Learn How To Use Polymeter Guitar Licks To Create Cool Phrases

Want to make your lead guitar licks sound awesome without having super-fast speed or mastering advanced guitar techniques?

No problem. Learning how to use polymeter is a fun and simple way to play impressive guitar licks that people can't help but nod their heads to.

Think polymeter sounds like a complicated music theory concept that can't really be used in your playing?

Think again!

Polymeter is actually very easy to apply into your playing right away, so you can start playing great guitar licks and solos in no time.

Watch this video to learn how to easily play cool guitar licks and solos using polymeter:

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Now that you have watched the video, you are ready to play cool guitar licks with ease!

Use these additional tips to refine your skills and play more creatively during lead guitar licks and solos:

Play Cool Guitar Licks Tip #1: Work On Hearing Notes In Your Head Before You Play Them

When you play guitar licks, it’s good when your notes and phrases flow smoothly.

Don't make the typical mistake of playing tons of notes and just hoping it sounds good eventually.

Practice this:

Play the first half of a short guitar lick, then sing the next half of the phrase using only your voice (you don't have to be a great singer). Next, try to play the notes you sang on guitar. This helps you start to play guitar licks and solos that are more memorable and expressive. Practicing this consistently makes your guitar playing become generally more melodic as well.

Plus, your fast guitar licks will naturally begin to become more expressive too!

Question: “What is another way to play guitar licks that sound memorable and expressive without tons of advanced technique?”

Answer: Whenever you repeat a musical idea, try to make it different than the previous time you played it using phrasing.

For instance, play one or two notes with phrasing ornaments such as bending/sliding into some of the notes, using trills, vibrato or things like different note rhythms etc. to add subtle (but interesting) variation to repeated ideas. Doing this on a consistent basis helps you gradually become more and more expressive whenever you play solos or improvise.

Play Cool Guitar Licks Tip #2: Make Clean Vibrato & Bending A Priority

One way to make sure bending and vibrato sound great is consistently keeping these techniques in tune.

Practice just a few minutes each day by working on nothing but bending the strings to the exact pitch you want to reach. This  helps you become more consistent and expressive in no time.

Here is one way to effectively practice bending strings:

Play the pitch that you will be bending up to (by picking it as a normal note) and then play the bend in order to match them together. Then try pre-bending the string and matching the pitch without striking the string first.

Over time, this becomes effortless and your string bending sounds expressive and totally pro.

Question: “How important is it really to use vibrato in my guitar licks?”

Answer: Very important! At least start using it on longer notes of your guitar solos and licks.

Don't end up like many guitarists who play guitar solos that eventually sound boring because there is very little expressive vibrato used in them. Many times, they just aren't aware they are even making this mistake.

Good news is, it's easy to fix.

Practice this skill daily by simply trying to make a single note sound as expressive as possible using as many variations of vibrato technique as you can for 1 minute. For example, try using wide/fast vibrato, narrow/slow vibrato, legato together with vibrato,  delayed vibrato, etc.

Then apply this concept into any short guitar lick you already know.

Play Emotional Guitar Solos Tip #3: Learn From An Experienced And Proven Guitar Teacher

Do you spend a lot of time playing and practicing guitar without making much progress?

You're not alone.

Many guitar players end up in this same frustrating situation.

Good news is, working with a guitar teacher helps you finally start playing how you want to.

Your lead guitar licks and soloing develops fast when you improve with an experienced guitar teacher who has already proven that they can get results for others.

Guitar players who have a teacher simply strengthen their weaknesses much faster than they would on their own.

Imagine how good it would feel to no longer be held back from playing the licks, songs, techniques and solos that you want.

Great guitar teachers are masters at helping you resolve issues in your playing that you never knew about while helping you achieve your guitar playing goals quickly and effectively.

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