How To Build Lots Of Guitar Speed

If you think that fast guitar playing lacks emotion, leave this page now. But if you are DYING to learn ALL the secrets that lead to ripping fast, face-melting virtuoso guitar speed, the resources on this page will get you there:

Learn How To Improve Your Guitar Phrasing
Materials On How To Build Lots Of Guitar SpeedThe key to emotional guitar soloing is mastery of guitar phrasing. These resources will help you master this critical element of your lead guitar playing. Learn more.
How To Sweep Pick Arpeggios Cleanly And Fast
Sweep Pick Arpeggios Materials by Tom HessWant to play killer sweep picking arpeggios that sound fast and clean? Study these proven resources that will take your sweep picking technique and launch it into the stratosphere. Learn more.
Become A Creative Guitarist And Musician
Sweep Pick Arpeggios Materials by Tom HessForget the myth that you must be “born” with musical creativity. Study these resources about expressing yourself through music and learn how to become a highly expressive guitarist and musician. Learn more.
How To Create Amazing Lead Guitar Solos
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessStudy these lead guitar soloing resources and learn how to create breathtaking guitar solos that you will LOVE to call your own. There are no other guitar lessons like this anywhere online. Learn more.
Blues Guitar Playing Resources
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessTired of the same blues guitar playing materials that teach you nothing more than boring scales and cliche licks? Check out these blues guitar resources and go deep into developing your blues soloing skills. Learn more.
Songwriting Resources For Guitarists
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianStudy these songwriting resources for guitar players and learn how to write your own creative songs and express the music you hear in your head. Learn more.
How To Practice Guitar Effectively
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessThese resources will show you how to maximize the results you get from every minute of practicing guitar. Learn more.
Overcome Your Guitar Playing Frustrations
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianThese resources will help you overcome your guitar playing frustrations and reach your musical goals faster, while enjoying the process of getting there. Learn more.
What You MUST Know About Taking Guitar Lessons
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessChoosing a guitar teacher is one of the most important decisions you can make about your guitar playing. Carefully study these resources and learn everything you need to know to choose the best guitar teacher for you. Learn more.
Learn To Play Rhythm Guitar
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianStudy these rhythm guitar playing resources and learn how to play super tight, ass-stomping rhythm guitar riffs. Learn more.

Learn how to play with clean guitar speed Overcome Your Guitar Speed Plateaus In Only One Day USA Flag
Getting stuck with your guitar speed is very frustrating. Good news: There are simple steps tp follow to get unstuck within just a day. Learn them in this article and start increasing your guitar speed now.

Learn how to play with clean guitar speed How To Practice To Make Guitar Speed Easier And Cleaner USA Flag
Are you struggling to play a specific guitar lick, exercise or pattern with the speed and accuracy you want to? Watch this video to learn how to practice for better and cleaner guitar speed.

Learn how to improve your guitar phrasing Learn The #1 Shortcut To Killer Guitar Picking Speed USA Flag
Want to get lightning fast picking speed for guitar? You just need to master one concept. Learn what it is and playing faster than ever by reading this guitar speed article.

How To Pick Faster On Guitar Get Faster On Guitar: Economy Picking Vs. Directional Picking USA Flag
Getting faster on guitar is about efficiency, not simply moving your hands faster. So, what is the best picking technique to use to get faster? Find out for yourself now and become a faster, cleaner guitar player by watching this guitar speed picking video.

Make Fast Guitar Playing Easy How To Master Directional Guitar Picking Technique  USA Flag
Having a hard time playing fast on guitar without struggling to play some of the notes in your licks, exercises or scales? You need to stop breaking up the momentum in your picking hand. How do you do this? By using directional picking to maintain constant momentum for effortless speed. Learn how to master this technique in this guitar speed video.

Increase Guitar SpeedIncrease Your Guitar Speed Without Moving Your Hands Faster  USA Flag
Playing guitar at super-fast speeds isn't just about moving your hands quickly. Locking both hands in sync helps you achieve incredibly fast and clean speeds. However, most players don't know how to separate movement in both hands in order to master them. Knowing how to do this unlocks your potential for playing at speeds you never even imagined. Learn how to do it by watching this guitar speed video.

How To Make Fast And Clean Guitar Playing EasierHow To Clean Up Fast Guitar Playing For Good  USA Flag
Playing guitar fast and clean requires keeping both of your hands in perfect synchronization together. This means fretting a note at the exact moment when you pick the string. There are several ways to effectively practice this to clean up your playing. Learn one right now by watching this guitar technique video.

