Guitar Vibrato Technique Video - Master This Expressive Technique In Just 5 Minutes Per Day

Looking for a guitar vibrato technique video that explains how to quickly master it and use it to make your playing sound super expressive?

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Your guitar licks and solos become infinitely more musically expressive and emotional when you develop great vibrato technique.

Best of all:

You can master guitar vibrato technique in just 5 minutes per day when you practice it effectively.


I'll show you:

Learn how to get amazing vibrato technique in no time by checking out this free guitar vibrato technique video:

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Now you understand how to play with great vibrato technique in just 5 minutes per day.

Here are more tips to help you develop your own unique style with this technique:

Guitar Vibrato Technique Tip #1: Hone Your Vibrato By Listening To Singers

It doesn't matter what style your favorite singers are in - you can develop better, more unique vibrato for your guitar playing by observing how they use it in their singing.

Try this:

Transcribe their vocal melodies (learn how to play them on guitar) and focus on matching the subtle aspects of their vibrato such as how fast or slow it is, how wide or narrow it is or any other nuances.

Set aside a half hour per week to work on this.

This will not only develop your guitar vibrato – your phrasing will improve as well.

Additionally: you will get better at playing guitar solos by analyzing how singers approach their vocal lines. Singers cannot sing as fast as guitarists like to play, so they focus on getting as much emotional quality from every note as they can. Apply this lesson into your approach as a lead guitar player to make your phrases more melodic and memorable.

Guitar Vibrato Technique Tip #2: Focus On Preventing String Noise

Rest your picking hand’s thumb on the lower (in pitch) strings when you apply vibrato technique. This will help you avoid string noise that could potentially make your technique sound sloppy.

Note: thumb muting is better for muting string noise than using palm muting (as many players do).


Using palm muting causes your pick to rest away from the strings. This not only makes muting effectively more difficult and makes your picking less efficient.

With thumb muting, the thumb is always muting unplayed strings below the one you are playing on. Then your pick is always at rest inside the string trench (space between strings).

This makes your playing very clean and helps your guitar vibrato sound great.

Now you know how to improve your guitar vibrato technique.

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