Learn How To Play 7 Cool Neoclassical Guitar Licks

Want to play creative neoclassical guitar licks to make your solos sound amazing?

There is one fun and easy way to do it.

What is it?

Use neoclassical licks as a source for learning how to phrase more creatively.

The hard part is finding a collection of cool licks that show you the nuances for how they are made and what makes them sound so good.

Good news:

All the work is already done for you - just check out the video below to get 7 free neoclassical guitar licks to improve your soloing right away:

Click on the video to begin watching it.


Use these tips to get better at playing the neoclassical guitar licks you learned in the video

Tip #1: Power Pick The 1st Note On The String The First Time You Play It

Picking the initial note on a string with extra power is a strong tool for always keeping your hands in sync.

This makes playing guitar with a lot of speed feel a lot less challenging and easier as time goes on.

Advantages of using this practice method:

- Stressing the initial note on each string makes it easy for your hands to stay in synchronization.

- Accenting the first note resets your 2-hand synchronization and helps you to play clean and fast in order to minimize the aggravation of making errors during the learning process.

- You develop your ability to play notes accurately and with excellent quality.

- You can focus on developing a single note, one note at a time, in order to play fast guitar licks that sound amazing in less time than it takes others.

Tip #2: Accent Notes In A Certain Rhythm On An Open String

You cause yourself to focus more thoroughly by using a heavy pick attack to accentuate notes in a certain time or rhythm.

As an example:

Try persistently picking an open string by picking in a four note pattern (4 beats per measure) where the first beat is always accentuated with stronger power.

Use this idea at slow and fast speeds.

This causes you to think more thoroughly about how you play each note.

Work on this with more complex rhythms and faster tempos to raise the challenge.

For example, emphasize the first beat in 7/4 time, 7/16 time or 11/8 time.

Keep in mind: A neat feature of playing in 7/8 is that the pick stroke of the accent rotates every single measure.

This pushes you to play with stronger focus, resulting in higher quality technique.

This is additionally a terrific style of exercise for cultivating more articulate and sturdy tremolo picking technique.

Give it a try by tremolo picking any notes from one of the neoclassical guitar licks you learned in brief bursts of 2-4 notes at a time, with a brief moment of rest in between each repetition. Then accentuate various notes and move forward to use more notes in the pattern.

Tip #3: Emphasize Individual Notes Within The Licks

Another approach is to start using a strong picking attack to accent one or more notes in a guitar lick.

This is a good method to make sure that this single note is played without mistakes - and if it's not, to help you find the mistake that must be fixed for you to do so.

Break apart a lick into small portions and alter the note that is accentuated to shift your attention from one note to another.

Furthermore, this can apply to many other guitar techniques, such as playing single string scale shapes (outstanding for developing synchronization between your hands).

This method can also be used with accents in a particular rhythm to seriously increase your potential to focus to another dimension!

The more you practice with this degree of focus, the easier it becomes to hear notes at rapid speeds and play guitar fast without any hassle.


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