Free Video: Learn Easy Neoclassical Guitar Licks That Sound Impressive

Want to play creative neoclassical guitar licks to make your solos sound amazing?

Love the sound of guitar players like Yngwie Malmsteen or Ritchie Blackmore?

Not sure how to get started?

No problem:

Learning how to play neoclassical guitar licks isn't as hard as you might think...

... and it's a lot of fun too!

Today you are going to learn how to play neoclassical guitar that are easy and sound totally awesome and impressive.

Sound good?

Get started right now by watching this neoclassical guitar licks video and learn how to play your own licks in no time:

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Now that you know some easy and cool neoclassical guitar licks, use the tips below to make them sound more creative and expressive in your own guitar playing:

Tip #1: Accent The First Note Of The String Using A Powerful Picking Attack

Accenting the first note of a string with a powerful pick attack is great for keeping your hands in sync.

Why is this important?


Keeping your hands in sync is critical whether you are playing neoclassical guitar licks or any other type of lick. This is what helps you play fast and clean.

This has the added benefit of making fast guitar playing feel much easier too.

Picking the first note of a given string with power during a lick helps in these specific ways:

- Emphasizing the first note makes it easier for your hands to stay in synchronization because you process it more clearly in your head.

- Due to making less mistakes because your hands are in sync, practicing/playing guitar becomes less frustrating so you can focus on having fun.

- The notes you play are higher overall quality.

- It's easier to improve the quality of your licks one note at a time by using this approach to ensure that a single note is picked clearly and accurately (by switching your focus to different notes).

Tip #2: Challenge Yourself To Pick In Creative Note Rhythms

Neoclassical guitar licks commonly involve picking an open string as the pedal, then playing fretted notes (in harmonic minor for example) to fill out the phrase.

Learning how to pick in creative note rhythms or meter helps make your neoclassical licks sound more creative.

For instance:

Try picking an open string in a four note pattern (4 beats per measure) where the first beat is always emphasized with a powerful pick attack.

Use this idea at both slow and fast tempos.

This forces you to think in more detail about every note you play.

Increase the challenge and the creative potential of your playing using more complex rhythms.

For example, emphasize the first beat in an uneven amount of beats such as 5 or 7.

This actually causes you to pay closer attention to what you are doing, since it is harder to play like this on autopilot.

This style of practicing is great for develop your guitar playing in other areas too such as tremolo picking technique.

Try practicing tremolo picking technique in this way by picking any notes from one of the neoclassical guitar licks you learned in brief bursts of a few notes at a time, with a brief moment of rest in between each repetition. Then emphasize various notes and move forward to use more notes in the pattern.

Tip #3: Find A Great Guitar Teacher To Develop Your Lead Guitar Skills

Do you spend countless hours looking around the intenet to find new guitar licks, videos or guitar practice exercises to improve your guitar skills?

Many guitar players do this too.

That said:

There is a much more efficient solution to help you reach your guitar playing goals.


Make the entire process of improving your guitar playing easier by getting help from an expert guitar teacher.

Your neoclassical guitar licks and overall guitar playing skills massively improve and become more creative when you take lessons with someone who can guide you throughout the learning process.

Guitarists who take lessons from a teacher spend much less time being frustrated by their mistakes because they know exactly how to get better. Great teachers are critical for helping you identify problems in your guitar playing that you simply wouldn't have seen on your own.

Don't make the mistake of hesitating to begin taking guitar lessons from a teacher - This will most likely be the most beneficial decision for your playing that you could ever take.

The sooner you make this choice, the less time stands in between you and achieving the things you always wanted to achieve on guitar, while having a great time throughout the journey getting there.

So it's time to make the right choice for your guitar playing and begin taking guitar lessons today.

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