Every Guitar Player Is Unique... Do You Really Know What Works Best For YOU To Accelerate Your Progress On Guitar?

Probably not... why? Well, you have no hard PROOF of what really works for you and what doesn’t work at all when trying to learn and practice guitar... and because of this you end up spinning your wheels and wasting a lot of time feeling frustrated – at least sometimes. 

When you practice guitar, you often seem to make zero progress (or tiny improvements so small that you cannot even see, hear or measure them without a microscope!).

There are underlying elements missing from your current guitar practice which hurt your progress that you are likely not even aware of.

It becomes frustrating, discouraging and demotivating when your progress as a guitar player is slow and just feels like it’s taking forever to get better at guitar.

The worst part is, you may sometimes feel like you'll never make it anyway, like you just don't have what it takes to play guitar the way you’ve always dreamed of...

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If it has, I know how you feel. A lot of guitar players have felt this way, but what I’ve found is: there exists a solution for every one of the problems above... the key is to make a change right now - because if you do what you've always done, you will only continue to get what you've always got.

How To Guarantee You Get Better Faster... EVERY SINGLE TIME You Practice Your Guitar

The one crucial element missing in your guitar practice that would guarantee you make bigger, broader and faster improvements as a guitar player is comprehensive tracking, monitoring and analysis of your guitar playing and practice. This key element ensures you make the big improvements you could be (and SHOULD be) making daily. Keep reading, I’m going to explain this in detail...

My Secret Weapon To Getting My Guitar Students To Improve Faster Than Other Guitar Players

If you know anything about me, then you know I have an unparalleled proven track record of consistently transforming ordinary people into great guitar players...

Key to guitar playing successOne key reason for this success is I make them track every aspect of their guitar skills, practice, playing and musicianship so that they know EXACTLY what is working, how fast it’s working for them, how much they are improving at every stage of their development and in every single category of their playing... the added benefit to all this is that they are more motivated, excited, encouraged and confident than ever to continue to learn, improve and master their guitar playing.

But here is the most important part... you need to consistently track EVERYTHING, not simply “how much you practice”, “what you practice” or “how fast you can play something”.

Those who track everything have ALWAYS seen a significant improvement in how fast they got better at guitar... and so will you, no matter who you are, or what your current skill level is.

Some outside people don't believe this even when the overwhelming proof is presented to them. : )

They say things like, "Tracking your guitar playing does not make one play better... only practicing more does".

They don't get it that the act of tracking does make one a better guitar player.

Truth is, it should be completely obvious. Think about how much is tracked in the development of race cars or airplanes to get the absolute maximum horsepower, efficiency, effectiveness, aero-dynamics, handling/maneuverability, optimum tire pressure, oil pressure, etc.

It’s the exact same objection when you tell them this: “People who have WRITTEN goals achieve more than those who don't” or “Those who write their daily schedule for the next day get more done than those who don’t”.

Some people think that "writing stuff down" does not equal “more things get done” - and of course those people are the ones who are underachievers. 

... If that's you, I offer no apologies. Only sympathy.


Now you know that tracking is so critically important. However, to get the big results you want, you need to track everything (hundreds of specific elements of your guitar playing & musical skills), tracking just a handful of things is not enough...

Problem is, how to do this? I can tell you from personal experience that it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to do this alone (I know, I’ve done it this way in the past and it sucks!).

So, for the last 6 and ½ years, my team and I have invented something that you use to track it all, organize it all, analyze it all and combine it all to give you both the big picture of exactly where you are at AND all the specific details of every little piece, skill and knowledge you have about guitar playing, music theory, etc.

This is by far the biggest thing we’ve ever done... and we’ve done it for you!

