Learn How To Use Sweep Picking Arpeggios More Creatively With Scales

Playing the same arpeggio over and over gets boring quickly... You make your sweep picking sound much more creative and interesting when you combine it with other aspects of your guitar playing. Using scale runs together with sweep picking helps you play killer lead guitar licks that sound better than using basic arpeggios on their own.

Watch this guitar video below and learn how to combine sweep picking with cool scale sequences:

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Commonly Missed Guitar Playing Cleanliness Issue: Not Having Consistent Skills

Watch out for when you have inconsistencies in how you attack notes.

To address this, record the same guitar lick a couple of times into your nearest recording app and (if possible) pan one track fully to one side and the other completely to the other side.

Afterwards listen (using headphones ideally) and identify where sloppy playing mistakes occur. This will be simple, because once you notice anything that sounds one way in one ear/speaker but not in the other, that means there is a problem.

Figure out what that problem is (by listening to each recording by itself) and then when you get started playing again, make sure to keep that area tight.

As an illustration, you may notice that you have a tendency to play the same part either with different pressure in your palm muting. This will mean that you should target your palm muting in that segment of the piece and keep the pressure unvarying while playing.

If you see that one track has string noises in a specific spot but sounds clean in the other, that means you need to more diligently watch your muting techniques as you play that part in the music to make sure that the noise never happens.

This makes your aural skills more fine-tuned so that you can become more aware of your own flaws and deal with them.

Do this routine as part of your guitar practice and your playing becomes rhythmically tight.

Do You Struggle To Play Clean & Tight? Give This A Shot:

Ever play a guitar lick or run during a solo and you are ahead of the click in a number of places (most notably when a lick repeats)?

This helps:

Record a quick phrase (preferably) into music software that shows you the grid of beats so you can see where the things you play ) line up or don't line up with the beat.

This gives you immediate visual and audio information on how close you are to being completely in time. That said, you should also begin recording your general practice sessions and then listening to your subtle mistakes very attentively (using headphones if you have them) to spot when you play notes a little before the click happens. You have to pull away mentally a bit more to make them take place in perfect time with the click.

How To Clean Up Your Sweep Picking Licks To Use While Soloing

When you practice sweep picking, use distortion rather than of a clean tone.

This is important since you will be playing with distortion while playing arpeggios in this manner a lot of the time (supposing you are a rock musician).

So, it makes sense to practice just how you will play, a minimum of 80% of the time-- and in addition, this makes you more observant of any problems of string noise that show up. Mistake-filled playing (and string noise) always sounds more noticeable when using overdrive, so practice with it to get rid of your mistakes.

Here is another tip: 

Takee guitar lessons with a guitar teacher rather than learning alone.

It's extremely easy to find yourself stuck in your path towards your goals and not aware of what you must do to make improvement without someone with tons of experience to teach you.

This makes trying to get better at guitar feel frustrating and demotivating rather than enjoyable - just like it ought to be.

This is a major factor for why I highly recommend all guitarists take lessons with an excellent guitar teacher.

This is very vital for helping you make tons of progress, because a really good guitar teacher is successful at getting you to understand where you are making mistakes, adjust any of your sloppy habits and obtain new insights about playing guitar that you might not have learned about if you learned completely by yourself.

Not only does this make learning about guitar more fun, it makes it so much less frustrating. In addition, you become a far better guitarist and musician, at a faster rate.

When you are driven to achieve a higher pinnacle in your guitar playing, I can help you with that in my Breakthrough Guitar Lessons.

I have given guitar lessons for decades to thousands of musicians around the world and am very proud of the musical skills and victories I have been able to get for them.

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