well can you do this? Test yourself here

Rock Lead Guitar Phrasing VideoHow Effective Is Your Rock Lead Guitar Phrasing?
From the many elements that go into creative improvising and soloing, phrasing is perhaps the single most important (and the least practiced!) one.  Do you understand all the elements that go into truly expressive guitar phrasing? Find out here.  

How To Practice GuitarHow Much Do You Know About Practicing Guitar?
Is your practicing as effective as it can be? If you haven't reached your musical goals yet, chances are that the answer is "No". Take this test to understand how much you really know about how to practice guitar.

Mastering lead guitar techniqueHow Close Are You To Mastering Electric Lead Guitar Technique?
If all you do is measure your guitar technique progress using a metronome to track speed, you are totally on the wrong track and are missing the majority of what is needed to improve this area of your guitar playing. Take this test to learn how close you are to mastering lead guitar technique.


Free Guitar Playing Articles

Articles about guitar playingGuitar Playing Articles
Discover more than 60 articles about guitar playing, guitar practicing, songwriting, creativity, playing live and much more. Check them out here.




Additional Free Guitar Playing Resources

Mini Course On How To Reach Your Musical Goals7 Day Mini Course How To Reach Your Musical Goals
Discover how you can reach your own musical goals in this free 7 day audio mini course.

How To Play Guitar Fast Mini Course14 Day Mini Course How To Play Guitar Fast
Learn the secrets of building guitar speed that most guitar players will never know about. Increasing your guitar speed is easier than you think if you understand exactly how to practice guitar to develop this skill. Find out how in this free mini course on how to play guitar fast.

Guitar Practice Routine To Use After A Break From PlayingBest Guitar Practice Routine To Use After Taking A Long Break From Playing
It sucks when you take a long break away from guitar and come back only to discover that your playing skills have gone down dramatically. Fortunately, you can quickly regain your skills by using an effective practice routine. Use this guitar practice routine to regain your playing skills in just 14 days.  

Studio Recording eGuideStudio Recording Guide For Guitar Players
This free guide will show you how to avoid the 6 most common mistakes that guitar players make in the recording studio. Study this resource to learn how to save yourself and your band A LOT of wasted time, money and energy by improving your studio recording skills.  

Rock Guitar Lesson VideoRock Guitar Licks Lesson
Many guitar players struggle with making their favorite guitar licks fit naturally into a variety of musical contexts. With a little training, you can use simple guitar phrasing techniques to easily transform a basic rock guitar lick into dozens of creative musical ideas. Learn how to become a more expressive improviser and soloist in this free rock guitar licks lesson

7 String Guitar Lesson7 String Guitar Lesson On Musical Creativity
If you have spent the majority of your time playing a 6 string guitar, you may think that playing 7 string guitar is exactly the same (only with an added string). However, if you take this approach, you will be greatly limiting your musical creativity. Learn how to become more musically creative on 7 string guitar by studying this 7 string guitar lesson.

Manifesting Your Musical Goals Into RealityManifest Your Musical Goals Into Reality 
Understand 'what' you need to learn to reach your guitar playing and musical goals and discover 'how' each of these things are critical to reaching these goals. Find out what you need to learn to reach your musical goals.

FREE guitar solo tipsFREE Guitar Solo Tips
Transform your guitar soloing by discovering secrets most guitar players will never know about how to create and play great guitar solos. Get your free guitar solo tips here. 

FREE Guitar Playing TipsFREE Guitar Playing Tips
These 15 great guitar playing tips will immediately enable you to improve your guitar playing. Get your first guitar playing tip now.

Seven Day CoachingSeven Day Coaching
Reaching your musical goals will become much easier when you get guidance on how to do it from someone who has already achieved what you want to do. Get free seven day coaching on reaching your musical goals from me.

Reach your guitar playing goals quickly by learning guitar online.

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