How To Make Your Listeners Pay Attention To Your Lead Guitar Licks

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Guitar music fans (even you and I) rarely fully & actively listen to the music we hear and like.
Sure, we "hear" music - but we (often) listen on mental autopilot.
And this sucks if you want other people ot listen to *your* lead guitar playing, right?
Well, here is the good news:
There are little known, simple, easy, but massively powerful secrets you can use to FORCE people to ‘pay full attention’ to every lick you play on guitar.
You must think that doing this requires a lot of musical knowledge or an advanced level of skill on guitar, right? Not true! Surprising your audience with your lead guitar licks is quite simple to do and over the next 8 minutes I will prove it to you in this free lead guitar playing lesson that shows you how to:
  • Take a simple repeating lead guitar lick and use it to create MASSIVE musical tension (it’s easy!)
  • Play against your listener’s ‘musical expectations’, so that your lead guitar solos never sound boring
  • Apply a single musical concept to create TONS of ideas for both lead guitar solos and for your own songs

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