How To Improve Your Guitar Phrasing And Play Better Guitar Solos

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Do you want to learn a simple, yet highly important guitar soloing idea that will make you a much better lead guitar player?  
Before I show you what it is, let me tell you about an important problem many guitar players struggle with:

It's hard for most to make their guitar phrasing sound like cool music instead of a collection of predictable melodies and guitar licks. 
The reason for that?
Most use the possibility of playing more notes on guitar to cover up their playing not being as expressive as it could be.
Meaning: they look for more notes to play, new licks to explore and new scales to use in their solos. Few try to fully milk the notes (and licks) they already know.
Even fewer think about using rhythm as a creative tool to add more musical interest and emotion to their guitar licks.
The result is: boring and lifeless guitar solos that sound nothing like the playing of your favorite guitar players and nothing like the music you hear in your head.
This sucks!

But here is what I found:
If you really want to take your guitar playing to a higher level, you must learn and master guitar phrasing. This includes using a rhythmic phrasing technique of Rubato.
Rubato is a technique where you suddenly speed up and slow down your guitar licks without sticking to a set rhythm (or playing steady 8th notes, 16th notes or triplets).
By mastering this skill, you will be able to get maximum emotion from every single note you play and will improve the expressiveness of your guitar solos.
Watch this guitar phrasing and soloing video lesson and you will:
  • Learn about one of the most common (and totally overlooked) guitar soloing mistakes and how to avoid it. The good news is: avoiding them doesn't require you to learn new skills. It's about finding creative ways to use everything you already know and do. (I'll show you how.)
  • Discover a highly innovative guitar phrasing technique that will make your guitar licks sound a lot more creative (without playing anything fast or difficult). Good news: this technique makes you sound quite advanced to anyone who hears you play guitar.
  • Break out of musical creativity ruts and learn to express yourself more completely on the guitar.

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