If you watched the video above, then you already know that you DEFINITELY want to attend HESSFEST… How do I know that? I know because EVERYONE wants to come to HESSFEST, and everyone who has ever been to HESSFEST loves it – and you will too.

HESSFEST – A 4-Day/4-Night Guitar & Music Event Jam Packed With The Best Master Classes, Seminars, Lessons, Jamming, Performances, And Hanging Out With More Than 100 Other Musicians Just Like You Who Have Traveled From All Over The Planet To Be There

Have you ever had a time in your life when all you did was learn super exclusive knowledge and insider secrets about music & guitar from the world's leading guitar teacher?

4 Days and 4 Nights of nonstop music learning, guitar playing, jamming, master classes, lessons, seminars, performances, hanging out, having fun day and night. There is only one event on Earth where you can be, do and have all of that: HESSFEST.

Here Is Why You Are Going To Love HESSFEST

  • You Experience The Latest And Greatest Master Classes and Seminars Every Day – These innovative, exclusive and powerful master classes are filled with strategies, tactics and insights you will not find anywhere else. Here is a sample of what you will learn & experience in order to transform your musicianship:

    Master Class 1: How To Create The Most Amazing Musical Moments When Soloing, Improvising & Songwriting: We've all been there… we are constantly in search for the most perfect note to play or compose… sometimes even when we try them all, we still don't find that perfect note… that perfect moment… that perfect emotion. Why not? The answer is, the perfect note is often not something to be 'found'. It's something that you have to create (hint: it's not about the note itself, it's about what happens before the note is heard that matters most). The good news is, creating it is usually simple and easy. The problem is, you are doing the exact opposite of what you need to do to create it most of the time. In this master class, you'll know exactly what to do, why it works, how it works and how to use this secret for the rest of your musical life!

    Master Class 2: Super Cool Advanced Songwriting Techniques Made EASY To Understand, Master And Apply To Your Own Songwriting: You're going to learn great songwriting approaches, strategies, methods and tricks that will work to make your songwriting better, easier and faster. These are very advanced concepts that I will break down and make simple to understand and use right away even if you are not an experienced songwriter. Your songwriting is going to improve quickly and become a lot more fun!

    Master Class 3: Very Special Guest #1 Master Class 1

    Master Class 4: Very Special Guest #1 Master Class 2

    Master Class 5: Very Special Guest #2 Master Class 1

    Master Class 6: Very Special Guest #2 Master Class 2

    Master Class 7: Very Special Guest #3 Master Class 1

    Master Class 8: Very Special Guest #4 Master Class 1 

  • You Get High Impact, One-On-One Lessons With Me. You may have one (or more if time permits) 1-1 guitar/music lesson with me on the guitar/musicianship topic of your choice.
  • In Addition To One-On-One Lessons With Me, You Now Also Can Choose To Have One-On-One Lessons With FOUR Other World Class Guitar Teaching Masters. All these personal guitar lessons alone are worth much more than the entire ticket price for the entire event!
  • You Will Meet & Spend Time With Some Of The Most Passionate Musicians And Students From Literally All Over The World. If you have never been to one of my live events before, then you don’t know how valuable, fun and life changing this will be for you… if you have been to one of my live events before, then you already know exactly what I’m talking about and you know how massively life changing this has been for you already!
  • You Learn From & Jam With Other Cool Musicians Who Are As Serious, Dedicated And Passionate About Music As You Are… and the best part is, they are all very cool people who are easy to talk to, are very open, welcoming and approachable – so even if you are a shy person, you’ll feel comfortable right away
  • You Will Have Opportunities To Perform your own songs or solos, jam over backing tracks or with another player/friend attending HESSFEST. Most importantly, you will get immediate, direct and constructive feedback on your playing/improvising. Performing is optional, but strongly encouraged.
  • Like all my events, You WILL Leave HESSFEST A Better Musician Compared To When You Arrive!
  • Elite Guitar Teachers Mastermind Sessions: If you're an active platinum member of the Elite Guitar Teachers inner Circle, you now have access to mastermind sessions during the evenings of HESSFEST! 
  • Massive Amounts Of Fun! People come back every year... because it's so fun!
  • Great Resort Hotel Environment At Affordable Rates: In addition to all the master classes, 1-1 lessons, performances, jamming and other music fun, you will be staying at a great (but not expensive thanks to our low special group discount rate!) resort hotel with large lounge areas, 5 restaurants, 3 bars, 2 swimming pools, hot tub, 18-hole golf course, comedy club and big stage theater where our main events will be held and where you can perform on this awesome real stage! Plus, free local bus shuttles to area shopping and of course lots and lots of music fun with cool people!
  • Special Surprise Lecture By Tom Hess: for many of you, this will be the highlight of the entire event! :) 

Look How Far People Travel To Come To HESSFEST!

