Take Your Guitar Picking Technique To The Next Level With This Video On Guitar Speed Picking

Do you want to know how you can play guitar faster and more clean? Solid guitar picking technique is the foundation needed for any guitar player who wants to play with speed. However, to play with both speed AND accuracy it is essential that you learn how to efficiently minimize any unwanted string noise on the guitar.

One of the biggest problems you will face in your speed picking on guitar is that you may not know how to stop excess string noise from ringing out. The solution to this problem is actually very simple, though not very well known. In order to stop excess noise, you must use the thumb on your picking hand to mute any strings below the one you are playing. See EXACTLY how to use this thumb muting technique to improve your own guitar speed picking in the video below.

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Playing with fast and clean technique feels great, but there's nothing like playing fast, clean licks that sound musical and expressive. Learn how to do it with online electric guitar lessons.

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