How Good Is Your Guitar Playing Really? – Answer These 10 Critical Questions About Your Guitar Playing To Find Out

Want to become a better guitar player fast? Then you must first get perfect clarity on your current musical strengths and weaknesses. When you identify what is holding you back from reaching your musical goals, making more progress becomes infinitely easier. To find out how good your guitar playing really is, answer the 10 questions below. Once you have finished, I will give you my (free) feedback to help you become a better guitarist much faster.

1. I'm happy with my level of maximum speed on guitar. 

2. I can keep my hands perfectly synchronized (with all notes sounding clearly, cleanly and accurately) up to (at least) 90% of my maximum speed.

3. When tracking my guitar technique progress, I most often focus on tracking:

4. I believe that music theory is…

5. I can quickly find at least 20 different ways to play the any chord all over the guitar, without thinking or hesitating.

6. I can play any scale I know all over the guitar, on any set of strings or in any area of the fretboard, without thinking or hesitating.

7. I feel like I'm becoming a much better guitar player every time I practice guitar. *

8. I know exactly how much each item I practice is helping my guitar playing improve. *

9. I know exactly what I should practice to become the guitar player I want to be. *

10. I know what elements of my guitar playing and musical knowledge are holding me back from progressing as fast as I want. *

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