How To Make Your Guitar Solos More Expressive By Choosing The Best Notes In Any Context

Struggle to play guitar solos that are truly inspiring and emotionally expressive?

Fact: Getting better at this isn't just about memorizing new scale or arpeggio patterns.

Instead, it's about training your ear so you are able to immediately choose the best note in any musical context to express a specific feeling or emotion.

How do you do this?

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Now you know how to play guitar solos that sound great using less notes. Use these additional tips to improve your overall guitar playing to make everything you play sound totally pro:

Learn 3 Big Guitar Practicing Mistakes That Slow Down Your Progress To A Stop

It’s difficult to get better on guitar when your guitar practicing approach is full of mistakes. Here are three of the most common practice mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1: Not Having Clear Musical Goals

Without clear guitar playing goals, it becomes nearly impossible to practice effectively and make progress. Not having goals sets you up to practice things in a random manner.

This means that you might make progress in one area a little bit, then progress in another area a little bit… but this progress is spread out over a long period of time and is inconsistent.

Having definite musical goals set is the greatest way to put yourself onto a straight path where you know precisely which steps to take to get better and how close you are to reaching the next level.

You also don't have to deal with the frustration that comes from not understanding what to practice and becoming overwhelmed by having too many things to practice at once.

Mistake #2: Practicing Guitar Without Focus

Results-based guitar practice takes total focusing on the things you are doing in order to correctly spot mistakes, fix them and move onto repeating the process with new issues.

This is infinitely more effective than what so many guitar players do: practice mindlessly by just repeating exercises again and again without focusing on what they are doing.

Don't make the same mistake. Practice with total focus... you get faster results and enjoy the improvement process so much more!

Mistake #3: Not Tracking Progress Consistently

Tracking and measuring your progress is a key part of knowing you’re your practicing approaches are bringing results.

Consider this like having the goal of losing weight: your exercise habits become much more productive when you track how effective they are by measuring your body fat%, monitoring your diet and changing your approach when needed.

Don't simply assume your guitar practice is effective… track it and measure it so you know for certain! Do this once at the end of the week for 25 minutes and watch as you make significantly more progress than before.

Approaches That Take Your Guitar Playing To The Highest Level

Ready to make faster progress on guitar than ever before?

 Get started by using these creative practice approaches to take your playing to the highest level:

Approach #1: Practice With Your Eyes Closed

Being able to play guitar without even looking at your hands is an impressive skill that many of the best guitarists have. Training yourself to play like this gives you greater command over your instrument than ever before!

Schedule some time to practice guitar with your eyes closed every few days or so to become accustomed to it. When you do this, don't spend time worrying about mistakes. Eventually, playing without watching your hands becomes effortless.

Doing this also helps you prepare for playing in live musical situations where there is poor lighting.

Approach #2: Recording Yourself During Guitar Practice

Practicing guitar in your bedroom is a very low-pressure situation. Adding a greater sense of pressure forces you to improve your playing skills, because it simulates real-life musical situations (such as playing on stage for others).

Add pressure to your guitar practice routine by recording yourself while you play. Doing this makes you more likely to try to play perfectly rather than allow some mistakes to pass.

Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to listen back to yourself and find mistakes you never noticed before.

Approach #3: Practice Guitar While Performing (Versus Sitting Down)

Don't let yourself to get into the habit of sitting down to practice guitar every time you practice. Get outside of your comfort zone by playing guitar while standing up, walking around your room or performing the items you are playing.

This adds a higher degree of difficulty that you would never experience while sitting down.

Study videos of your favorite guitarists to get ideas for how to perform the things you practice and record yourself to judge your performance and make any adjustments needed. This helps you put on a great performance whether you are live in front of an audience or just playing to impress your friends and family.



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