Learn How To Improve Your Guitar Phrasing

The key to emotional guitar soloing is mastery of guitar phrasing. The resources below will help you master this critical element of your lead guitar playing:

How To Build Lots Of Guitar Speed
Materials On How To Build Lots Of Guitar SpeedIf you think that fast guitar playing lacks emotion, then this is not for you. But if you are DYING to learn ALL the secrets that lead to ripping fast, face-melting virtuoso guitar speed, the resources on this page will get you there. Learn more.
How To Sweep Pick Arpeggios Cleanly And Fast
Sweep Pick Arpeggios Materials by Tom HessWant to play killer sweep picking arpeggios that sound fast and clean? Study these proven resources that will take your sweep picking technique and launch it into the stratosphere. Learn more.
Become A Creative Guitarist And Musician
Sweep Pick Arpeggios Materials by Tom HessForget the myth that you must be “born” with musical creativity. Study these resources about expressing yourself through music and learn how to become a highly expressive guitarist and musician. Learn more.
How To Create Amazing Lead Guitar Solos
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessStudy these lead guitar soloing resources and learn how to create breathtaking guitar solos that you will LOVE to call your own. There are no other guitar lessons like this anywhere online. Learn more.
Blues Guitar Playing Resources
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessTired of the same blues guitar playing materials that teach you nothing more than boring scales and cliche licks? Check out these blues guitar resources and go deep into developing your blues soloing skills. Learn more.
Songwriting Resources For Guitarists
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianStudy these songwriting resources for guitar players and learn how to write your own creative songs and express the music you hear in your head. Learn more.
How To Practice Guitar Effectively
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessThese resources will show you how to maximize the results you get from every minute of practicing guitar. Learn more.
Overcome Your Guitar Playing Frustrations
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianThese resources will help you overcome your guitar playing frustrations and reach your musical goals faster, while enjoying the process of getting there. Learn more.
What You MUST Know About Taking Guitar Lessons
Creating Amazing Lead Guitar Solos by Tom HessChoosing a guitar teacher is one of the most important decisions you can make about your guitar playing. Carefully study these resources and learn everything you need to know to choose the best guitar teacher for you. Learn more.
Learn To Play Rhythm Guitar
Materials On Becoming A Creative Guitarist And MusicianStudy these rhythm guitar playing resources and learn how to play super tight, ass-stomping rhythm guitar riffs. Learn more.


Sweep Picking Guitar Video How To Quickly Get Better At Lead Guitar USA Flag NEW!
Did you know that you have the power to become a killer lead guitarist using the skills you already have? How? Find out how to play amazing things using your current lead guitar skills in this lead guitar video.

Sweep Picking Guitar Video How To Get Better At Improvising On Guitar USA Flag NEW!
Wish you could play expressive and creative guitar licks at will? Find out how to start right now using the advice in this article about improvising on guitar.

Rubato For Guitar Learn How To Play Lead Guitar With Rubato USA Flag
Tired of playing the same, stale lead guitar licks again and again? Rubato helps you get out of your comfort zone and breath life into your playing. Find out how this works by watching this lead guitar rubato video.

Rubato For Guitar How To Instantly Improve Your Guitar Solos USA Flag NEW!
Want to play expressive guitar solos? There is one lesser-known technique that transforms your solos and licks into highly expressive pieces of music. Learn what it is and how to do it right now by checking out this lead guitar article.

Learn to play better licks on guitar Video: How To Play Better Licks On Guitar USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Get tons of powerful tips for improving your guitar lick creativity right now by checking out this video about refining your guitar licks.

Learn tritone licks on guitar Video: How To Creatively Use The Tritone On Guitar USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Want to make your guitar licks sound expressive, creative and badass? The solution is to use the tritone interval in interesting and creatively phrased ways. Learn how to do it right now by watching this guitar licks video.

Guitar tritone licks How To Play Cool Guitar Licks Using The Tritone USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Want to make your guitar licks sound badass? The tritone is the answer. Learn 3 ways to use the tritone to play great guitar licks.

How to Master Vibrato On Guitar How To Play With Creative Bending Technique USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Learning how to use a wide variety of bends takes your lead guitar soloing creativity to the next level. When you learn how to use many bending variations, you gain the ability to express yourself more clearly through music. Learn how to develop killer string bending technique by watching this lead guitar video.