The Most Powerful Invention For Improving Your Guitar Playing Since The Existence Of Guitar Lessons... The Guitar Playing Accelerator

The Guitar Playing Accelerator by Tom Hess
What The Heck Is The Guitar Playing Accelerator, And More Importantly, What Will It Do For Me? – Here’s Just A Sample Of What You’re Getting:

  • The first, best and only guitar playing improvement tool in the world that advances your guitar playing by:
    • Testing your exact current knowledge & skills every week,
    • Tracking your improvement every week,
    • Analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, growth and improvement/progress forever (as long as you use the tool)

    ... so that you always know exactly, specifically and clearly what is truly working for you, what is not and illuminates for you exactly what you need to work on next.

  • Hard PROOF of what gives you the best, fastest and easiest-to-achieve guitar/music improvement so you can focus more on those things and stop wasting time practicing anything that isn’t really helping you.
  • Weekly tracking of all major areas of your lead guitar technique and skills so that you maximize your performance, practicing and improvement. Tracking areas include:
    • Your weekly maximum guitar speeds throughout various lead guitar techniques so that you always know exactly where you are improving, by how much and what areas may need more (or less) attention to improve faster for the following week.
    • Your 2 hand synchronization (the coordination of both hands working perfectly, seamlessly and fluently together), one of the crucial elements to increasing your guitar playing potential. Tracking this weekly enables you to really see your exact & constant improvement that will keep you motivated.
    • Your picking hand articulation (the power, consistency, stability and conviction of your pick attack), another important aspect of making your lead guitar playing sound better while at the same time further increasing your skill & confidence levels.
    • The cleanliness of your playing (how perfectly clean your guitar playing sounds without any unwanted string noise when playing at high speeds). Tracking the differences between your maximum speeds and your ability to play everything perfectly clean is critically important. Your goal is to narrow the gap between these two to about a 1% - 4% difference. Tracking this every week will help you to do this.
    • Your speed of accurate playing (which is different from playing cleanly... did you know that?). As you track the continuous improvement of your accuracy, you will also see all other areas of your lead guitar playing improve, increase and expand – making your practicing and your playing a lot more fun!
    • Your ability to seamlessly, effortlessly and fluently integrate all of your lead guitar techniques together in real time. This is the quintessential skill of guitar playing greatness... and you will track your improvement each week as your guitar playing continues to advance.
  • Become aware of the missing underlying elements that hurt your guitar playing progress so that you can fill the holes in your guitar skills and knowledge.
  • The elimination of “little or zero progress” when you practice guitar, so you stop feeling like you are spinning your wheels.
  • Weekly and monthly tests of your music theory knowledge – not just superficial, surface level or boring music theory tests, we’re talking about the good stuff, the deep level testing that shows you exactly what you REALLY know (not what you can figure out or search for on Google).
  • Understand exactly what you need to do next so that you not only “know” music theory, but can instantly, effortlessly and fluently use it in real life musical situations like pros do.
  • An accurate weekly assessment of your ‘real’ current fretboard knowledge that will enable you to get on the right track to finally learn & master your fretboard knowledge with scales, modes, and chords all over the guitar neck. That means deep KNOWING it and FAST recall so that when you need to recall them fast, you CAN!
  • You get a huge strategic advantage over other guitar players who have not yet heard about the Guitar Playing Accelerator.
  • You will never again feel like you're not going to become a great player or like you just don't have what it takes. Why not? Because you will again finally have the hard PROOF that you ARE progressing, improving, advancing and it will be clear to you that your potential is probably far greater than you ever thought possible.
  • With your accelerating musical skills, knowledge, motivation and confidence you can spend more time on creating (more) awesome music, expressing yourself, impressing your friends and building your own fan base.
  • This is not guitar lessons... it’s completely new, revolutionary and powerful (if you are looking for guitar lessons, check out Breakthrough Guitar Lessons).

Look at the huge difference in results between guitar players who track the key aspects of their guitar playing and those who don’t...

guitar playing progress bar graph

guitar playing progress bar graph

Guitar players who track their guitar skills & knowledge make an average of 72% MORE progress in the dozens of areas they track weekly compared to those who don’t. Improvements happen both on a deep level (improving greatly in a single area) and also on a wider level (improvements in dozens of areas, not just one or two)!

