How To Create Amazing Lead Guitar Solos

Study the resources below and learn how to create breathtaking guitar solos that you will LOVE to call your own:

Learn How To Improve Your Guitar Phrasing
Materials On How To Build Lots Of Guitar SpeedThe key to emotional guitar soloing is mastery of guitar phrasing. These resources will help you master this critical element of your lead guitar playing. Learn more.
How To Build Lots Of Guitar Speed
Materials On How To Build Lots Of Guitar SpeedIf you think that fast guitar playing lacks emotion, then this is not for you. But if you are DYING to learn ALL the secrets that lead to ripping fast, face-melting virtuoso guitar speed, the resources on this page will get you there. Learn more.
How To Sweep Pick Arpeggios Cleanly And Fast
Sweep Pick Arpeggios Materials by Tom HessWant to play killer sweep picking arpeggios that sound fast and clean? Study these proven resources that will take your sweep picking technique and launch it into the stratosphere. Learn more.
Become A Creative Guitarist And Musician
Sweep Pick Arpeggios Materials by Tom HessForget the myth that you must be “born” with musical creativity. Study these resources about expressing yourself through music and learn how to become a highly expressive guitarist and musician. Learn more.
Blues Guitar Playing Resources
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessTired of the same blues guitar playing materials that teach you nothing more than boring scales and cliche licks? Check out these blues guitar resources and go deep into developing your blues soloing skills. Learn more.
Songwriting Resources For Guitarists
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianStudy these songwriting resources for guitar players and learn how to write your own creative songs and express the music you hear in your head. Learn more.
How To Practice Guitar Effectively
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessThese resources will show you how to maximize the results you get from every minute of practicing guitar. Learn more.
Overcome Your Guitar Playing Frustrations
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianThese resources will help you overcome your guitar playing frustrations and reach your musical goals faster, while enjoying the process of getting there. Learn more.
What You MUST Know About Taking Guitar Lessons
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessChoosing a guitar teacher is one of the most important decisions you can make about your guitar playing. Carefully study these resources and learn everything you need to know to choose the best guitar teacher for you. Learn more.
Learn To Play Rhythm Guitar
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianStudy these rhythm guitar playing resources and learn how to play super tight, ass-stomping rhythm guitar riffs. Learn more.

Play Blues Guitar Licks  See How To Play Killer Blues Guitar Double Stops With Bends USA Flag
This video demonstration explains how to add intensity to your solos by playing awesome blues guitar double stop licks.

Play Blues Guitar Licks Learn How To Play Killer Blues Guitar Bends USA Flag
Want to make your blues guitar licks more unique and expressive? Start playing double stops with bends using this blues guitar soloing advice.

Play Mixolydian b6 Mode On Guitar Play Interesting Lead Guitar Solos With Melodic Minor USA Flag
Want to make your guitar solos more emotionally expressive? Start playing emotionally captivating phrases using the melodic minor for lead guitar.

Play Mixolydian b6 On Guitar Learn How To Play Mixolydian b6 Guitar Licks USA Flag
Want to make your guitar solos more interesting? Learn how to play interesting phrases using the 5th mode of melodic minor for guitar.

Play guitar backslides Learn How To Play With Backslide Guitar Technique USA Flag
Want to make your guitar solo phrases sound more interesting? Find out how to perform it by checking out this video on backslide guitar licks.

Play guitar backslides Learn How To Add Emotion To Your Guitar Solos USA Flag
Looking for ways to make your lead guitar solos more emotional? Learn a cool way to do it using the unique backslides guitar technique.

String Skipping For Guitar Learn How To Improvise Awesome Guitar Solos USA Flag
Looking for ways to make your lead guitar solos more emotional? Learn a cool way to do it using the unique backslides guitar technique.

Play Better Guitar Solos Start Playing Better Guitar Solos Than Ever USA Flag
Want to play better, more inspiring guitar solos than ever before? Good news, using just a few notes combined with some phrasing techniques quickly makes your solos sound awesome. Learn what to do now to play killer guitar solos.

