How To Practice Guitar Effectively

These resources will show you how to maximize the results you get from every minute of practicing guitar:

Learn How To Improve Your Guitar Phrasing
Materials On How To Build Lots Of Guitar SpeedThe key to emotional guitar soloing is mastery of guitar phrasing. These resources will help you master this critical element of your lead guitar playing. Learn more.
How To Build Lots Of Guitar Speed
Materials On How To Build Lots Of Guitar SpeedIf you think that fast guitar playing lacks emotion, then this is not for you. But if you are DYING to learn ALL the secrets that lead to ripping fast, face-melting virtuoso guitar speed, the resources on this page will get you there. Learn more.
How To Sweep Pick Arpeggios Cleanly And Fast
Sweep Pick Arpeggios Materials by Tom HessWant to play killer sweep picking arpeggios that sound fast and clean? Study these proven resources that will take your sweep picking technique and launch it into the stratosphere. Learn more.
Become A Creative Guitarist And Musician
Sweep Pick Arpeggios Materials by Tom HessForget the myth that you must be “born” with musical creativity. Study these resources about expressing yourself through music and learn how to become a highly expressive guitarist and musician. Learn more.
How To Create Amazing Lead Guitar Solos
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessStudy these lead guitar soloing resources and learn how to create breathtaking guitar solos that you will LOVE to call your own. There are no other guitar lessons like this anywhere online. Learn more.
Blues Guitar Playing Resources
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessTired of the same blues guitar playing materials that teach you nothing more than boring scales and cliche licks? Check out these blues guitar resources and go deep into developing your blues soloing skills. Learn more.
Songwriting Resources For Guitarists
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianStudy these songwriting resources for guitar players and learn how to write your own creative songs and express the music you hear in your head. Learn more.
Overcome Your Guitar Playing Frustrations
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianThese resources will help you overcome your guitar playing frustrations and reach your musical goals faster, while enjoying the process of getting there. Learn more.
What You MUST Know About Taking Guitar Lessons
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessChoosing a guitar teacher is one of the most important decisions you can make about your guitar playing. Carefully study these resources and learn everything you need to know to choose the best guitar teacher for you. Learn more.
Learn To Play Rhythm Guitar
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianStudy these rhythm guitar playing resources and learn how to play super tight, ass-stomping rhythm guitar riffs. Learn more.
Guitar warmup exercises How To Warm Up Effectively Using Powerful Guitar Exercises NEW!
There are five key elements of effective warmup exercises that make your efforts worthwhile and improve your guitar practice effectiveness by warming up your hands and your mind with this guitar practice warmups video.
Guitar warmup exercises 5 Guitar Warm Up Tips That Get Results NEW!
Want to learn the best ways to warmup on guitar to get better results from your practice? No problem! Learn 5 right now by reading this guitar practice warmups article.
Free Guitar Playing Cheat Sheet Guitar Playing Cheat Sheet To Fix Your Technique
Some guitar playing problems are really hard to solve, which is why I created this handy guitar technique cheat sheet. It shows you how to solve any guitar technique challenge. Download your free guitar playing cheat sheet!
Play Guitar Clean Without Tension Play Guitar Clean By Practicing To Remove Tension
Removing tension in your body is key for eliminating mistakes in your guitar playing. Playing guitar as relaxed as possible makes playing clean feel effortless. Watch this video to learn how to play guitar clean by removing body tension.
Tom Hess Teaching Clean Guitar Technique Guitar Practice Shortcuts For Playing Better Arpeggios
Tired of playing arpeggios slower and less clean than you want? Good news: There are 2 shortcuts that help you play arpeggios faster and cleaner than ever. Learn these shortcuts in this video with guitar playing advice.

How To Master Sweep Picking Rolling Technique 3 Shortcuts To Getting Amazing Guitar Technique
Everyone loves taking shortcuts that make it easy and fun to massively improve their guitar technique. Get three killer shortcuts right now by reading this article about getting better at guitar fast.

Rock Lead Guitar Phrasing VideoIncredible Guitar Practice Hacks That Get Results
Learning how to make your guitar practice more effective makes it easy to get results without practicing many hours a day. Learn how to do it by reading this guitar practice article.

Get Lead Guitar Tips How To Easily Play Guitar Solos That Sound More Musical
Getting killer lead guitar technique that sounds great doesn't always mean developing tons of speed and technical playing. Sometimes it's as simple as understanding how to play a few notes with good phrasing so your solos sound musical. See how easy it is for yourself by watching this lead guitar video.

