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Does this sound familiar to you?...

Sometimes when you practice guitar, it feels like you aren’t playing any faster than you were the day before… or the day before that… or the day before that, last week or even last month!

When you play guitar as fast as you can, it sounds inaccurate, out of sync and just plain sloppy!

You wonder why other guitar players seem to increase and improve their guitar speed faster than you can even though you practice as much as they do!

When you try to play guitar fast, you are not able to consistently play perfectly, cleanly and accurately… so you can’t ever be sure if the next time you play really fast, you will play it perfectly or not

.… I know exactly how you feel! Lots of guitar players have felt this way, but what I’ve found is, there are solutions to all of these problems and frustrations that will not only solve your frustrations but will also enable you to massively increase your guitar speed and help you to practice less than you are likely practicing already.

Most people think they need to practice more in order to play guitar fast, but the truth is that’s not how it works. What you need to do is practice the right things, at the right time, in the right order and in the right ways. IF you get any of this wrong, your progress will be slow… but when you get each of these areas right, then your guitar playing will improve fast!

… But playing guitar fast is not good enough and is not what you really want!
Sure, playing guitar fast is very fun, but what you really want is this:

  • You want to play guitar fast, but also, 
  • You want to play cleanly at high speeds (without buzzing, string noise, etc.) 
  • You want to play flawlessly
  • You want to be able to play great consistently (that means you want to play great EVERY TIME you play something, not only “sometimes”).
  • You also want to be able to integrate your guitar speed fluently from one lick or technique to another… seamlessly and effortlessly…
  • You want to play guitar fast in real music so you can actually USE all of your new guitar speed in real music… not just exercises,
  • And finally, you want to play with total confidence, accuracy and conviction when playing in front of an audience of listeners.


You are about to learn how to do everything above, plus you are also going to:


  • Learn how to stop doing the four little things that are currently KILLING your ability to increase your guitar speed!
  • How setting micro goals for each practice session will make your guitar practice time more productive so you can improve faster.
  • How to warm up properly so that your hands are correctly and fully prepared to improve their speed, accuracy and consistency.
  • How to focus on exactly the right things during your guitar practice time in order to improve your speed more easily.
  • Why typically 75% of your practice time is not directly helping you to improve your guitar playing.
  • How a special focus rotation sequence ensures you get more benefit from your time while you are practicing.
  • How improving 5 areas of your guitar technique by only 15% each WILL DOUBLE YOUR GUITAR SPEED!
  • How to practice to improve your consistency and accuracy when playing guitar fast.
  • Why the order that you learn and practice things makes a big difference in how fast or slow your guitar playing will improve.
  • The final (and perhaps most important) step to ensuring your rapid improvement as a guitar player.


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