So you might be wondering, "How can the simple act of tracking the improvements of each area of my guitar playing skills make me a better guitar player faster?"

It's proven that tracking one's skills in sports, business and school enables you to optimize, maximize and strategize your learning, practicing, work and training. Tracking is just as powerful (if not more powerful) for musicians.

The Guitar Playing Accelerator - Sneak Preview

  Guitar Playing Accelerator Preview

Still have questions? Check these out:

“Can't I just figure this out on my own?”

1. You can’t
2. You won’t
3. You haven't

... And here is why for all 3 ...

Your first problem would be that you simply don’t know what to do, how to do it or even what all the tracking areas even are - it’s not your fault... it’s just a fact...

Next problem is, even if you have the ultra rare expertise to solve the first problem, you would have to spend YEARS developing this. It took us, a team of 7 people, 6 and ½ years to develop all the perfect tests, tracking devices, analysis and integration in order to make everything work perfectly... and we are the leading experts in the world at what we do.

The third problem is, even if you were somehow able to solve problems 1 & 2, you would have no time left to ever play your guitar!

Even if you could and would do this on your own, why would you want to? Wouldn’t you rather just take a short-cut and learn what has already been proven to work? Look, I’ve made every mistake you can make and have spent hundreds-of-thousands of dollars testing and tweaking the Guitar Playing Accelerator so that you don’t have to. But hey, if you want to spend your valuable time and hard-earned money trying to figure this out on your own, you certainly can.

“Will I really make more progress when I use the Guitar Playing Accelerator?”

Of course you will (when you actually use it). If your doctor prescribed you a pill that will:

  • Show how much more you are progressing,
  • Show you what’s working in your guitar practice,
  • Make clear what you need to work on next to keep improving,
  • Increase your excitement to practice & play guitar even more,
  • Encourage you to push yourself to greater skill levels,
  • Increase your level of confidence when you practice & play guitar,
  • Give you more motivation to do the things that lead to greater improvement,
  • ... and has a proven track record to get bigger results

... wouldn't you take it?... of course you would.

“How long do I have access to the Guitar Playing Accelerator?”

Forever... as long as you are paying member of the Guitar Playing Accelerator in good standing.

We are constantly expanding your Guitar Playing Accelerator, adding new features, functions, benefits and adding new tests, tracking areas and killer bonus items!

As we do this and release updated versions, the demand for access to the Guitar Playing Accelerator grows even greater and the price is going up... but not for you. You see, when you get it now, we will lock the lower price in so that you never pay more when the price goes up.

“Can I cancel at any time?”

Yes, of course. In that case, all you need to do is log into your account and cancel (it takes about 10 seconds)

You Also Get These Awesome Bonuses Once Per Month For Free To Maximize Your Results...

Plus, you get one of these amazing bonus items once per month:

The Good To Great Series - The secret sauce of how to move from being a good guitar player to being a great guitar player. These sessions are the best I've ever developed - the pinnacle of my guitar playing wisdom. Since 2006 people have been literally BEGGING to buy them but I did not and will not make them available for sale. (Value = $997.00)

Good to Great Session 1

Good to Great - Session 1 – Learn the REAL Elements of Musical Greatness and how to use each one to become a great guitar player. Then, discover why some people become great musicians, while others won’t (even if they have the exact same potential). You’re probably wondering, is it Nature or Nurture that transforms ordinary people into amazing musicians. The answer may surprise you (hint: it’s neither).

Good to Great Session 2

Good to Great - Session 2 – Discover the single most important thing you MUST do (but aren’t doing!) in order to become a truly great musician... This is the ULTIMATE MUSICAL SKILL... it’s called: Simultaneous Integration™. If you aren’t developing this skill, you will never become a great musician. .... Also, did you know that “good” players develop “Singular Application”, but GREAT players develop “Integrated Application”? Learn this secret and start using it immediately to advance your guitar playing like a rocket.