How to Master Vibrato On Guitar How To Make Your Guitar Playing Sound Pro By Mastering Vibrato USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
You likely already understand how important it is to use vibrato technique as you play licks and solos... but only a small fraction of the guitar playing community has really mastered it. Without excellent guitar vibrato, your guitar playing won’t sound truly great regardless of what you play. To master vibrato, you must strengthen your guitar playing in 5 fundamental ways. Learn them by reading this article about improving guitar vibrato.

Guitar Solo Phrases That Demands Attention How To Write Guitar Solo Phrases That Demand The Attention Of Your Listeners USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
If you want to play guitar solo phrases that get the attention of your listeners, it is NOT a requirement that you play highly technical or fast guitar licks. Learn the process for creating guitar phrases that force other people to stop and pay attention to every lick you play by reading this guitar solo phrasing article.

Guitar arpeggio phrasing resource How To Make Your Guitar Arpeggios Sound Awesome USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Don’t make the mistake of trying to play extremely fast, technical sweep picking arpeggios without ever learning how to make them sound good in a musical context. This is the mistake most guitarists make, and it makes their arpeggios sound very boring. Find out how to make your arpeggios sound badass by using this guitar arpeggio phrasing resource.

Guitar Phrasing Course Sample Learn How To Improve Your Guitar Phrasing USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Guitar solos sound too boring? Fact: Until you learn how to use great guitar phrasing, you will struggle to play solos that sound musical and expressive. Once you you understand how to play with great phrasing, you will be able to play killer guitar solos and licks whenever you pick up your instrument. Learn how to use great guitar phrasing now using the advice in this guitar phrasing course sample.

Learn how to improve your guitar phrasing Improve Your Guitar Phrasing Fast USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version 
Would you like to understand how to take any grouping of notes and make them sound awesome? To do this, you’ll simply need to learn the important elements of good guitar phrasing. Fortunately, they are not as difficult to learn as you might think. Learn them now by watching this free guitar phrasing video.

Guitar Phrasing Article Part 1 Improving Your Guitar Phrasing - Part 1 USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version
Professional guitar players talk about the elusive topic of guitar phrasing. Guitar teachers talk about it in their lessons and books. We hear about how important it is to have good phrasing and to spend time working on it. Read the full guitar article to learn how to improve your guitar phrasing.

Guitar Phrasing Article Part 2 Improving Your Guitar Phrasing - Part 2 USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version
In my first article, "Improving Your Guitar Phrasing, Part 1", I explained what phrasing is and why it is important for guitarists to develop this critical skill. In Part 2 of this guitar articles series, we will go deeper into these things in order to help you improve your guitar phrasing.

Guitar Phrasing Article Part 3 Improving Your Guitar Phrasing - Part 3 USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version Portuguese Flag - Tom Hess Article Portuguese Version
In this 3rd guitar solo phrasing article we are going to focus on the unique sound of legato guitar phrasing. Legato is a great way to make your phrases sound smooth as they blend from one cool idea to the next. Having this power feels amazing and makes playing lead guitar a lot of fun. Read the full guitar phrasing article.

Guitar Phrasing Article Part 4 Improving Your Guitar Phrasing - Part 4 USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Do you want to be able to express yourself more fully in your lead guitar solos? Are you struggling to apply all of the licks and techniques you’ve been learning into actual music? Check out this guitar phrasing article to find out how to improve your guitar phrasing skills.

Essential Elements Of Lead Guitar Phrasing Learn The 3 Essential Elements Of Lead Guitar Phrasing USA Flag - Tom Hess Article English Version
Before your lead guitar solos can sound totally killer, you must learn and master three main elements of guitar phrasing. In fact, ALL truly excellent guitarists have mastered these elements and use them in their playing all the time. Learn these three guitar phrasing elements now and get started playing the greatest solos you ever played.

Playing Guitar With EmotionHow To Play More Expressive Guitar Solos USA Flag
Want to have your guitar solos filled with emotions and feeling? Then you must learn what elements are responsible for making every single guitar lick you play sound awesome. Most guitar players struggle to express themselves through guitar because they only focus on the notes they need to play, instead of focusing on how those note must be played. This is why most don't develop the ability to express true emotions in their guitar playing. Check out this free video and learn how you can easily start playing emotional guitar solos.

Lead Guitar Playing TipsHow To Make Your Lead Guitar Solos More Dramatic USA Flag
If you'd like to play guitar solos that feel really intense and dramatic, it's important to focus on getting the most emotion out of every note you play. As you play lead guitar solos, you may notice that some notes sound more expressive and dramatic than others over certain chords. If you can identify which notes these are, you will be able to make highly dramatic guitar phrases that sound great. Study the lead guitar tips in this video guitar lesson to see how you can play better guitar solo phrases.

