Nick Layton

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Location: Vancouver, WA
Occupation:  Electric Guitar Teacher
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Storming The Castle
Back From Hell

Nick Layton is a professional guitarist, composer and teacher based in Vancouver, Washington, USA.

Inspired by the great hard rock and metal artists and guitarists of the late 70's and 80's, including Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, George Lynch, Michael Schenker, John Sykes, Queensryche and Savatage, Nick became obsessed with the guitar from a young age and never looked back.

Nick released his debut solo album, "Storming the Castle", in 2008 to great reviews from all over the world. The disc was largely an instrumental affair featuring heavy guitar work, passionate melodies and majestic arrangements.

In 2010, Nick formed the band FireWolfe with David Fefolt (Angels of Babylon, Hawk, Valhalla) on vocals, Jay Schellen (Hurricane, Asia) on drums, Zack Uidl on bass and Nick and fellow guitarist Paul Kleff on guitars. FireWolfe’s debut self-titled CD was released worldwide in 2011. Currently Nick is hard at work with the band on the 2nd FireWolfe album.

Nick also stays busy as a teacher, author and clinician. He has toured the USA performing and presenting guitar instructional clinics throughout the midwestern and eastern USA at Guitar Centers and also the famous House of Guitars in New York.

He also teaches privately in his local area and has created a series of instructional courses for guitarists along with co-author Tom Hess.

Instructional Products Published:

Recordings Released:
  • Firewolfe - Firewolfe
Firewolfe Album
  • Storming The Castle
    Debut instrumental CD
Nick Layton - Storming The Castle
  • Chronicles - City Of Sound
    Compilation CD
Chronicles - City Of Sound CD


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