Learn How To Better Lead Guitar Solos With One Easy Adjustment

Want to play lead guitar solos that build so much tension that people just have to hear how it will be resolved?

This is actually a lot easier than you might think!

Playing great guitar solos is more about how you play notes than which notes you choose to play with.

Sound too good to be true?

Let me show you just how easy it is to get started playing expressive lead guitar solos...

Find out how to play better solos than ever with the one simple adjustment in this video:

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The video above is just the beginning when it comes to playing amazing guitar solos that people feel compelled to listen to.

Here are some more tips to help you become even better at lead guitar:


First, An Important Tip For All Guitarists:

Take lessons with a guitar teacher rather than learning on your own.

It's very easy to end up stuck in your playing and unaware of what to do to get better without someone to guide you. This makes playing guitar feel frustrating and discouraging rather than fun - like it should be.

This is why I recommend all guitarists take lessons with an experienced guitar teacher.

This is very important for helping you make fast progress, because a good guitar teacher is effective at getting you to see where you are making mistakes, correct any current bad habits and gain new insights about playing guitar that you would not have known if you learned entirely by yourself.

Not only does this make the learning process more fun, but infinitely less frustrating. Plus, you become a better player, faster.

When you are prepared for reaching a new level in your guitar playing, I am currently taking in new guitar students.

I have taught guitar for decades to thousands of players and am very proud of the results I have been able to get for them.
Here is what my students say about taking guitar lessons online:



Lead Guitar Tip: Use Speed More Musically

Feel like your fast guitar speed only goes to waste because your solos don't sound like real music?

You're not alone. Tons of players struggle with this.

Here’s some advice:

You want to start thinking of distinct phrases when you solo. Start with just a handful of notes and play them over a backing track while making them as unique and expressive as possible using different techniques.

Also, consider this:

Ear training helps you to translate the melodies/phrases you hear in your head into the actual notes on the guitar to play.

Fretboard visualization help you to find those notes on guitar faster.

If it feels like you are fishing around for notes a little and aren’t totally confident in where to find them – work more on fretboard visualization.

Lead Guitar Tip: Move Around The Fretboard More With Your Phrases

Ever been playing a guitar solo and you feel like you are repeating yourself a lot?

Don't fall into the common trap of only playing in one or two scale positions in your solos. This makes it much worse.

Taking advantage of the entire neck makes it easier for you to come up with creative phrasing ideas.

Take greater advantage of vibrato (by making it wider and more noticeable) especially on bent notes. This adds a lot of fire and emotion into your soloing.

Make good use of the “call and response technique” in your soloing (introducing a melodic idea and following it up with a complimentary melodic idea a moment later). 

When soloing over a progression consisting of only a few chords, there is only so much you can do with diatonic pitches. Make a little bit more use of non-chord tones to build tension and keep the music going forward.


Lead Guitar Tip: Play Faster Guitar Scale Runs With One Adjustment

When you are playing guitar scale exercises for your picking hand, look more at your picking hand instead of away from the guitar or at the fretting hand.

Practicing scales is extremely powerful for your improvement when you concentrate your attention on the picking hand.

So as you practice, look at your pick and make sure it is moving correctly and efficiently.

This helps you focus more on using correct technique so you get faster in less time and have less complications.

Additionally, working with sequences helps you add a musical feel to your scales, helping you to integrate them into actual licks and solos more easily.

That said, there is so much more to learn in this aspect of guitar playing...

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