How To Play Guitar With EmotionHow To Play Highly Emotional Guitar Solos USA Flag
Do you know 'exactly' how a note will feel before you even play it on guitar? If not, you are missing the most important skill needed to play highly creative, unique and self-expressive guitar solos. Fact is, all of the greatest guitar players have the ability to 'predict' (with a high degree of accuracy) how each note in their solos will feel before they play it. To become a great lead guitarist you MUST learn this skill for yourself as well. Learn it now by watching this killer video on how to play guitar with emotion.

How To Play Lead GuitarGuitar Solo Phrasing Tips USA Flag
Knowing how to play lead guitar solos that sound great is one of the abilities most guitar players want to have. If you would like to play guitar solos that sound like the ones played by the pros, then you'll need to do more than just play fast guitar techniques. So what does it take to play great lead guitar? Find the answer by watching this video guitar lesson and learning how you can play amazing sounding lead guitar solos using good guitar phrasing.

Play Cool Guitar LicksHow To Play Badass Guitar Licks By Slightly Changing One Note USA Flag
Tired of playing the same old guitar licks that sound plain and uninspiring? Before you can play totally badass guitar licks you must learn how to get the most expression out of each note you play. Only once you can do this can you consistently play killer licks that sound truly awesome. Fortunately, this is not too difficult to learn and will only take you a little bit of practice to start seeing results. Watch this guitar licks video to learn how to play killer guitar phrases while only making slight changes to a single note.

Guitar Soloing Lesson VideoLearn How To Get More From Every Note In Your Guitar Solos  USA Flag
Have you ever wondered how all great guitar players make their guitar solos sound incredible? This has very little to do with the fact that they can play very fast or that they know advanced guitar techniques. The reason they play guitar so well is because they have mastered the ability to use good guitar phrasing. Once you learn to create great lead guitar solo phrases, you will be able to make incredible guitar solos as well. Watch this guitar solo video lesson where I help one of my students improve their guitar phrasing skills.

Guitar Vibrato Technique LessonMake Your Lead Guitar Solos Sing By Mastering Guitar Vibrato USA Flag
Do your guitar solos lack the overall power and feeling that you want to express?  If so, you're not alone. Most guitarists fail to play great guitar solos for many reasons, one of which is a lack of good guitar vibrato technique. By mastering vibrato technique, you will give your guitar playing a 'singing' quality much like that of a human voice. Watch this video guitar lesson and discover how to play vibrato on guitar to drastically enhance your lead guitar playing.

Learn How To Play Guitar SolosPlay Better Guitar Solos By Applying These Guitar Phrasing Tips USA Flag
Do you have a hard time trying to play great guitar solos that sound truly inspiring? If you are like most guitar players, you are probably not using good overall lead guitar phrasing. Many guitarists make the mistake of thinking that 'good technique' is all that is needed for playing excellent guitar solos. The reality is, 'guitar phrasing' is the absolute essential element of all great lead guitar solos. Watch this guitar video lesson to learn how to play guitar solos using my guitar phrasing tips.

Guitar Phrasing Video with Tom HessGuitar Solo Video Lesson On How To Improve Your Guitar Solo Phrasing Skills USA Flag
Are you still struggling to create great guitar solos? Give me 5 minutes and I will show you how to immediately improve your guitar solo phrasing skills in this guitar solo video lesson.

Video Lesson About Guitar PhrasingGuitar Phrasing Video Lesson USA Flag
Many guitar players struggle to express themselves fully with their guitar solos. If you have this problem, watch this guitar phrasing lesson to learn a highly innovative way of breaking out of this musical creativity rut and discover how to create truly awesome guitar solos.

Rock Lead Guitar Phrasing VideoHow Effective Is Your Rock Lead Guitar Phrasing? USA Flag
From the many elements that go into creative improvising and soloing, phrasing is perhaps the single most important (and the least practiced!) one.  Do you understand all the elements that go into truly expressive guitar phrasing? Find out here.

