Learn How To Master Guitar Tapping Technique Open String Licks

Want to play amazing guitar tapping licks that impress anyone who hears you?

It's actually easier than you think.

Learning how to master guitar tapping technique just requires knowing a few important concepts about legato technique and string muting.

Once you understand them, playing fast and clean tapping licks becomes very easy.

Ready to get started?


Watch this video to learn how to play with excellent guitar tapping technique:

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Now that you have watched the guitar tapping technique video, you are ready to play awesome guitar licks with ease!

Use these additional tips to play more creatively during your guitar tapping licks (or any other licks you play):

Hear Notes In Your Head Before You Play Them By Developing Great Aural Skills

When you have listened to class guitar tapping licks by players like Eddie Van Halen, you can hear the phrases flow smoothly from one musical point to the next.

This is how you want your guitar licks to sound too.

Don't make the typical mistake of playing a lot of notes and just hoping to stumble upon something cool.


Play the first half of a 3-5 note guitar lick, then sing the next half of the phrase using only your voice.

(Don't worry about having a great singing voice.)

Next, try to play the notes you sang with your guitar.

This helps you start to play guitar licks and solos that are more memorable and expressive. Practicing this consistently makes your guitar playing become generally more melodic as well.

Question: “What is another way to play guitar licks that sound memorable and expressive without tons of advanced technique?”

Answer: Whenever you repeat a musical idea, try to add some slight nuance to it so it sounds a little more interesting.

For example, play one or two notes using phrasing techniques like bends, slides, trills, vibrato or things like different note rhythms etc. This adds subtle (but interesting) variation to a repeated idea.

Doing this on a consistent basis helps you gradually become more and more expressive whenever you play guitar licks or solos.

Add More Expression To Your Playing Using Vibrato And Bends

Vibrato and bending technique are the cornerstones of expressive guitar playing.

One way to make sure bending and vibrato sound great is always keep them in tune.

This is easy to do and doesn't take a lot of time.

Practice just a few minutes daily by working on nothing but bending the strings to the exact pitch you want to reach.

This  helps your guitar licks become more consistent and expressive in no time.

You can also combine guitar tapping technique with vibrato and bends. Simply tap a note, then hold the tapping finger on that fret and apply vibrato/bends with your fretting hand finger.

Question: “How important is it really to use vibrato in my guitar playing?”

Answer: It's critical! While soloing, you should at least begin by using it on longer notes.

Don't end up like many guitarists who play guitar solos that eventually sound boring because there is very little expressive vibrato used in them. This makes your playing sound lifeless and dull.

Try this:

Practice vibrato skill daily by simply trying to make a single note sound as expressive as possible using as many variations of vibrato technique as you can for 1 minute.

For instance, try using wide/fast vibrato, narrow/slow vibrato, legato together with vibrato,  delayed vibrato, etc.

Then apply this concept into any guitar lick you already know.

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