Rock Lead Guitar Phrasing VideoGet Motivation To Practice Guitar With These 10 Tips USA Flag
Sometimes it feels like a struggle to pick up your guitar and practice. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to bet this way. Learn 10 ways to massively boost your motivation by reading this guitar practice article.

Get Better At GuitarLearn How To Become A Great Guitarist Faster USA Flag
Ever wonder how long it would take for you to take your guitar playing skills to a much higher level? Most guitarists think about this a lot and feel frustrated by the idea that it might take a long time. Fortunately, it doesn't have to take as long as you might think when you take the right practice approaches. Learn what to do by watching this free guitar skills improvement video.

Guitar Practice ExerciseImprove Everything In Your Guitar Playing Using One Exercise USA Flag
It’s possible to improve your guitar playing massively with just one exercise when you know what to focus on and use an efficient practice schedule. Learn the steps to this exercise now by reading this guitar practice article.

Clean up your legato guitar techniqueEliminate Excess Muscle Tension: The Silent Killer Of Your Guitar Technique USA Flag
Does your guitar playing sometimes feel like a real struggle? It won’t feel like this anymore when you eliminate the silent killer of your guitar technique: excessive muscle tension. Download my free eGuide to relaxing excess muscle tension & improve your guitar technique today.

Clean up your legato guitar technique 5 Guitar Practice Tips To Quickly Improve Your Legato Technique USA Flag
Mastering legato guitar technique requires two main steps: identifying problems that most players make with legato and solving them with effective practice strategies. This video shows you how to do these things to improve your legato guitar playing fast.

Make Your Guitar Playing Sound Better How To Play Guitar Faster And Cleaner In 10 Minutes USA Flag
Want to become a faster and more clean guitar player in just 10 minutes? Mastering 2-hand synchronization helps you do this. Read this article to get the 10 minute guitar practice exercise to become a faster guitarist now.

How To Know If You'll Become A Great Guitarist USA Flag
The main difference between average guitarists and great guitarists isn't necessarily the amount of hours they spend practicing... nor is it simply possessing "natural talent". Although many do not become great, everyone has the potential to do so (and it's not that hard). Find out how to do it for yourself by reading this article about becoming a great guitar player.

how to reach your guitar playing goalsPlans Are NOT Goals USA Flag Germany Flag - Tom Hess Article German Version Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version 
Many musicians make the mistake of confusing "plans" to do something with "goals". This common fundamental misunderstanding leads guitar players to start out on the wrong path to achieve what they want musically. Read the entire guitar article on how to become a great guitar player.

effective guitar practice secretsThe 80/20 Rule USA Flag Germany Flag - Tom Hess Article German Version Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version 
20% of what we do brings us 80% of our results, but the other 80% of what we do brings us only 20% of our results. Understanding this simple, yet profound theory and applying it to your guitar practice can make a huge difference in your guitar playing. Read the whole guitar playing article on guitar practice secrets.

top secrets to becoming a kickass guitar playerTop Secrets Of Common Sense - Part 1 USA Flag Germany Flag - Tom Hess Article German Version Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version 
No matter what your musical skill level is right now, there are going to be many significant challenges ahead of you. Your attitudes, and the ways you deal with musical challenges, will be the single greatest factor in determining how much you will achieve as a musician. Continue reading the guitar article to discover the first step in how to become a better guitarist.

how to become a badass guitar playerPerseverance - It Will Make You Or Break You! USA Flag Germany Flag - Tom Hess Article German Version Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version Spanish Flag - Tom Hess Article Spanish Version 
Whenever you're frustrated and ready to give up, read this guitar article about perseverance for guitar players.

How to solve your guitar playing problemsHow To Solve Guitar Playing Problems USA Flag
Are you frustrated by a lack of progress in your guitar playing? The reason why you are struggling is you have developed several bad habits in your playing and they are holding you back. Fortunately, it is not as difficult as you might think to overcome these problems. Learn how to solve guitar playing problems and become a better player fast.

Killer guitar practice adviceAn Analysis of "SUCK" USA Flag German Flag - Tom Hess Article German Version Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version 
Feel like your guitar playing sucks? Reality is: you have amazing potential to become a great player. Read a cool guitar article about a true story of one frustrated guitar player and his friend who rapidly became a much better guitar player. Check out this good guitar practice advice I gave him.