Rock Guitar Lesson VideoRock Guitar Licks Lesson USA Flag
Many guitar players struggle with making their favorite guitar licks fit naturally into a variety of musical contexts. With a little training, you can use simple guitar phrasing techniques to easily transform a basic rock guitar lick into dozens of creative musical ideas. Learn how to become a more expressive improviser and soloist in this free rock guitar licks lesson

Guitar Phrasing Concepts Course

Guitar Phrasing Concepts For Rock Lead Guitar Soloing

Learn how to make your guitar licks and solos sound highly expressive and develop a lead guitar style that is uniquely yours! This course will show you the real secret to great guitar soloing - the art of guitar phrasing. This is not a set of ‘100 hot licks’ to play, nor is this anything like other lead guitar lessons you may have seen that tell you to ‘use vibrato and string bends’ to improve your guitar solos. You will learn so much more about what really goes through the minds of your favorite guitar players as they create their mind-blowing guitar licks, such as how to make the best note choices for any guitar solo you play or improvise, how to develop your own lead guitar style and how to make your guitar playing always match the music you hear in your head. After studying this course, you will have the skills needed to express yourself more accurately and completely with your guitar playing.

Innovative Arpeggio Phrasing Course

Innovative Arpeggio Phrasing for Advancing Metal Players

You have seen millions of lessons on ‘how to play’ arpeggios - but what you have not seen anywhere else is instruction on how to use arpeggios in a musical way once you learn to play them. This course will teach you how to creatively apply arpeggios into your guitar solos while creating very melodic music. Discover how guitar masters like Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci and many others have used arpeggios in their own soloing to create killer phrases and how YOU can do the same in your music! You will see lots of examples of arpeggio licks you can apply right away as well as get the knowledge to easily create your own arpeggio phrases! You will also get several rocking backing tracks to practice your new guitar phrasing ideas. Best of all, you don’t have to be a highly advanced shredder to use this course - you can easily apply the concepts taught here even if you are at an intermediate level.

Lead Guitar Legato Phrasing CourseKiller Rock Lead Guitar Legato Phrasing

Learn how to apply and integrate legato technique into your guitar soloing style and combine it with lots of other techniques and phrasing elements to express yourself fully and completely. This course will teach you to create your own unique phrasing style by showing you the “secrets” of legato masters like Joe Satriani, Shawn Lane and George Lynch and how they use their awesome technique to create fluid and fiery legato guitar phrases.In addition to learning the concepts that will improve your phrasing, you will get inspiring backing tracks to practice the examples from this course and improvise your own guitar solos to so that you immediately hear the results of the ideas you learn. More importantly, you will get to see ‘real world’ examples of legato guitar phrasing from actual songs and solos—all broken down and explained in full detail. You cannot find this type of instruction anywhere else!

Guitar Playing Photo

Online Guitar Lessons

Become the guitarist you want to be with the most effective, goal oriented, results driven guitar lessons online. Here is how it works: you tell me about yourself, your musical goals, skills, knowledge, style and your current guitar playing frustrations & challenges, and I will custom design the most effective lessons specifically for you. This will help you reach your goals fast. I will closely monitor your progress, give you my expert feedback on your guitar playing and provide you with lots of personal support to enable you to get the results you want in your guitar playing.

The Guitar Playing Accelerator

The Guitar Playing Accelerator

The most powerful invention for improving your guitar playing since the existence of guitar lessons... The Guitar Playing Accelerator ensures you get better faster... EVERY SINGLE TIME you practice your guitar. The one crucial element missing in your guitar practice that would guarantee you make bigger, broader and faster improvements as a guitar player is comprehensive tracking, monitoring and analysis of your guitar playing and practice. This key element ensures you make the big improvements you could be (and SHOULD be) making daily. Tracking all the important elements that make up your guitar playing skills is a proven method to make you more motivated, excited, encouraged and confident than other guitar players to continue to learn, improve and master your guitar playing. This is the only tool in the world that does this for you.

Guitar Practice Generator

Practice Generator

Practicing guitar but still not getting anywhere? What you need is a way to create personalized guitar practice schedules that will consistently, automatically and accurately take into account your current skill level and knowledge for each item you need to practice while ensuring that your practice schedules will always be personalized to you, your skills and your knowledge. This is critically important in order for you to get the most from your practicing. You also need a way for your practice schedules to ‘evolve’ as your guitar playing evolves so that they remain relevant and highly effective in helping you make progress every step of the way as you reach your musical goals. The Practice Generator gives you all of the above, while also providing you with a way to keep yourself accountable as you work through your practice schedules (plus a lot more). Your guitar playing will go through the roof when you FINALLY start following the practice schedules that help you maximize the results you get from every minute of practice time.


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