Sweep Picking Guitar Video How To Make Wrong Notes Sound Good In Guitar Solos USA Flag
Tired of playing too many “wrong” notes during your guitar solos? Good news, there is a way to transform bad notes into cool ones. Learn how to do it in this guitar soloing article.

Learn Lydian guitar licks Learn How To Play Expressive Lydian Guitar Licks USA Flag
Want to spice up your lead guitar licks and make your playing more dramatic than ever? Lydian is the mode for you. Start playing killer lead guitar licks by watching this Lydian guitar licks video.

Learn cool Lydian guitar licks Learn Cool Lydian Guitar Licks That Sound Unique USA Flag
Want to improve your lead guitar playing and develop your own musical style? Get started now by checking out these killer lydian guitar licks.

Guitar vibrato tutorial Learn How To Master Guitar Vibrato Technique USA Flag
Vibrato guitar technique adds expression and emotion into your playing like nothing else. Learn how to master it and become a better lead guitarist using these guitar vibrato tips.

Guitar vibrato tutorial Guitar Vibrato Mastery Tutorial Video USA Flag
Want to make every note in your guitar licks sing with incredible musical expression? Vibrato is the answer. Find out how to develop killer vibrato by using this video that walks you through the 10 steps to amazing vibrato technique for guitar.

Play fast and melodic guitar solo licks Learn How To Play Fast Guitar Licks More Melodically USA Flag
Are you struggling to play guitar solos and licks with tons of speed while still sounding musically expressive? Find out how to play guitar licks and solos more melodically using the advice in this lead guitar video.

Play fast and melodic guitar solo licks How To Make Your Guitar Speed Sound More Melodic USA Flag
Struggling to make your fast guitar playing sound melodic and expressive? Find out how to do it now by reading this guitar soloing article.

Tom Hess Tapping Tutorial Guitar Tapping Technique Video Tutorial USA Flag
Using tapping technique for guitar is one of the coolest and easiest ways to play killer licks. Discover how to master this technique using the tips in this free guitar tapping tutorial video.

Guitar warmup exercises How To Master Guitar Tapping Technique USA Flag
Want to develop killer guitar tapping technique that makes people stop and pay attention to your playing? Learn how to do it right now by watching the video in this article about guitar tapping.

Guitar soloing exercises How To Play Better Guitar Solos Using 3 Powerful Exercises USA Flag
Want to play amazing guitar solos like never before? Good news: Massive progress in your lead guitar playing is only a click away. There are 3 exercises you can work on right now to do it. Learn what they are by watching this guitar solo exercises video.

Play Better Guitar Solos Using Better Note Choices Learn How To Choose The Best Notes For Your Guitar Solos USA Flag
Choosing the best notes to make your guitar solos really expressive isn't just about learning scale or arpeggio patterns across the fretboard. It's about training your ear to determine what note sounds good to you in any given context. The faster you are able to determine this, the better and more expressive your solos become. Learn more in this video with guitar soloing tips.

Learn How To Play Better Guitar SolosHow To Play Better Guitar Solos Without Getting Stuck USA Flag
One of the hardest aspects of playing guitar solos is being able to improvise without falling into the same patterns over and over. This becomes really frustrating when you get stuck and don't know what to do next. Fortunately, there is one approach that eliminates this problem. Find out what it is right now and play better guitar solos more easily by watching this lead guitar soloing video.

Learn How To Play Amazing Guitar SolosLearn How To Play Amazing Guitar Solos By Raising The Quality Of Every Note USA Flag
Learning how to make every note you play sound amazing helps you build a strong foundation for your soloing, so the quality of your guitar solos goes way up! Discover how to play amazing guitar solos by making every note sound great using the advice in this free guitar soloing video.

Learn How To Improvise On GuitarLearn How To Improvise Cool Guitar Licks That Sound Musically Expressive USA Flag
Want to improvise cool guitar licks with ease and impress your friends with cool solos? It's not as hard as you think! Improvisation is fun and easy to practice when you take it just a few notes at a time. Learn how to improvise right away by watching this lead guitar video.

