Video: Learn A Powerful Guitar Speed Practice Method That Gets Quick Results

Struggling to practice guitar speed in a way that helps you play faster and make less mistakes?

You're in the right place!

Many guitarists practice guitar speed in the same way:

They slow down and gradually increase the tempo on their metronome over time.

Problem is, this doesn't work very well and becomes frustrating.

Fortunately, you can start playing any lick at your fastest guitar speed - you just need to use the simple and powerful method described in this video:

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Here are a few more ways to practice guitar speed to get faster in less time:

Guitar Speed Practice Tip #1: Use Efficient Movement In Your Picking Technique

Having inefficient picking technique is a massive barrier to picking with fast and consistent speed.

I recommend to use directional picking to pick as efficiently as possible.

This means:

  1. Use alternate picking whenever you are only playing on a single string.
  2. When you switch strings, use a pickstroke that moves in the direction of the string change.

    Example: When you move to a thinner string, use a downstroke. Moving to a thicker string? Use an upstroke.

This rule applies regardless of what pick stroke you used before.

This makes your picking more efficient and helps you build more guitar speed in less time.

Guitar Speed Practice Tip #2: Use Thumb Muting To Mute Your Mistakes

This is more effective than palm muting when it comes to eliminating sloppy strings noise and noise from unplayed strings.

How do you use thumb muting?

Simply rest your picking hand’s thumb on the thicker strings below the one you are playing. This keeps them from ringing out.

Then use the side of your index finger on your fretting hand to mute strings above the one you are on.

Guitar Speed Practice Tip #3: Practice On Clean Settings Sometimes

Playing guitar on clean settings challenges you to keep both hands in perfect sync.

Playing with distortion makes it easier to play a little out of sync making your mistakes less obvious in this way (although it makes string noise-based mistakes easier to hear).

Don't play too often on clean settings if your style typically uses distortion - but use this approach strategically to keep your hands in better sync so you can play cleaner and more accurately.

Now you have enough information to play guitar fast and clean today.

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