Learn How To Play Fast Guitar Solos With Melody & Musical Expression

Love playing fast guitar solos but don't know how to make them sound musically expressive with great melody?

Playing fast guitar solos with melody isn't as hard as you might think.

Many times it's as simple as identifying just a couple of notes you want to play slowly, then using what you already know to play fast runs in between in order to build and release musical tension.

Sound simple?

It is...

...and it's a lot of fun too!

Watch this video to learn how to easily play fast guitar solos with melody that sounds great:

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Now that you have watched the video, you are ready to start adding melody to your fast guitar solos like never before!

Use these additional tips to refine your skills and play better guitar solos:

Play Fast Guitar Solos With Melody Bonus Tip #1: Train Yourself To Think Ahead

When you play guitar solos you want your phrases to flow smoothly from one to the next.

This is really difficult when you simply shred through tons of notes and hope it sounds good eventually.

Instead use this approach to train your musical ear so you can think ahead to what you are going to play next:

Play the first half of a 3-5 note guitar lick, then sing the next half of the phrase using only your voice.

Don't worry, you don't have to be a great singer, just do your best.

Next, try play the notes you sang using your guitar.

This helps you start to play guitar solos that are more melodic and expressive because you begin to know what you are going to play before you even play it (since you can hear it in your head).

Question: “What is another way to play guitar solos that sound interesting and melodic without tons of advanced technique?”

Answer: Whenever you repeat a musical idea, try to make it is expressive as possible using different techniques to create a sense of variety (rather than simply repeating the exact same lick over again).

For example, use techniques such as bends, sliding into some of the notes from above or below, trills/legato embellishment or vibrato to add variety. Doing this on a consistent basis helps you gradually become more and more expressive whenever you play guitar solos and keeps you from repeating the same ideas all the time.

Play Fast Guitar Solos With Melody Bonus Tip #2: Master Expressive Vibrato & String Bends

Mastering these techniques is critical for making any guitar solo sound more melodic and emotionally expressive.

The key is keeping your playing in tune with these techniques.

Practice just a few minutes each day by working on nothing but bending the strings from the original note up to the precise pitch you want to target.

This  helps you become more consistent and expressive with little effort.

Here is one way to effectively practice bending strings (for string bends or vibrato):

Play the pitch that you will be targeting by picking it. Then pick the string and bend up to that pitch from below.

Try to achieve the exact pitch so that you always reach the target whenever you bend without even thinking about it.

Over time, this becomes effortless and your string bending sounds expressive and perfectly in tune.

Play Fast Guitar Solos With Melody Bonus Tip #3: Learn From A Guitar Teacher

Do you spend a lot of time practicing to play better guitar solos but can't seem to play them how you want?

You're not the only one.

Tons of guitar players end up in this same frustrating situation...

... sometimes ending up stuck there for years at a time.

Good news is, working with a guitar teacher helps you finally start playing guitar solos in the way you always wanted to.

Your lead guitar playing develops very quickly when you take lessons with an experienced guitar teacher who has already given the results you want to others and will help you do the same.

It's a fact.

Guitarists who take lessons with a teacher simply strengthen their weaknesses much faster than they would on their own.

Great guitar teachers are masters at helping you resolve issues in your playing that you never knew about while helping you achieve your guitar playing goals quickly and effectively.

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