Learn 5 Guitar TricksMake Your Guitar Playing Sound Better With These 5 Tricks USA Flag
Want to make your guitar playing sound great no matter what you play? Learn how to do it right now by downloading this free eGuide for making your guitar playing sound better.

How To Improvise On GuitarHow To Improvise Guitar Solos With Better Artistic Expression USA Flag
In order to improvise amazing sounding guitar solos, there are several skills you must master. By understanding which skills you need the most work on, you are better able to practice effectively to quickly improve your overall soloing. The greatest guitarists eventually play their guitar solos totally on auto-pilot mode (they no longer have to think about playing the right notes, finding their way on the fretboard, etc.). When you do this, you have complete control over your artistic expression. Learn more about by watching this free guitar solo improvisation video.

How To Improvise On Guitar In Live SituationsHow To Improvise Guitar Better In Real-Life Playing Situations USA Flag
Improvising on guitar in front of others is different than improvising at home. A few differences include more pressure to perform well, standing while playing and moving around on stage. As with any guitar skill, you must practice before your live improvising skills get better. Many guitarists never do this and perform poorly during live shows. Watch this video to learn how to improvise on guitar in live situations.

How to create awesome guitar licksThe Easy Way To Create Awesome Guitar Solo Licks USA Flag
To improvise amazing guitar solos and licks you must understand how to smoothly integrate musical ideas together within a single solo while clearly expressing your thoughts and emotions. Learn how to do this by reading this article about how to improvise on guitar.

How to play memorable lead guitar solosHow To Play Amazing Guitar Solos By Studying King Diamond Pt. 2 USA Flag
Studying and learning how to translate the vocal phrasing of excellent singers to guitar makes your guitar solos more emotional. Learn 3 creative ways to use King Diamond’s vocal style to make your lead guitar playing sound amazing. Read this article on how to play creative guitar solos.

How To Play Emotional Guitar SolosProven Formula For Creating Great Guitar Solos USA Flag
Great guitar solos aren't created by accident, or by stringing guitar licks together…they are created using specific guitar soloing processes. Most of these methods are simple enough to be used by anyone, including you. Learn the 6-step process all great guitarists follow to create awesome guitar solos.

How to play memorable lead guitar solosHow To Play Amazing Guitar Solos By Studying King Diamond USA Flag
Want to make your guitar solos sound more melodic and memorable than ever? King Diamond is easily one of the most underrated melodic metal singers. Not only is he a great singer, but there is MASSIVE value to take away from his vocal style as a guitarist too! Read this article to learn 4 ways you can play badass guitar solos by studying King Diamond.

Lead guitar playing video How To Make Your Lead Guitar Licks Stick Out USA Flag
Did you know that there are lesser-known, powerful techniques that great guitarists use to get people to pay attention to every single note in their lead guitar licks? It’s actually easier to do this than you think. Find out how you can make your guitar licks really stand out by watching this lead guitar playing video.

Guitar soloing video How To Make Any Guitar Solo Sound Great USA Flag
Want to play guitar solos that turn heads? You won’t be able to do this by simply learning licks or memorizing scale patterns. The key to great guitar soloing is understanding HOW to use the notes you play to achieve maximum expression. Learn more by watching this guitar soloing video.

Learn to play exotic guitar licksHow To Play Killer Exotic Guitar Licks USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Want to play killer guitar licks? If you want your lead guitar playing to sound repetitive and boring, keep playing the same pentatonic licks over and over... However, if you want to make your lead guitar playing sound totally killer, your best approach is to use both exotic licks along with creative guitar phrasing. Find out how to do this by reading this lead guitar licks article.

How To Shred On GuitarHow To Play Killer Shred Guitar Licks USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version Spanish Flag - Tom Hess Article Spanish Version 
Want to play awesome shred guitar licks that add fire and intensity to your soloing? Study the exercise in this shred guitar article and find out how to create great shred licks without having to play faster.

Make your guitar solos singHow To Make Your Guitar Solos Sing USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version Spanish Flag - Tom Hess Article Spanish Version 
One of the most impressive things you can do on guitar is to create melodies that ‘sing’. Most guitar players focus too much on technique while ignoring the melodic side of their guitar playing. This causes their guitar solos to quickly become uninteresting. Find out how to create better guitar solos by making your guitar sing using the concepts in this guitar solo lesson.