How To Make Fast And Clean Guitar Playing EasyHow To Use Directional Picking To Play Fast And Clean  USA Flag
Want to make fast guitar playing feel easy and effortless? The key is NOT to try moving your hands faster or increase alternate picking speed. Instead, you need to pick more efficiently. The best technique to help you do this is directional picking. Learn how to use it to pick faster and cleaner than ever before by watching this instructional directional picking video.

How To Make Clean Guitar Playing EasyMake Clean Guitar Playing Easier Using Correct Picking Technique  USA Flag
Are you having a hard time playing scales fast and clean? This is very common for guitarists who are using ineffective motion in their picking technique. For example: picking by using the thumb and index finger as the primary source of motion. Instead, you should be picking either from your wrist or your forearm (or both). Watch this free video about playing guitar clean to see how to pick effectively to make clean playing feel easier.

How To Make Fast Guitar Playing EasyOne Easy Trick That Makes Fast Guitar Playing Much Easier  USA Flag
Fact: It's much easier to play something without making mistakes one time than it is to play it many times in a row. This is why playing a sweep picking arpeggio over and over is hard to do without making mistakes compared to playing it just once. Watch this guitar playing video to learn how this concept is used with an easy trick that makes playing fast and clean much easier.

How To Fix Guitar MistakesHow To Play Guitar Fast And Clean With Better Picking Technique  USA Flag
Playing guitar cleanly at fast speeds requires developing efficient picking technique that contains no excess movement/motion. This means keeping your pick in the trenches of the strings as much as possible and using minimal movement while transferring from one string to the next. Watch this guitar technique video to see how this is done and become a faster, more clean guitar player.

How To Play Guitar Fast And Clean With Two-Hand SyncHow To Play Guitar Fast & Clean By Keeping Your Hands In Sync  USA Flag
It's hard to play guitar fast and clean when you don't have both hands working in perfect synchronization. To get good at this, you must practice feeling what it's like when your hands are in sync and out of sync. Learn more by watching this video on how to play guitar fast and clean.

How To Improve Two Hand SyncThe Easy Way To Increase Guitar Speed  USA Flag
Mastering two-hand synchronization helps you increase guitar speed and makes fast playing feel effortless. Learn 7 effective practice strategies for increasing guitar speed by reading this article about how to play guitar fast.

How To Fix Guitar Playing MistakesHow To Fix Guitar Playing Mistakes That Occur During Fast Playing  USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
It is a mistake to assume that fixing guitar playing mistakes always requires practicing slowly at first and working up to speed gradually over time. Some mistakes will only occur at faster speeds. Learn how to fix mistakes that occur while playing guitar fast.

How To Play Guitar Fast And CleanHow To Master Guitar Technique + Play Fast And Clean  USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Mastering guitar technique is NOT about practicing more hours per day. When you focus on the right things, at the right time and in the right manner, it becomes easy to improve guitar technique. Read this article to learn how to master guitar technique faster than ever.

How To Fix Sloppy Guitar PlayingHow To Fix Sloppy Guitar Playing  USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Want to quickly fix your sloppy guitar playing and become a better guitarist? To do this, you must first understand how to identify mistakes in your guitar technique. Learn how by checking out this page about playing guitar cleanly.

How To Play With Directional Picking TechniqueHow To Make Fast Guitar Playing Easy Using Directional Picking USA Flag
Becoming a fast guitar player requires using efficient picking technique. To make your picking technique more efficient, you need to master directional picking. Learn the 5 things you must do to master this technique so you can become a faster player by reading this speed picking guitar article.

Master Finger IndependenceMaster Fretting Hand Finger Independence For GuitarUSA Flag
You don’t need lots of exercises or hand strengthening gadgets to develop fretting hand finger independence. You can develop finger independence with any exercise… if you practice it the right way. This guide to fretting hand finger independence makes your guitar playing feel incredibly easy.

How To Play Guitar Accurately And PerfectlyThe Guide To Playing Guitar Without Mistakes USA Flag
Doesn’t it drive you crazy when the songs, guitar solos or exercises you play on your guitar sound good on one day, but sound like total crap the next day? We’ve all had this problem… here is the solution that will make your playing totally consistent and reliable, even on your worst days. Learn how to play guitar perfectly.

How To Play Guitar Fast And Clean Like A Virtuoso3 Reasons Why Your Hands Get Out Of Sync When Playing Guitar Fast USA Flag
In order to play guitar both fast and clean you MUST be able to perfectly synchronize both your picking and fretting hands. Most guitarists cannot do this and struggle to achieve their musical goals as a result. Learn the 3 biggest reasons why you are constantly struggling to achieve flawless 2 hand synchronization in your guitar playing and how to overcome these challenges so you can play guitar fast and clean.