Canada Mexico England Ireland Germany
Holland Belgium Sweden Norway Finland
Denmark Poland Russia Malta Italy
France Estonia Greece Slovenia Croatia
Austria Switzerland Spain Lebanon Israel
South Africa New Zealand Australia South Korea India
Singapore Czech Republic Argentina Japan Syria
ChinaMalaysia UkraineUnited States  

Tom Hess Teaching Guitar To A StudentTom Hess Students At HessfestHESSFEST Event Group PictureTom Hess Teaching A Guitar Student Tom Hess Students At HESSFESTHESSFEST Students Enjoying The Event
HESSFEST Students Jamming TogetherHESSFEST event guitar student jamTom Hess Teaching Byron Marks At HESSFESTHESSFEST Event Group PhotoHESSFEST Guitar JamTom Hess Playing Guitar With Student At HESSFEST

Student Jam At HESSFESTTom Hess At HESSFESTHESSFEST Event AttendeesHESSFEST Event Attendee JamHESSFEST Event Photo With Tom Hess And StudentHESSFEST Event Student Photo
HESSFEST Event Student Jam SessionTom Hess And George BellasHESSFEST Group PhotoTom Hess Helps A Guitar StudentHESSFEST Student Jam PhotoTom Hess Teaching Guitar To Mark Court

August 18-21, 2016
in St. Charles, Illinois

Tickets are limited and HESSFEST sells out fast every year. 2016 will be no different. Get your ticket before someone else gets your ticket!

You Also Get This Very Special FREE Bonus:

HESSFEST Ticket For One Free AdmissionBig Bonus Gift #1: FREE HESSFEST Ticket For Your Friend* To Attend HESSFEST With You – The event will be even more fun when you bring a friend. Plus, YOU will be the BIG HERO in your friend’s mind when he/she has an amazing musical and life-changing experience at HESSFEST! *You can give your free ticket to any friend you want over the age of 18 who is also not a current or former client/student of mine.

Want an even more intense guitar learning and mastering experience? Now you can fill virtually every waking hour of your time here by adding 4 hours of essential guitar training.

A Lifetime Of Limitation, Frustration and Damage To Your Guitar Playing...
Gone In Just Three Days:

Fretboard Domination Coaching

August 19-21, 2016
in St. Charles, Illinois USA
(You will attend this event in the morning (8:00 am - 12:00 pm)
before HESSFEST begins at 1:00 pm)

Read the full details about the Fretboard Domination Coaching Here


How much are people paying to attend my other live events? Two years ago, I offered my Total Guitar Mastery Training Event for $1,997… it sold out in 3 minutes! Then I added a second event for the same price… it sold out in 22 minutes! People came from 5 continents to attend those events. Last year I offered my Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training event for $1,997… it sold out in 4 minutes… On November 5, 2013 I offered Total Guitar Mastery Training Event for $1,997 again and it sold out in 4 minutes… we also offered a $2,997 Ultra package which sold out in 93 seconds (yes, ‘seconds’, not minutes)!

So now you're probably wondering how much you will invest to attend HESSFEST (which includes the great bonus item mentioned earlier).... The truth is, I should really charge at least the same as my other live events, because although HESSFEST is a different type of event, it’s massive value and life-changing experience it gives is undeniable (as you saw for yourself in the video at the top of this page). The coolest part is, you won’t pay $1997. In fact, you won’t even pay half that price ($997). How does ¼ ($497) sound? :)

Here is what I want you to do now:

  1. Scroll down.
  2. Click on the orange button that says: “Add To Cart”
  3. Then, on the next page, follow the very simple instructions (it’s very easy and fast to do)

Do it right now.

Once that is done, I’ll show you exactly how to book your hotel room (at our special low $94 discount rate) and then book your airplane tickets (you will get easy step-by-step instructions once your payment is processed).

Yes! Tom, I want access to this now.




August 18-21, 2016
St. Charles, Illinois



Plus I also want:


Big Bonus Gift: 1 FREE HESSFEST Ticket For A Friend

Sold Out in 14 Minutes!

Sorry, You Are Too Late. This Event Is Sold Out!!!!! To not miss out on other events too, send an email to
 hess@tomhess.net to receive information about other live events.


