Innovative Arpeggio Guitar Phrasing for Advancing Metal Players


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Do you want to create your OWN killer solos and phrases using arpeggios and express yourself more fully? Do you want to be able to apply what you have practiced for so long and be more creative with your OWN music?

Many players think of arpeggios only in terms of pure technique. How to combine all that technique with essential melodic concepts that will create highly expressive solos is very rarely taught.

As a result, many guitarists struggle with applying their arpeggio playing in creative ways. Having the ability to rip through this skill at high speeds will only be useful if you know WHEN and HOW to apply this expressive tool in your music.

Fortunately, you CAN learn to be very musical and original with this technique.

To help you develop great guitar phrasing skills, using arpeggios, and take your musical self expression to a higher level, we have created the INNOVATIVE ARPEGGIO GUITAR PHRASING FOR ADVANCING METAL PLAYERS. In this unique course you will learn the essential concepts behind using arpeggios to create your own killer solos and phrases. It will show you how to express yourself more fully and be more creative with your OWN music.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You are an intermediate or advanced metal guitar player looking to inject some new ideas and FIRE into your solos.
  • You want to vastly increase your ability to express yourself in meaningful and musical ways.
  • You want to improve your soloing technique, vocabulary and ability to create impressive and expressive solos!
  • You want to learn the “secrets” the pros use to create amazing solos using arpeggios.

Discover how guitar masters like Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci and many others have used arpeggios in their own soloing to create killer phrases!

This is what the course will teach and explain to you:

  • How to phrase with tapping arpeggios ala Van Halen, Randy Rhoads and George Lynch.
  • Guitar phrasing with 2 string arpeggios like Zakk Wylde and Michael Schenker.
  • Soloing like the neo-classical metal gods including Yngwie, Symphony X and many others using the sweeping technique!
  • How to improve your guitar phrasing with string skipping arpeggios.
  • Unique ways of playing 7th arpeggios like Satriani, Vai and Vinnie Moore!
  • How to combine arpeggios and scales to create your own killer phrases.
  • The essential concepts and theory that will enable you to create your OWN awesome solos in any key!
  • Much more!

Included with this exciting new guitar phrasing course are:

  • Audio examples played at both normal and slow speeds that are fully explained via text, tab and notation.
  • Rocking backing tracks that will help you apply and use what you have learned.
  • Text available as PDF download AND as mp3’s so you can study anywhere—in your car, at the gym, etc.
Listen and watch some examples of great guitar phrasing:

Tom Hess Music Corporation BBB Business ReviewInnovative Arpeggio Guitar Phrasing for Advancing Metal Players will give you the tools necessary to take your playing to new levels of self-expression and confidence! We have put several years of experience as professional musicians and teachers into the creation of this “one-of-a-kind” course. We want you to avoid the trial and error route, and help you reach your goals in much less time than it took us.

Invest into your musical goals now!

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"Innovative Arpeggio Guitar Phrasing for Advancing Metal Players is a great course for those that may have learned some arpeggio's but not really sure of how to apply them.”

It's not just a bunch of mindless arpeggio shapes. They are arranged into tasty phrases that you can use right from the start. You learn to apply them in many different ways like tapping, sweep picking, string skipping etc... You also learn how to mix the arpeggios with other techniques and ideas you may have already learned to create more interesting and exciting phrases.

I highly recommend this course for anyone that wants to learn how to connect their lead phrases to the progressions being played underneath.

Don Parkhurst, Connecticut, USA



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