 Advanced Guitar Speed Secrets VideoAdvanced Guitar Speed Secrets Video USA Flag
Understanding how to quickly build massive amounts of speed on the guitar is a big mystery for most guitarists. You're about to solve the mystery for yourself in just a matter of minutes. Learn how to play guitar fast by watching this free guitar speed video lesson. This is another one of my best free guitar lessons online.

Learn to play guitar fast and cleanHow To Play Guitar Fast And Clean Using Two Hand Synchronization 
Before you can play super fast guitar speeds while maintaining your accuracy, you must not only learn how to eliminate excess string noise (using muting in both hands), but MASTER two hand synchronization. Learn the several key adjustments you must make in your guitar playing to do this by reading this article about playing guitar faster.

The Ten Commandments Of Super Guitar Speed10 Things All Fast Guitar Players Do USA Flag
Simply looking for tons of speed-building exercises will not make you play guitar faster.  Instead, start learning the principles that the world’s greatest guitarists use. Once you learn these, you will increase your OWN guitar speed. Use the 10 Commandments of guitar speed and learn how to shred on guitar.

The Best Picking Technique For Guitar SpeedBuild Lightning Fast Guitar Picking Technique USA Flag 
Don't take longer than necessary to build fast guitar picking technique. Fact is, most guitarists waste tons of time trying to do this, causing themselves a lot of frustration in the process. However, developing fast and efficient picking technique is easier than you think. Learn how by reading this article about building guitar speed.

How To Make Fast Guitar Playing Feel EasyHow To Make Fast Guitar Playing Feel Easy USA Flag
If you always use the traditional speed building method of starting to practice slowly and increase speed incrementally, you will struggle to build fast guitar speed and stay relaxed while playing at higher tempos. To avoid the limitations of the traditional method, learn this new approach for building guitar speed and making it feel easy.

Building Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 1How To Practice for Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 1  USA Flag  Germany Flag - Tom Hess Article German Version  Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version  Finnish Flag - Tom Hess Article Finnish Version  Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version  Spanish Flag - Tom Hess Article Spanish Version
Shred guitar insider secrets of how to build your maximum guitar speed. Practice guitar speed exercises the way top shredders do. Read the article article on how to build your max guitar speed with guitar speed exercises.

Building Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 2How To Practice for Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 2: Speed Builder Strategy 2  USA Flag  German Flag - Tom Hess Article German Version  Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version  Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version 
Develop your maximum guitar speed by practicing this guitar speed exercise. Many top shredders practice this exercise to develop their speed. This is part 2 of How To Practice for Maximum Guitar Speed. Read the guitar playing article to get started with your guitar speed exercise regimen.

Building Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 3How To Practice for Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 3  USA Flag  Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version 
Have you ever noticed that playing something clean and fast is much harder when playing an actual song compared to when you practice that same guitar lick or solo over and over again? Learn more about how to increase your guitar speed and solving this problem in part 3 of this guitar articles series. 

Building Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 4How To Practice For Maximum Guitar Speed - Avoiding Common Mistakes In Learning To Play Guitar Fast USA Flag  Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version 
Are you frustrated with not being able to play guitar as fast as you want? Do you feel that your lack of guitar speed is limiting your ability to express yourself musically? Although playing guitar fast is not everyone's most important guitar playing goal, those who do desire greater guitar speed typically want it badly and are often frustrated with their inability to improve fast enough in this area of their guitar playing. If this describes you, read this article about increasing your guitar speed.

The Best Approach For Building Guitar SpeedThe Best Approach For Building Guitar Speed USA Flag
If you use the conventional speed building approaches used by most guitarists, it will take you a very long time to build speed (if ever). The key to developing guitar speed is to balance 'always' practicing slow with always practicing fast in order to get the best of both worlds. Here is you can do this in order to increase guitar speed quickly and effectively.

How To Make Fast Guitar Playing Feel EasyHow To Make Fast Guitar Playing Feel Easy USA Flag
In order to play guitar both fast and clean you MUST be able to perfectly synchronize both your picking and fretting hands. Most guitarists cannot do this and struggle to achieve their musical goals as a result. Getting your hands in sync will allow you to make your fast guitar playing feel incredibly easy. Learn the 3 biggest reasons why you are constantly struggling to achieve flawless 2 hand synchronization in your guitar playing and how to overcome these challenges so you can play guitar fast and clean.

