How To Play Guitar Fast And Increase Guitar Speed In Both Hands

Most guitar players make very big mistakes when trying to play guitar fast that hold them back from increasing their guitar speed. The secret to increasing your guitar speed, lies in paying close attention to the way both your picking and fretting hands function when playing guitar. Once you develop and apply an effective guitar practice strategy for both hands, playing guitar fast will become a lot easier.

So what are the best ways to gain speed in both hands you ask? Well, I'll tell you (and show you in the video below). In the picking hand you need to make your motions more effective WITHOUT sacrificing 'power' when you pick each note. In the fretting hand, you need to train use an optimal amount of tension. When you can combine these two unique approaches together, your guitar speed will start to increase. Watch the video below to see a detailed explanation and learn EXACTLY how to use these ideas in your own guitar playing right now.

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