What to do to avoid your guitar solos sound the sameWhy So Many Guitar Solos Sound The Same And How To Avoid That USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version 
Imagine if your guitar solos could ‘sing’ like a great singer. Fact is, most guitar players create guitar solos based on a bunch of set guitar licks and phrases, but not a combination of guitar phrases and lyrical melodies that would make the solos much better. In this revolutionary new guitar article on how to create guitar solos you will learn a major secret that took me 20 years to discover! Read the full guitar lesson article here.

how to create rock guitar improvisationGuitar Video: How To Create Rock Guitar Soloing And Improvisation Licks USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Do you want to learn how to write tons of new rock guitar licks? The truth is, most guitar players try to make new rock guitar licks by cramming together several random musical ideas in hopes that everything ends up sounding decent. That said, this is actually a highly ineffective approach when it comes to improvising and creating guitar licks. Learn how to write a lot of new rock guitar licks while improving your overall soloing skills by watching this video about guitar improvisation.

Video on how to create better guitar solosHow To Play Better Guitar Solos Than You Ever Thought Possible USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
One of the most important parts of a great guitar solo is excellent vibrato technique. Understanding how to play with excellent vibrato can make or break your guitar phrases. That said, most guitar players 'think' they know how to use vibrato creatively, but in reality they truly have no idea. Find out how you can use highly creative vibrato to play killer guitar solos by checking out this instructional article on how to play better guitar solos.

Make your guitar solos sounds greatHow To Make Your Guitar Solos Sound Better USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
The best approach to improving your guitar solos is NOT to simply change/add notes. By altering 'how' you play the notes within your solos (rather than 'what' notes you play), you can easily transform them from average to KILLER. Follow the steps in this article to learn how this is done and play killer guitar solos.

Improve your lead guitar playingHow To Create Great Guitar Solos And Improve Your Lead Guitar Playing USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version 
Would you like to learn the secrets that great guitar players use to consistently come up with awesome sounding guitar solos? The reason why master guitar players are able to express themselves fully when soloing and improvising is because they approach the process of creating a guitar solo in VERY different ways than what most guitarists do. Read this article to find out how to create great guitar solos.

Learn how to make kickass guitar solos Guitar Solo Lesson: How To Create Kick Ass Guitar Solos USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version Netherlands flag Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version 
There are lots of ways to create guitar solos. Most guitarists focus on ‘what to play’ versus ‘how to play things’. Fact is, the nuances of phrasing (‘how’ the notes are played) often matter MORE than the notes we actually play. How many times have you heard someone play a guitar solo ‘without’ much emotion? Often there was nothing wrong with their choice of notes. The solo lacked emotion and interest because the ‘phrasing’ was weak.

Check out this guitar solo lesson.

Guitar lesson with backing tracksKiller Lead Guitar Lesson With Backing Tracks USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version 
Learn how to improve your guitar phrasing and self-expression on the guitar in this free lead guitar lesson with backing tracks.

Tom Hess Guitar Solo DemonstrationHow To Instantly Improve Your Guitar Soloing Ability USA Flag
Are you trying to find a way to become a better lead guitar player? Most guitar players have a hard time playing guitar solos that sound interesting. One reason for this is that they spend too much time worrying about what notes to play, and not enough time focusing on how to create great melodies. Learning to create a truly great melody will set you apart from the vast majority of guitar players out there. Find out how to play great lead guitar with this video guitar solo lesson.

Video On How To Make Any Guitar Solo Sound BetterHow To Play Better And More Creative Guitar Solos USA Flag
A lot of guitar players go many years without learning how to play 'great' solos... eventually accepting 'mediocrity' as their default standard for achievement. Fortunately it will only take you a few minutes to learn how to become much more creative in your soloing so you can play great solos any time you feel like it. Watch this guitar licks video and learn how to creatively use vibrato and bending to enhance every lick in a guitar solo.