Tom Hess Shows How To Build Guitar SpeedThe Secrets To Fast Guitar Playing USA Flag
Do you want to know how to effectively increase your guitar playing speed in the shortest amount of time possible? Fact is, the overwhelming majority of guitar players want to increase their guitar speed, but have no idea which approach they should take to get the best results. Don't allow yourself to continue using ineffective speed building methods any longer! Watch this guitar speed exercises video, and I'll show you a highly effective strategy for quickly developing MASSIVE amounts of guitar speed.

Tom Hess Teaches Shred On GuitarHow To Shred On Guitar Like A Pro USA Flag
One of the biggest misconceptions you can have about playing great shred guitar licks is thinking that you must 'always' be playing as fast as possible. This mindset will only lead you to play uninspiring licks that sound more like 'exercises' than 'music'. Truth is, playing killer shred guitar phrases is a combination of speed AND creative guitar phrasing ability. Learn how to combine these two elements together by watching this video demonstration on the topic of playing killer shred guitar licks.

Tom Hess Shows How To Play Guitar Fast And CleanHow To Play Guitar Fast Without Sounding Sloppy USA Flag
In order to play at super fast guitar speeds AND avoid sounding sloppy, you need to understand two things: how to minimize unwanted string noise and keep both hands in perfect synchronization (the ability to fret and pick each note together at the exact same moment). Fortunately, this is much easier to do than you might think. Learn how to play fast by mastering two hand synchronization by watching this video about how to play guitar fast and clean.

How To Play Guitar A Lot FasterHow To Increase Guitar Speed By Reducing Picking Hand Movements USA Flag
If you want to play guitar fast, you will need to get rid of all the extra movements in your picking hand. This will require you to alter your current guitar picking technique to where every picking motion has a specific purpose (with no unnecessary movements). Once you are able to play guitar in this manner, you will start to see your guitar speed progress in a very short amount of time. Watch this video guitar lesson on how to increase guitar speed and see this demonstrated on the guitar.

Video About How To Shred On GuitarPlay Shred Guitar Better By Avoiding This Crucial Mistake USA Flag
Many guitar players want to be able to play shred guitar solos like the pros. Unfortunately, if you make the same mistake that these guitarists make, you will greatly limit your potential to accurately play fast guitar solos. One key to efficiently playing shred guitar is learning how to avoid excessive muscle tension or unnecessary motion. Watch this video guitar lesson on how to play shred guitar and I'll show you exactly how you can avoid these problems and learn to play guitar fast.

Tom Hess Teaches How To Play Guitar FasterGuitar Practice Approach For Learning How To Play Guitar Fast USA Flag
One of the most common ways guitar players practice for speed is by playing slowly and gradually speeding up over time. When you use this practice method exclusively, you are actually placing limits on yourself, and may never reach your guitar speed goals. A more effective approach involves integrating several guitar speed building methods into your guitar practice sessions. In this video guitar lesson on how to play guitar faster I will show you exactly how to do this.

Tom Hess Guitar Picking Technique LessonHow To Play Guitar Cleanly By Improving Your Guitar Picking Technique USA Flag
One of the biggest problems that most guitarists run into as they try to play guitar fast is sloppy noise that comes from the strings that are not being played.  Fortunately there is an effective way to practice guitar that will allow you to keep your guitar playing clean at any speed.  Watch this guitar picking technique video guitar lesson to avoid sloppy guitar playing and improve your speed picking.

Tom Hess Shows How To Easily Build Your Guitar SpeedHow To Tremolo Pick So Fast Your Strings Melt USA Flag
Do you think that, by simply moving your hands faster, you will be able to tremolo pick faster? If you do, you're dead wrong. I'll show you exactly what you need to be doing instead that will REALLY increase your tremolo picking speed. Using this method will allow you to feel effortless even while playing at extremely high speeds. Start using economy of motion and learn how to tremolo pick at breakneck speed in this guitar technique.

 Break Through Guitar Speed Barriers And Play FasterPlay Guitar Fast Without Making Mistakes USA Flag
Before you can play guitar fast without sacrificing accuracy, you must learn how to practice as effectively as possible. For example, you must train your brain to process notes at higher speeds and eliminate slow, sloppy movements in your hands. Learn more about playing fast without making mistakes by watching this guitar speed video.

 Double Your Guitar Speed How To Double Your Guitar Speed While Cutting Your Practice Time In Half USA Flag
Ever wonder why some guitarists seem to be able to increase their playing speed while practicing much less than you? It's not because they are much more talented and that you lack talent. To play with greater guitar speed while practicing less, you simply need to practice more efficiently. Learn how by taking this course about doubling your guitar speed.

