Video Tutorial: How To Master Guitar Vibrato Technique

Your guitar licks become incredibly expressive and emotionally captivating when you use excellent vibrato technique to make your notes sing.


Most guitar players only use vibrato technique to a fraction of its expressive potential.

Guitarists with the best vibrato guitar technique know how to keep it in-tune and controlled while using it in a variety of creative ways to squeeze emotion out of notes like water from a sponge.

Learn how to get amazing vibrato technique on guitar just like that right now by watching this video:

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Here are a few more tips to help your vibrato:

Guitar Vibrato Tip #1: Model The Vibrato Of Great Singers.

And I don’t mean opera singers :) I mean great rock singers like Fabio Lione or King Diamond (2 of my favorite singers who were hugely influential on my vibrato style). 

What you can do is: transcribe their vocal parts (play them on guitar as instrumental melodies) and focus on matching the nuances of their vibrato. 

Set aside 20-30 minutes (once or twice per week) to work on this skill. This will not only improve your vibrato – your phrasing will get better too. 

Improve your vibrato by studying great singers

As an added bonus: you will learn a lot about soloing by analyzing how singers approach melodies. Singers cannot sing as fast as guitarists can play, so they think a lot more about: note choice, melodic contour and rhythm. You can learn a lot from this as a lead guitar player. 

Guitar Vibrato Tip #2: Be Extra Careful Of Muting String Noise. Here Is How:

Rest your picking hand’s thumb on the lower (in pitch) strings when you do vibrato. This will help you avoid string noise when your vibrato becomes thick, fast and wide.

Note: thumb muting is better for muting string noise than your palm. That’s because with palm muting, your pick is at rest away from the strings. This not only makes muting harder to do, but also makes your picking less efficient.

With thumb muting, the thumb is always securely covering the strings you don't want to hear. And your pick is always at rest inside the string trench (space between strings). This makes your playing very clean and helps your vibrato sound great.

Now you know how to improve your vibrato. The next step is to transform the rest of your musical skills, so you can put it all together and play guitar the way you always wanted and dreamed about.

I can help you with this inside my personalized Breakthrough Guitar Lessons. Unlike some one-size-fits-all course, you won’t get generic lessons with me. 

I create guitar lessons specifically designed with you in mind.

Here is how it works: 

You will fill out the evaluation form to tell me about yourself as a guitar player. 

I ask you a ton of questions about your musical skills, knowledge, strengths, weaknesses, frustrations, background and guitar playing goals.

Here is what happens after you are done (and you select one of the lesson plans on the following page): 

I will go through your evaluation from in detail (I usually read it at least twice). Then I will create a lesson strategy to get your playing from where it is today to where you want it to be.

It’s all based on everything you told me about yourself in your evaluation form.

(Note: It may take me 2-3 hours to create your lesson strategy. I don't want to rush this step, because it’s going to play a huge role in you becoming a better guitar player quickly.)

Next: I create your actual lesson materials.

What are your lesson materials? 

These are the exercises, drills, concepts and techniques and that break down your goals into bite-sized steps that improve your playing. 

As you follow these steps – you become a better guitar player. Same way you follow the navigation system in your car. 

Just follow the directions, make all the right turns and you will get where you want to go. It’s almost literally that simple.


As you practice – you won’t be alone. 

Here is how I help you in between your lessons: 

  1. I train you live on video every week in live training classes. There I take the hardest guitar playing topics and break them down to make them easy to master. Plus, I get to see you play and answer your questions live on video.
  2. We also do live guitar practice sessions for you, me and my other students. We all practice guitar together and work on things each of us may struggle to practice individually. This helps you to get stuff done and improve more quickly.
  3. I'm here for you when you need me. Here is what this means:

    If you have questions – email me anytime - day or night. I answer your questions in detail and you always get a reply from me directly.

    Plus, you can talk to me every week live on video in Office Hours (where I answer your questions live on video).
  4. You can send me recordings of your playing for feedback. In my feedback, I help you diagnose and remove bad habits from your playing and erase all obstacles slowing down your progress.
  5. You can join our exclusive community on my students’ forum. There you can get support from my top guitar students – many of whom are now professional guitar teachers themselves. 

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All you have to do is practice what I tell you to do at least 30 minutes per day 5 times per week.

If you can practice more – that’s great. But if you practice the lessons I give you just 30 minutes per day, it becomes almost impossible for you not to improve.

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