Demonstration On How To Play Lead Guitar LicksHow To Play Guitar Licks That Demand Attention USA Flag
Want to have the ability to make your lead guitar playing 'reach out and grab' the attention of anyone who hears you play? You might think that only master guitar players can do this... However, this skill can easily be developed by anyone. All you need to do is understand how to play against the expectation of your listeners and keep them guessing about what you might play next. Learn the powerful lead guitar secrets that will make your playing stand out in this video about playing kickass guitar licks.

Tom Hess Shows How To Use Modulating Pitch FunctionHow To Play Intense And Emotional Guitar Solos With Only One Note USA Flag
The coolest thing you can do while playing guitar solos is control the emotions others experience while listening to you. Most guitar players never learn how to do this and end up playing mediocre, uninspired solos at best. Fortunately, you can play emotional solos very easily with only ONE note! Once you really understand how this works, you can play highly expressive guitar solos without relying on speed, technical skill or flashy licks. Start playing intense, emotional guitar solos with only one note by watching this video demonstration.

Video Lesson On How To Write Guitar SolosHow To Write Guitar Solos Using The Melody Of A Singer USA Flag
One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your lead guitar playing is trying to write solos by randomly combining together a series of previously memorized licks. The majority of guitar players make this mistake and are unable to play great lead guitar solos. To truly write great guitar solos, you must learn an effective method for thinking of creative and self-expressive phrases. Learn how to do this by watching this video about how to write guitar solos using the vocal melody of your favorite singer.

Guitar solo lesson videoGuitar Solo Lesson Video USA Flag
It's not 'what' you play, it's 'how' you play it that matters most. Whether you play rock, metal or any other electric guitar style, you can immediately transform your lead guitar playing by watching this guitar solo lesson. This is among my very best free guitar lessons online.

Create melodic and lyrical guitar solosLearn How To Create Highly Melodic And Lyrical Guitar Solos USA Flag
Many guitar players create their guitar solos by simply throwing together a bunch of random licks. This often leads to mediocre sounding solos with a weak sense of melody. To create great solos with powerful melodies, you can learn a lot by observing how singers sing their vocal lines. Watch this video and learn how to create guitar solos.

Creative guitar lesson videoHow To Play More Creative Lead Guitar Solos USA Flag
Before you can play amazing guitar solos, you must learn how to enhance every lick you play using creative vibrato and bend techniques. Watch this guitar soloing video to learn how to use them so you can play killer solos every time you pick up your guitar.

How to play intense lead guitar licksHow To Play Powerful And Intense Lead Guitar Licks USA Flag
To play powerful guitar licks that demand attention you only need to make slight changes to how you play 'one' note in your phrase. Watch this lead guitar licks video and see a demonstration for how this process works.

Mastering lead guitar techniqueHow Close Are You To Mastering Electric Lead Guitar Technique? USA Flag
If all you do is measure your guitar technique progress using a metronome to track speed, you are totally on the wrong track and are missing the majority of what is needed to improve this area of your guitar playing. Take this test to learn how close you are to mastering lead guitar technique.

FREE guitar solo tips FREE Guitar Solo Tips USA Flag
Transform your guitar soloing by discovering secrets most guitar players will never know about how to create and play great guitar solos. Get your free guitar solo tips here.

FREE Guitar Playing TipsFREE Guitar Playing Tips USA Flag
These 15 great guitar playing tips will immediately enable you to improve your guitar playing. Get your first guitar playing tip now.

Vibrato control guitar lessonVibrato Control USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version German Flag - Tom Hess Article German Version Russian Flag - Tom Hess Article Russian Version 
Vibrato is probably the most expressive technique on guitar. Many guitarists, however, don't spend much time trying to master this technique at all. Fact is, you will be judged more on your vibrato technique than on any other single technique. Check out the complete guitar playing article on guitar vibrato technique.

