Video: How To Play Dreamy Lydian Guitar Licks Like Steve Vai

Want to play cool Lydian guitar licks that sound very expressive, unique and almost other-wordly?

Guitarists like Steve Vai achieve this sound in their playing and it sounds great.

Good news is, you're about to learn how to do it too!

All it takes is the Lydian mode/scale and some cool guitar phrasing ideas that anyone can play.

Learn how to play guitar licks that sound awesome using the Lydian guitar lick exercises in this video:

Click on the video to begin watching it.

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You now know how to use Lydian guitar licks to create dreamy and expressive ideas whenever you play. 

What's next?

Begin integrating your guitar skills together in order to achieve your musical goals faster, play things on guitar like you've always wanted and express emotion through music.

I can help you do all of this fast with my customized online guitar lessons.

Unlike other types of guitar lessons, you won’t get standard, pre-constructed, generic lessons.

I customize your lessons based on: what you are good at or struggle with, your experience and your specific musical goals.

For example:

Want to learn more cool modes to move beyond Lydian guitar licks and add more expression into your lead guitar playing?

I help guitarists quickly reach these kinds of goals all the time.

Here is what happens when you start lessons with me: 

You begin by completing a detailed evaluation to let me know everthing about you as a guitarist. 

You answer questions about your musical skills, overall knowledge, struggles, strengths, motivations, general background and specific musical goals.

After you complete this and activate your account, I quickly begin helping you to become a great guitar player.

I read through your evaluation form thoroughly. Then I put together your lesson plan to get your guitar playing from where it is now to being able to play exactly like you want.

This is all from the evaluation form you complete.

(This part of the process takes a few hours to complete. Please be patient. I don't want to miss anything during this step, because it’s going to massively effect how quickly you reach your musical goals.)

When your intial guitar lesson is prepared, I upload it into your account and let you know it's ready.

You simply log in to your account to get it and start practicing.

As you work through your lessons, I guide you every step of the way. 

For instance: 

  • You can chat with me live with Newbie hours. (You gain this when you become a new student.) These are unique bonus materials I give to my new guitar students. It’s where I learn more about you and help you set a course for success with your first lesson.
  • You can ask me any questions about guitar during weekly Office Hours. 
  • I answer your questions – email me anytime, day or night. I answer your questions with tons of details and you always get a reply from me directly.
  • You can send me recordings of your guitar playing to get feedback. This helps you to find and eliminate poor playing habits so making fast progress becomes easy.
  • You can join our supportive guitar community on my student forum. There you can get tons of support from my other guitar students. Many of these players are already great guitarists and some are even pro guitar teachers themselves.

All you have to do is practice the things I give you and complete 30 minutes of practice 5 times per week.

If you want to practice more – go for it. But if you practice the lessons I give you just 30 minutes per day, it becomes very difficult to not make insane levels of progress.

Read below to see the results my guitar students are getting:




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