Good to Great Session 3

Good to Great - Session 3 – Did you know "what you think about" before and during your practice time will make all your practicing up to 300% more effective? You learn exactly what you need to think about and what not to be thinking about before and during your guitar practice to ensure you multiply the results you get from everything you ever practice! In addition, learn how to let the music inside you ‘flow out of you’ instead of trying to ‘get it out’. A subtle shift in the way you focus as you play opens the doors for creativity to naturally flow out of you.

Good to Great Session 4

Good to Great - Session 4 – Like Simultaneous Integration™, developing your Linear Integration™ is another major requirement you absolutely must learn in order to transform your playing from “good” to "GREAT”. I will train you to do this by using an innovative & proven guitar training strategy I’ve developed called: Lightning Rounds™

Good to Great Session 5

Good to Great - Session 5 – Get one of the greatest musical mastery tools ever and begin using it every single time you play music, practice music and write music. There is absolutely nothing greater for musicians than using this one secret tool. Mozart used it, Beethoven used it, Bach used it, Eddie Van Halen used it, Yngwie Malmsteen used it... Now it’s YOUR turn.

Guitar Soloing With Feel Video

Guitar Soloing With Feel Video - Make your guitar soloing drip with passion. Discover both the natural and hidden emotions of each chord and how to use those specific changing emotions in your soloing. This opens up the door to finding the exact emotions you want your guitar soloing to have. The best guitar players know and use this stuff, average ones don’t... but now YOU will. (Value = $47.00)

Video Master Class Upward Spiral Growth

Video Master Class - Upward Spiral Growth - Discover why you sometimes feel ‘insecure’ about your guitar playing and learn exactly what you can begin to do today to overcome it and make your playing sound great. Learn how to make your playing sound better without learning anything ‘new’ or acquiring new guitar techniques. In other words, how to take your existing level of playing and make it better with the skills you already have by making a small (but powerful) change in ‘what’ you practice. (Value = $197.00)

Exotic Soloing Over A Blues Progression Video

Exotic Soloing Over A Blues Progression Video - Learn how to totally transform any blues song into a grippingly cool, dark, exotic and ultra expressive solo that sounds nothing like blues, but is totally cool! Instantly impress friends and other musicians as you play things they likely haven’t ever heard before over a blues progression... provides hours and hours of fun! (Value = $27.00)

Guitar Soloing Hacks Guitar Soloing Hacks - Want a big short cut to improving your guitar solos, licks and phrases? Well, you can learn more advanced licks and spend a long time trying to master them... or I can show you easy ways to take all the guitar licks you already know and make variations on them that will make your licks sound cooler without a lot of effort. (Value = $27.00)

Video Master Class Self-Expression In Guitar Solos

Video Master Class - Self-Expression In Guitar Solos - Discover how & why great guitar solos have awesome climatic moments and how you can create better climaxes in your solos. Plus, learn how the ‘position' of the climax makes a big difference in how your listeners will feel the emotion of your solos. Then learn how to use the 7 elements of music to enhance each aspect of your solos' expression on your listeners. (Value = $197.00)

Video Master Class Music Perception

Video Master Class - Music PerceptionDiscover the powerful (but hidden) secrets that make people listen, really listen to some music (even if they don’t like it), and not really listen to other music (even if they DO like it)! Then learn what you can do in your music to FORCE people to pay attention to the creative and expressive details of YOUR music. (Value = $197.00)

Improvisation Master Class

Improvisation Master Class: Covering Mistakes Video - Even the best guitar players make mistakes when improvising, but almost nobody notices them... However, when most other guitar players make a mistake, everyone notices it. Discover how to make any little flaw in your guitar improvisations sound good (like the pros do) and not like an amateur. Learn how to instantly transform a mistake into something that sounds cool, natural and intentional. Learning this will help you sound like a pro... even if you’re not. (Value = $47.00)

