Give Us 7 Minutes And "Rhapsody Of Fire" Singer Fabio Lione And I Will Show You How To Create Guitar Solos That Sing Like The World's Greatest Singers Do

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You want to learn more than simply how to create guitar solos. You want to learn how to create truly great guitar solos like the best guitar players do. You want to create guitar solos that are not simply a collection of random guitar licks strung together. You want your guitar solos to sing like the world's greatest singers and you want people to feel the same way about your guitar solos as they do about their favorite singers' singing. I know that's what you want, because I wanted to learn the same thing as you now do. In fact, there are countless other guitar players just like you (and me) who want the same. 

So here's what I've done for you…

I found the one person who I believe is the absolute greatest singer in the world, Fabio Lione (who sings with Rhapsody Of Fire, Kamelot, Vision Devine). I brought him from Italy to Chicago and recorded a 2 hour master class with him for guitar players like you who want to learn exactly how to create guitar solos that grab people by the throat and MAKE them love your guitar playing! Fabio has this effect on people all the time when they hear him sing… and now, in an excerpt of this huge master class, you are going to learn (for free) how to get started to have that same powerful effect on people when they listen to YOU playing guitar! I'm going to share this excerpt of the master class with you right now.

You will learn:

- Using vocal pitches as 'sign posts' to create solos on the guitar so that the phrases you will create later to build your guitar solos will start with a very great lyrical/vocal quality.

- How to use those pitches to develop the basic ideas for your guitar solo and then how to play 'in between' those notes to build your guitar solo so that you can fuse together the awesome lyrical quality of a great singer's vocal style with your guitar ideas that you already know.

- How to avoid the trap that so many guitar players fall into by simply trying to blaze through a bunch of random guitar licks that might be cool licks individually but don't really fit the song or grab the listener's attention. Most non-guitar players don't care about 'most' of the guitar solos they hear in songs… that's because most guitar solos are simply a string of licks without the expressive power of vocal type expression mixed in cool blazing lead guitar parts that make sense together.

There are lots of guitar solo lessons floating around online, but you have NEVER seen anything like this!

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