Video: Learn How To Make Fast Guitar Playing More Melodic & Expressive

Want to play guitar fast without sacrificing a sense of melody or expression?

Good news:

It's much easier than you think, and you're about to learn how to do it by applying fun and simple tips.

Sound good?


Learn how to make your fast guitar licks sound more musically expressive using the tips in this demonstration video:

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Now you know that a big part of combing speed with emotional phrasing has to do with:

Emphasizing the last note of your lick!

And here are several important tips to squeeze more emotion from every note you play in your guitar licks:

Lead Guitar Tip #1. Refine Your Vibrato

Your vibrato is the heart & should of your lead guitar playing. When your vibrato is smooth and consistent, your guitar playing always sounds good (whether you play fast or not).

And conversely, the weaker your vibrato, the worse your playing sounds (even if you play very fast).

The secret to good vibrato is balancing its speed with its width. The faster your vibrato is, the wider it needs to be to sound good. And the slower your vibrato is, the narrower it can be and still sound good.

Avoid fast and narrow vibrato. That sound makes your guitar playing sound nervous.

Also avoid slow and wide vibrato. That sounds like slow bends – not vibrato.

Lead Guitar Tip #2. Use More Slides

I don’t just mean ascending slides (sliding into a note from below). Or descending slides (sliding into a note from above).

I mean to also use techniques like:

- backslides. This is where you play the note you want, slide up (or down) from it and quickly return back to the original note. This ornament still sounds like one note (not 3 separate notes), because it’s meant to be done fast.

- re-articulation slides. This means you play the note you want to hear, then slide into it again (re-articulating it with the slide). This phrasing ornament adds a lot of fire to any note.

Lead Guitar Tip #3. Refine Your Vibrato

Now you know how to combine fast guitar playing melody and expression.

The next step for your guitar playing?

Now it’s time for you to learn how to put it all together and become a real musician.

You do it by refining all your other skills (everything from guitar technique to music theory, ear training, phrasing, rhythm knowledge and application)… and learning to be creative with them.

I can help you with this in my Breakthrough Guitar Lessons online.

In these lessons, I not just tell you what to do or how to practice to reach your goals.

I hold your hand every step of the way to help you improve fast.

And unlike typical private lessons, in my Breakthrough Guitar Lessons online, I’ll see and hear you play a lot more than a typical teacher might.

For example: in private lessons a teacher would only see or hear you play once per week. The rest of the time (in between your lessons) you are on your own. 

(This is how bad habits often form without you realizing it. Habits that can take months to solve.)

When you work with me, I'm most active in helping you in between the lessons (when you need my help the most).

For example: 

  • You can show me your playing every single day if you want – just post a recording of your playing on my student forum. 
  • You can also send me recordings separately for in-depth feedback on your playing and practicing on a regular basis. 
  • You can ask me questions and show me your playing every week in live video Office Hours. I hop on Zoom for an hour to help you with whatever you feel stuck on. You show me your playing (and ask about your guitar playing challenges) during this time and I help you.
  • Every week I do live video training classes where I can see you play guitar as well and give you more personal help with your playing.
  • Depending on what you write in your feedback form about each lesson (I ask you to leave me feedback about each part of what I teach you) I sometimes may ask you to send me a yet another recording of your playing. This way I get to see you play whatever you struggle with and can adjust your lesson strategy (if needed) to help you improve faster. 

All you need to do is:

Practice what I teach and train you to do for 30 minutes per day, at least 4 times per week. If you do, then in a few months you may not even recognize the guitar player you have become.

And I daresay – neither will anybody who hears you play.

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