Learn 7 Legato Guitar Technique Secrets For Fast & Smooth Speed

Looking for legato guitar technique secrets to help you play fast and smooth licks that impress anyone listening?

Don't waste time strengthening your fretting hand fingers.

This is not how you build speed with legato.

There are many key concepts that help you play legato guitar licks as fast as you want.

Learn them and master them by watching this legato guitar video demonstration:

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Want to get the most out of your legato guitar technique?

Becoming an excellent guitarist who achieves greatness requires the mastery of various key skills - This applies whether you are using legato guitar technique or any other technique.

These 4 skills are mandatory for lead guitar players who want to play better solos and licks:

Fretboard Visualization

Mastering this skill helps you effortlessly play licks and solos across the neck.

Fretboard visualization means having an understanding of the note names for every fret AND being able to see any chord/arpeggio/scale pattern in any position across the neck.

Without this skill, you easily become lost during solos or improvisation.

This restricts you to only playing in a few positions of the fretboard because you don't know how to connect different scales together.

This harms your overall phrasing and makes your soloing less expressive.

Expressive Guitar Phrasing

Getting good at guitar phrasing makes expressing yourself easy to do with legato guitar technique or any technique.

Many guitar players spend hundreds of hours improving their speed, technique and scale knowledge but never work on the skill of making each note sound expressive (also known as phrasing).

It’s very difficult to play great licks and solos of your own when you don’t have excellent phrasing skills.

Aural Skills

Mastering aural skills helps you to hear notes in your head before you even fret them - this is crucial for playing guitar solos with legato technique that flows from phrase to phrase.

Without good aural skills, you have to guess what the next note will sound without knowing what you are playing next - this makes playing great guitar solos nearly impossible.

Not only that, but it increases the chances you’ll play a wrong note or make a mistake.

Train your aural skills at least a little each day.

One simple way to do it:

Slowly play the first 4 notes of any scale, then sing the 5th note before you play it. Look for many different ways to practice this by focusing on different notes of the scale.

#4. Music Theory Application

Mastering the application of music theory helps you to become expressive with all the musical skills you have developed.

Becoming a great guitar player requires total control over the emotional expression of your music.

Whenever you learn new music theory concepts, immediately seek ways to apply and integrate what you learned with your musical skills. The better you get at this, the faster you become a great overall musician.

One of the best ways to get better at using your guitar skills to express yourself is to work with a guitar teacher. Here are some of the results my students got:



You also get better in all areas of your playing faster by tracking and measuring your progress each week. My students have done this using a tool I designed especially for this:



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