Guitar Solo Lesson Video

Give Me 5 Minutes And I Will Show You How To Immediately Improve Your Guitar Solo Phrasing Skills.

Why do so many guitar players struggle to create great guitar solos? Answer: they don’t understand how to practice their guitar solo phrasing skills. Fact is, it’s not ‘what’ you play, it’s ‘how’ you play it that matters most. Guitar phrasing is all about the ‘how’, everything else is about the ‘what’. So, because most guitar players have under developed guitar solo phrasing skills, their overall guitar playing suffers.

The lack of great guitar solo phrasing is the number one reason why most lead guitar players are not great and many ‘good’ guitar players continue to struggle to create guitar solos they are happy with.

Below is a free guitar solo video lesson excerpt of an all-day master class I gave to my online guitar lessons students that was recorded earlier this year in Germany.

I urge you to learn, practice and master the concepts in the guitar solo lesson below so that you can create guitar solos that you love.

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Want to make people's jaws drop every time you play a guitar solo? Fact: This skill is train-able and isn't that hard to master. Learn it for yourself with online electric guitar lessons.

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