Use This Guitar Speed Video Lesson To Find Out How To Play Shred Guitar Like A Pro

Although many players want to know how to play shred guitar, most do not know how to do so in an effective manner. If you are trying to gain guitar speed, it's likely that you have come to a point where your progress has drastically slowed down. Being able to play shred guitar at a high level requires that you first understand the problems you have, and then work to fix these issues in your playing as soon as possible.

One common guitar technique mistake that holds many guitarists back from gaining speed is leaving their fretting hand index finger pressing down on the string during single string guitar licks while other fingers are attempting to play on the same string. The problem with this is that it trains your muscle memory in such a way that it will be harder for your index finger to efficiently lift up to change strings when needed. Watch the video guitar speed lesson below where I demonstrate how you can avoid this and learn how to play shred guitar with less difficulty.

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