Plus, you get the best part daily:

Guitar Playing Accelerator Bonus

You Get The One Big Thing That I Almost Didn’t Tell You On This Page... Why Did I Almost Not Tell You? Because It Probably Will Sound Unbelievable Or Too Good To Be True If I Do (Yes, It’s Really THAT Good)... I’m Talking About Something So Powerful, It Literally Changes Your Life (As It Has For Many Other Guitar Players)... Actually it has little to do with the Guitar Playing Accelerator and everything to do with some very special musicians you are going to meet online, connect with and probably become life-long friends with... all passionate, dedicated and motivated guitar players like yourself. Plus, you connect with me personally. (Value: Priceless)

The Good To Great Series
$997.00  FREE
Guitar Soloing With Feel Video $47.00  FREE
Video Master Class - Upward Spiral Growth $197.00  FREE
Exotic Soloing Over A Blues Progression Video $27.00  FREE
Guitar Soloing Hacks $27.00  FREE
Video Master Class - Self-Expression In Guitar Solos $197.00  FREE
Video Master Class - Music Perception $197.00  FREE
Improvisation Master Class: Covering Mistakes Video $47.00  FREE
The One Big Thing... (see above!) Priceless!  FREE


OK, so now it's up to you... You can make a huge positive change in your guitar playing life... Or you can do things the same way you've always done it - keep struggling, complaining and hoping that some day a miracle will change things for you.

You might be thinking that the world's most powerful invention for improving your guitar playing since the existence of guitar lessons must be very complicated to use. The Guitar Playing Accelerator is actually very simple to use because I'm going to give you easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to get you started right away.

You need it. You want it. You deserve it.

The time for talking is done. Here is what you need to do right now:
1. Scroll down.
2. Click on the orange button that says: “Add To Cart”
3. Then, on the next page, follow the very simple instructions (it’s fast and easy).

Do it right now.


Yes! Tom, I want everything listed on this page! I get:

The Guitar Playing Accelerator  

$37 monthly

(yes, you can cancel at any time,
it takes about 10 seconds to do)

Plus I also get:

Big Bonus Gift #1: Good to Great – Session 1

Big Bonus Gift #2: Good to Great – Session 2

Big Bonus Gift #3: Good to Great – Session 3

Big Bonus Gift #4: Good to Great – Session 4

Big Bonus Gift #5: Good to Great – Session 5

Big Bonus Gift #6: Guitar Soloing With Feel Video

Big Bonus Gift #7: Video Master Class - Upward Spiral Growth

Big Bonus Gift #8: Exotic Soloing Over A Blues Progression Video

Big Bonus Gift #9: Guitar Soloing Hacks

Big Bonus Gift #10: Video Master Class - Self-Expression In Guitar Solos

Big Bonus Gift #11: Video Master Class - Music Perception

Big Bonus Gift #12: Improvisation Master Class: Covering Mistakes Video

Big Bonus Gift #13: The One Big Thing...



P.S. Get the Guitar Playing Accelerator today before the price goes up. Listen, if you want your guitar skills to consistently accelerate, then you need this. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result... So do something different.

Tom Hess Music Corporation BBB Business ReviewGet started right now so you can become a better guitarist starting today. Click on the orange button above that says: “Add To Cart”

P.P.S. Fact: You can make a lot more improvement in your guitar playing with the Guitar Playing Accelerator than you can without it. Remember, guitar players who track their guitar skills & knowledge have made an average of 72% MORE progress in the dozens of areas they track weekly compared to those who don’t.

You get the world’s most powerful invention for improving your guitar playing since the existence of guitar lessons... (The Guitar Playing Accelerator). You also get all the high-value, in-demand bonus items listed above... the value of the bonuses ALONE is $1,736.00 plus one more big thing that is priceless! You’d be crazy not to jump all over this offer – especially considering that you are able to lock in the lowest price now before it goes up!

Click on the orange button above that says: “Add To Cart” - Do it right now!

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