 How To Play Guitar Fast Mini Course14 Day Mini Course How To Play Guitar Fast USA Flag
Learn the secrets of building guitar speed that most guitar players will never know about. Increasing your guitar speed is easier than you think if you understand exactly how to practice guitar to develop this skill. Find out how in this free mini course on how to play guitar fast.

How To Tremolo Pick Extremely Fast On GuitarHow To Tremolo Pick Fast On Guitar
Want to tremolo pick faster on guitar? Then STOP trying to "move your hands faster" - this will never work. I’ll show you the 4 steps you need to take to REALLY improve your tremolo technique so you can play lightning fast and make it feel super easy. Practice this exercise to greatly improve your tremolo picking.

Rock and Metal Guitar Licks

Rock and Metal Guitar Licks CourseYou can learn guitar licks anywhere, but what is extremely hard to find is a resource that will teach you both: new cool rock guitar licks AND ‘how to use them’ in any song! This course will walk you through the process of taking 20 awesome rock and metal guitar licks and applying each one to 10 (very different) backing tracks using a variety of keys, tempos, rhythms and contexts. This gives you 200 short, easy to understand guitar solo lessons and examples and you can begin to use these innovative ideas in your guitar playing right away. After studying this course you will be able to take any guitar lick you learn and immediately know how to use it in any context and make it fit the song perfectly! This is the exact skill that your favorite guitar players have mastered and now you can do the same and forever change the way you approach soloing on guitar. No matter if you are an intermediate or advanced guitarist, you will greatly benefit from studying this one-of-a-kind course.

Master Guitar Soloing Now

Master Guitar Soloing CourseThe Master Guitar Soloing Now Course is a revolutionary guitar course to help you literally transform any guitar lick you already know into an amazing super awesome guitar lick! If you really analyze your favorite guitar players, you will discover that almost everything they play is derived from basic ideas. In other words, even if it 'sounds' complicated or advanced, the fundamental ideas they are using are typically simple. Your favorite guitar players simply 'embellish' those basic ideas by using a set of elements that anyone (including you) can also learn to use - and use very well. This amazing course on how to improve your guitar soloing will give you basic ideas to start with and then take you through a process where you will see, hear and experience how to transform the basic lick into an awesome guitar lick! You'll see each basic idea go through 4 evolutionary stages. This will help you to clearly understand what you can do with every lick you already know to transform each of them into super cool amazing licks too.

Guitar Playing Photo

Online Guitar Lessons

Become the guitarist you want to be with the most effective, goal oriented, results driven guitar lessons online. Here is how it works: you tell me about yourself, your musical goals, skills, knowledge, style and your current guitar playing frustrations & challenges, and I will custom design the most effective lessons specifically for you. This will help you reach your goals fast. I will closely monitor your progress, give you my expert feedback on your guitar playing and provide you with lots of personal support to enable you to get the results you want in your guitar playing.

The Guitar Playing Accelerator

The Guitar Playing Accelerator

The most powerful invention for improving your guitar playing since the existence of guitar lessons... The Guitar Playing Accelerator ensures you get better faster... EVERY SINGLE TIME you practice your guitar. The one crucial element missing in your guitar practice that would guarantee you make bigger, broader and faster improvements as a guitar player is comprehensive tracking, monitoring and analysis of your guitar playing and practice. This key element ensures you make the big improvements you could be (and SHOULD be) making daily. Tracking all the important elements that make up your guitar playing skills is a proven method to make you more motivated, excited, encouraged and confident than other guitar players to continue to learn, improve and master your guitar playing. This is the only tool in the world that does this for you.

Guitar Practice Generator

Practice Generator

Practicing guitar but still not getting anywhere? What you need is a way to create personalized guitar practice schedules that will consistently, automatically and accurately take into account your current skill level and knowledge for each item you need to practice while ensuring that your practice schedules will always be personalized to you, your skills and your knowledge. This is critically important in order for you to get the most from your practicing. You also need a way for your practice schedules to ‘evolve’ as your guitar playing evolves so that they remain relevant and highly effective in helping you make progress every step of the way as you reach your musical goals. The Practice Generator gives you all of the above, while also providing you with a way to keep yourself accountable as you work through your practice schedules (plus a lot more). Your guitar playing will go through the roof when you FINALLY start following the practice schedules that help you maximize the results you get from every minute of practice time.


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