Yes! Tom, I want to get in.
Please enroll me in your upcoming:

HESSFEST 2016 (August 18-21, 2016)
Fretboard Domination Coaching (August 19-21, 2016)

St. Charles, Illinois

$997 (3-month and 6-months payment plans are available)

Plus I also want:

Big Bonus Gift #1: 1 FREE HESSFEST Ticket For A Friend (value: $497)

Big Bonus Gift #2: 1 FREE Fretboard Domination Coaching Ticket For A Friend (value: $497)

Big Bonus Gift #3: The Learn Guitar While You Sleep Video Series

Sold Out in 11 Minutes!

Sorry, You Are Too Late. This Event Is Sold Out!!!!! To not miss out on other events too, send an email to
 hess@tomhess.net to receive information about other live events.


Tom Hess

Tom Hess

PS: Don’t be intimidated! If you are feeling intimidated or afraid to attend this event, please don’t be afraid. Let me explain why: Although there are many truly amazing guitar players & other musicians who come to this event every year, there are also many other players who are not advanced guitar players yet. They were afraid too the first time they attended HESSFEST, but once they got here, they immediately felt relaxed, comfortable and realize that everyone is here to help you… NOT to compete with you, not to judge you and not to try to be ‘better’ than you. I hear new people say what they fear most is being 'the worst musician in the room' or 'too old' or 'too young' or 'too stupid' or 'into the wrong style' or 'afraid of this' or 'afraid of that'. Here’s my advice to you if you feel this way:


Let’s deal with all the irrational fears that people in the past have had about coming to this event so that we can eliminate them once and for all... right here and right now.

List of irrational fears:

  • Fear of being the worst guitar player in the room.
  • Fear of not being ready for an event like this.
  • Fear of not being 'qualified' to be here
  • Fear of other people hearing you play poorly.
  • Fear of people at the event judging you as a musician (or as a person).
  • Fear of me (Tom Hess) thinking you are not as good of a musician as you want me to think you are.

 .... the list is endless.

If you feel this way now or in the future, STOP it!

NOBODY cares who the best or worst player in the room is.
NOBODY is going to judge you one way or the other.
NOBODY cares how well you play guitar when you come to the event.

... We ONLY care about one thing and one thing only… MAKING YOU A MASSIVELY BETTER GUITAR PLAYER than you are right now! This is the only thing we focus on… (plus we focus on having a LOT of fun in the process!)

We are with you, we support you and we all understand what I feels like to be afraid sometimes or insecure about our playing. You will definitely not be alone in this.

So don’t let fear get in your way. This event WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE in more ways than you can probably imagine right now reading this!

PPS: We KNOW your story! When you are at home, nobody else really is like you. Nobody else around your home city thinks and feels like you do. You are special. You are the only one that you know who is as passionate about music as you are... You often feel isolated where you live... you feel like an island... you feel that others (even other musicians) around you simply cannot understand you, relate to you or think and feel like you do. You often ask yourself, "am I the only person in this world who thinks, feels and believes the way I do?" It's a lonely feeling... I know... I've felt this in the past too for many years, just as you do now.

Right now you know that you WANT to come to this event, but are not sure if you have the courage to actually do it. It can be a little scary to travel around the world to a place you've never been to - surrounded by people you've never actually met.

Next, you arrive at the hotel and you feel strange, awkward and nervous... you don't know what to expect, what to say, what to do or how to act... maybe you feel afraid and wonder if you made the right decision to really come to this event...

Then the events begin, all of your negative feelings and thoughts begin to melt away. You realize quickly that everyone else here is JUST LIKE YOU! You realize that EVERYONE in the room is ultra special. They are NOTHING like the musicians/people you know back in your city. You realize that these events are a collection of all the 'people like you' in the world who all traveled to the same place, at the same time, to do the same things... and it feels AMAZING... almost 'unreal'.

And then the best part comes... you begin to realize that everyone else feels the same way about YOU as you feel towards them!!!

You realize that other special people value you. They feel good simply talking to you... they want to be around you. They want to spend time with you… why? Because they see that you understand them, can relate to them, are as passionate about music as they are… and that is just as rare in their hometown as it is in yours.

You leave the event knowing you have just spent the last several days with the people you've wanted to surround yourself with your whole life but could never find them in your hometown... and you know in your mind, your heart and in your bones that they feel exactly the same way about YOU!!!!!

Trust me... if you don't think you are 'special', it doesn't matter... Why? Because everyone else here at these events DOES think (and know) that you are special to them... and you'll feel that in a very big way... because it's REAL.

When we say this is life changing... it truly is, on so many levels.

PPPS: This Event SELLS OUT Fast Every Year, and the chance of this event selling out again this year is 100%. Registration for this event opens on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 at 9:00 am Central Standard Time (Chicago time). Our last music event sold out in just 4 minutes!


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