Guitar Playing Magic - See And Hear A Single Guitar Lick Transform Into An Unbelievably Killer Lick From Tiny Changes Made To Only ‘One’ Note

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You already know that it’s important to play lead guitar ‘with feeling’ to make your playing sound good. But I bet that you don’t yet know just ‘how much feeling’ can be inserted into a single phrase with only a small change in the way the notes are played. Most guitarists take it for granted that expression comes from adding bends and vibrato, but rarely go deeper into other elements of phrasing. Thus most musicians leave ‘so much more’ emotion completely untapped in their soloing.
I prepared a video for you to show just ‘how much more’ expression and feeling is left unexplored in your lead guitar licks every time you solo.
In this KILLER lead guitar licks video, you will:
  • See and hear how just a tiny change to one of the notes can instantly (and MASSIVELY) make any phrase sound better
  • Get a ton of new ideas for improving your creativity in playing lead guitar
  • Discover how to play totally cool guitar licks that DEMAND attention from your listeners

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