How To Play Lead Guitar Like A Pro By Using Guitar Phrasing

Do you want to know how to play lead guitar solos like the pros? To become a great lead guitar player, there are many musical skills you need to develop and master. One of the most important areas to work on is your guitar phrasing. The reason why you cannot currently play satisfying guitar solos has less to do with the guitar techniques you know, or how fast you can play. In addition to focusing on these things, you should also refine your control over 'how' you play each note in your guitar solos. This is the essence of guitar phrasing, and is one of the things that all great lead guitar players have in common.

As soon as you have mastered guitar phrasing for yourself, you will have the ability to play lead guitar solos like a pro every time you plug in your guitar. Learn how to do this by watching the guitar phrasing video below, where I show one of my students how to use bending and vibrato techniques to play awesome lead guitar.

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Mastering guitar phrasing means every time you pick up your instrument, you have the power to play amazing licks that create powerful emotions. The best way to do it is to develop a practice routine centered around this goal by taking online electric guitar lessons.

Once you've checked out the guitar phrasing video above, watch the videos below to see jam sessions and feedback from other guitarists who have worked with me to make massive progress on guitar.


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