Get Songwriting Tips For Writer's Block To Finally Overcome It

Looking for songwriting tips to help you overcome writer's block?

You're not the only one. Tons of musicians struggle with writer's block and experience great frustration as a result.

Once you better understand three key things, you can overcome songwriting writer's block for good and create awesome songs that you can truly be proud of.

So, what are these three things?

Find out write now by watching this video on how to overcome songwriting writer's block:

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Now that you have watched the video, you are ready to get started writing songs for guitar! Use these additional songwriting tips to refine your skills as a guitarist:

Songwriting Tip For Guitarists #1: Improve Your Aural Skills

When you write songs on guitar, it’s important to have some idea of how each phrase/lick in your song transitions into the next one.

Don't make the common mistake of just improvising and hoping to eventually run into a cool note or phrases while playing the same memorized patterns again and again.

Try this instead:

Play a short phrase, and then sing the next half of the phrase using only your voice.

Next, try to play the notes you sang on guitar. This helps you to build a mental vocabulary of how notes sound in your head before you even play them on guitar. Practicing this over time makes you better at playing and writing songs for guitar that sound how you want them to in less time.

Songwriting Tip For Guitarists #2: Improve Your Bends & Vibrato For Better Emotional Expression

When it comes to writing emotional songs with your guitar, bending and vibrato technique are essential for being able to make your listeners really feel what you are playing.

One way to make sure these techniques sound great is to first make sure you consistently keep them in tune.

Practicing for just a few minutes each day on nothing but bending the strings is a great way to become more consistent and expressive with them in no time.

Try this out when you sit down to practice bending strings:

Play the pitch that you will be bending up to first to hear how it should sound then play the bend in order to match it. Eventually you develop the muscle memory needed to make this happen naturally every time you bend the strings.

Question: “How can I make my vibrato more expressive while writing guitar solos? Should I use it more often?”

Answer: Yes! Make sure to use vibrato to emphasize the longer notes in your guitar solos (but don't overdo it).

Guitar players often under-utilize vibrato while writing guitar solos and their playing ends up sounding lifeless and dull after a while.

Practice enhancing the songwriting quality of your guitar solos by simply trying to make a single note sound as expressive as possible with vibrato. Try improvising with just 3-5 notes while using vibrato in many different ways to enhance them until writing solos that use vibrato expressively becomes second nature.

Question: “What is a way to write guitar solos that sound memorable?”

Answer: Try this: Anytime you repeat a melody while you play guitar solos, ask yourself “How can I make this same idea sound more interesting instead of just sounding like the same exact melody?”

This basic question gets you into the habit of thinking more creatively in order to make memorable guitar licks that tie your guitar parts together more smoothly. For instance, try to use approaches such as mixing up the note rhythms, sliding into some of the notes from different directions, using palm muting to add variety with timbre, etc.

Doing this consistently helps you become aware of how the notes feel emotionally in order to start building a vocabulary of approaches to use in your songwriting.

Songwriting Tip For Guitarists #3: Learn From A Good Guitar Teacher

Do you spend a lot of time online looking for lessons, videos or exercises to help you play guitar better and write songs?

Many people do this same thing.

However, making massive progress in these areas is difficult to do on your own. Working with a guitar teacher makes learning and improving as a musician much easier.

Your guitar songwriting (and overall skills in all areas) develop quickly when you take lessons from an expert guitar teacher who has already helped many others achieve the same musical goals that you have.

It's a fact:

Guitar players who learn with a teacher improve their weaknesses much faster than they would learning everything by themselves. This means you are no longer held back from playing the solos, licks, techniques and patterns that frustrate you. Great guitar teachers are excellent at helping you fix issues in your playing that you may have never realized existed while helping you reach your musical goals much faster!

Don't hesitate to take your guitar playing and musical skills to the next level. The faster you get started taking guitar lessons, the faster you begin playing guitar and writing songs just like you always wanted to.

Here is what my students have to say about their experience with taking guitar lessons:

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