How To Play Guitar Solos That Sound MASSIVELY More Creative & Expressive Than Any Solo You Ever Played

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One of the reasons why you struggle with playing guitar solos that sound AMAZING is because you have not mastered the ability to make your phrasing ‘match’ the emotion the solo is trying to express. Until you fully understand how to do this, your guitar solos simply won’t sound as good as they have the potential to sound. The good news is, it is very easy to learn how to creatively use these phrasing nuances to make any guitar solo sound better.
After watching this video on how to play better guitar solos, you will be able to:
  • Quickly and easily transform ANY ordinary guitar solo into a truly amazing sounding guitar solo, note by note
  • Understand how to use vibrato and bending techniques to play guitar solos that sound highly unique and musically expressive (note: it does NOT matter if you already ‘think’ you know how to bend strings and do vibrato - if you are struggling with making your solos sound better, then you have NOT mastered the skills I will show you)
  • Express your emotions more clearly through the notes you play on guitar by learning how to create musical tension and intensity within your guitar solos and licks

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