How To Write Great Guitar Solos

How To Write Great Guitar Solos

Imagine yourself creating guitar solos that are so unique, awesome and impressive that they grab people by the throat, shoot lightning bolts down their spine and compel them to love every note you play! ... Isn't that what you want? Of course you do, EVERYBODY wants this! And that is what the How To Write Great Guitar Solos video series will help you to do. You will discover totally new ideas for creating great guitar solos that you've never even thought about (or heard of before) so that your guitar solos immediately start to stand out from those of ‘average’ guitarists. You will also learn how to always choose the right notes to play in the right moment, how to seamlessly connect one note to the next and how to ornament every note in just the right way to make your guitar solos unforgettable! Myself and Fabio Lione (singer from Rhapsody Of Fire) will show you real life examples of how each element can be integrated into your guitar playing so that you can immediately start writing better guitar solos using these ideas.

Guitar Phrasing Concepts For Rock Lead Guitar Soloing

Guitar Phrasing Concepts For Rock Lead Guitar Soloing

Learn how to make your guitar licks and solos sound highly expressive and develop a lead guitar style that is uniquely yours! This course will show you the real secret to great guitar soloing - the art of guitar phrasing. This is not a set of ‘100 hot licks’ to play, nor is this anything like other lead guitar lessons you may have seen that tell you to ‘use vibrato and string bends’ to improve your guitar solos. You will learn so much more about what really goes through the minds of your favorite guitar players as they create their mind-blowing guitar licks, such as how to make the best note choices for any guitar solo you play or improvise, how to develop your own lead guitar style and how to make your guitar playing always match the music you hear in your head. After studying this course, you will have the skills needed to express yourself more accurately and completely with your guitar playing.


Master Guitar Soloing Now

Master Guitar Soloing Now

The Master Guitar Soloing Now Course is a revolutionary guitar course to help you literally transform any guitar lick you already know into an amazing super awesome guitar lick! If you really analyze your favorite guitar players, you will discover that almost everything they play is derived from basic ideas. In other words, even if it 'sounds' complicated or advanced, the fundamental ideas they are using are typically simple. Your favorite guitar players simply 'embellish' those basic ideas by using a set of elements that anyone (including you) can also learn to use - and use very well. This amazing course on how to improve your guitar soloing will give you basic ideas to start with and then take you through a process where you will see, hear and experience how to transform the basic lick into an awesome guitar lick! You'll see each basic idea go through 4 evolutionary stages. This will help you to clearly understand what you can do with every lick you already know to transform each of them into super cool amazing licks too.

Guitar Playing Photo

Online Guitar Lessons

Become the guitarist you want to be with the most effective, goal oriented, results driven guitar lessons online. Here is how it works: you tell me about yourself, your musical goals, skills, knowledge, style and your current guitar playing frustrations & challenges, and I will custom design the most effective lessons specifically for you. This will help you reach your goals fast. I will closely monitor your progress, give you my expert feedback on your guitar playing and provide you with lots of personal support to enable you to get the results you want in your guitar playing.

The Guitar Playing Accelerator

The Guitar Playing Accelerator

The most powerful invention for improving your guitar playing since the existence of guitar lessons... The Guitar Playing Accelerator ensures you get better faster... EVERY SINGLE TIME you practice your guitar. The one crucial element missing in your guitar practice that would guarantee you make bigger, broader and faster improvements as a guitar player is comprehensive tracking, monitoring and analysis of your guitar playing and practice. This key element ensures you make the big improvements you could be (and SHOULD be) making daily. Tracking all the important elements that make up your guitar playing skills is a proven method to make you more motivated, excited, encouraged and confident than other guitar players to continue to learn, improve and master your guitar playing. This is the only tool in the world that does this for you.

Guitar Practice Generator

Practice Generator

Practicing guitar but still not getting anywhere? What you need is a way to create personalized guitar practice schedules that will consistently, automatically and accurately take into account your current skill level and knowledge for each item you need to practice while ensuring that your practice schedules will always be personalized to you, your skills and your knowledge. This is critically important in order for you to get the most from your practicing. You also need a way for your practice schedules to ‘evolve’ as your guitar playing evolves so that they remain relevant and highly effective in helping you make progress every step of the way as you reach your musical goals. The Practice Generator gives you all of the above, while also providing you with a way to keep yourself accountable as you work through your practice schedules (plus a lot more). Your guitar playing will go through the roof when you FINALLY start following the practice schedules that help you maximize the results you get from every minute of practice time.


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