Article about pursuing artistic greatnessThe Pursuit of Artistic Greatness USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version German Flag - Tom Hess Article German Version Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version 
The pursuit of artistic greatness has been among us for thousands of years, yet it has eluded most of us. It seems almost impossible to pursue that which we can hardly define (artistic greatness). It's not surprising that so many people who may possess all the potential they need, still fall short because they didn't realize they already possessed the single most important element. But what is the right path to the pursuit of artistic greatness?

10 Steps To Become A Better Guitarist Video10 Steps To Become A Better Guitarist USA Flag
This video will show you what you should do to become a better guitarist. Discover what you really need to practice, how to use guitar practicing frustration as a positive force and much more. Study and apply the information in this powerful video about how to become a better guitar player now.

How Effective Are You In Reaching Your Musical Goals?How Effective Are You In Reaching Your Musical Goals? USA Flag
Determine your level of success in applying good practice habits, learning guitar technique and developing musical skills.  The more effective you are in learning and integrating these three elements, the faster you will reach your greatest musical goals! Find out where you stand by going here

Mini Course On How To Reach Your Musical Goals7 Day Mini Course How To Reach Your Musical Goals USA Flag
Discover how you can reach your own musical goals in this free 7 day audio mini course.

Manifesting Your Musical Goals Into Reality Manifest Your Musical Goals Into Reality USA Flag
Understand 'what' you need to learn to reach your guitar playing and musical goals and discover 'how' each of these things are critical to reaching these goals. Find out what you need to learn to reach your musical goals.

Seven Day CoachingSeven Day Coaching USA Flag
Reaching your musical goals will become much easier when you get guidance on how to do it from someone who has already achieved what you want to do. Get free seven day coaching on reaching your musical goalsfrom me.

Eliminating Mistakes From Your Guitar PlayingHow To Eliminate Mistakes From Your Guitar Playing USA Flag
The first step you must take while learning something new on guitar is simply trying to 'get it right'. However, using this approach all the time will neither prevent you from making mistakes in the future nor help you become a truly great guitarist. To do these things, you must practice to 'never get it wrong'. Learn how by reading this article on how to practice guitar effectively.

Avoiding Musical Burn OutHow To Avoid Musical Burn Out USA Flag German Flag - Tom Hess Article German Version Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version Spanish Flag - Tom Hess Article Spanish Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version 
Do you sometimes find it difficult to stay focused and motivated to practice or play music? We've all been there at some point in our guitar playing lives. Discover new inspiration to practice guitar. Overcome musical burn out. Read this guitar article about inspiration to practice guitar.

Guitar Playing Photo

Online Guitar Lessons

Become the guitarist you want to be with the most effective, goal oriented, results driven guitar lessons online. Here is how it works: you tell me about yourself, your musical goals, skills, knowledge, style and your current guitar playing frustrations & challenges, and I will custom design the most effective lessons specifically for you. This will help you reach your goals fast. I will closely monitor your progress, give you my expert feedback on your guitar playing and provide you with lots of personal support to enable you to get the results you want in your guitar playing.  

The Guitar Playing Accelerator

The Guitar Playing Accelerator

The most powerful invention for improving your guitar playing since the existence of guitar lessons... The Guitar Playing Accelerator ensures you get better faster... EVERY SINGLE TIME you practice your guitar. The one crucial element missing in your guitar practice that would guarantee you make bigger, broader and faster improvements as a guitar player is comprehensive tracking, monitoring and analysis of your guitar playing and practice. This key element ensures you make the big improvements you could be (and SHOULD be) making daily. Tracking all the important elements that make up your guitar playing skills is a proven method to make you more motivated, excited, encouraged and confident than other guitar players to continue to learn, improve and master your guitar playing. This is the only tool in the world that does this for you.

Guitar Practice Generator

Practice Generator

Practicing guitar but still not getting anywhere? What you need is a way to create personalized guitar practice schedules that will consistently, automatically and accurately take into account your current skill level and knowledge for each item you need to practice while ensuring that your practice schedules will always be personalized to you, your skills and your knowledge. This is critically important in order for you to get the most from your practicing. You also need a way for your practice schedules to ‘evolve’ as your guitar playing evolves so that they remain relevant and highly effective in helping you make progress every step of the way as you reach your musical goals. The Practice Generator gives you all of the above, while also providing you with a way to keep yourself accountable as you work through your practice schedules (plus a lot more). Your guitar playing will go through the roof when you FINALLY start following the practice schedules that help you maximize the results you get from every minute of practice time.


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