Learn How To Play A Guitar Solo With Syncopation To Instantly Grab The Attention Of Anyone Listening

Want to play guitar solos that sound more expressive, rhythmically creative and impressive?

There is oone very easy way to do this and you don't even have to learn new techniques, how to play faster or deep theoretical topics.

What is it?

How to use syncopation in your guitar solos.

What is syncopation?

I'll tell you.

Watch this video to get the full explanation and learn how to use syncopation to play guitar solos that sound great:

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Now that you know a cool way to play guitar solos that sound more creative, use these additional guitar soloing ideas to become more expressive than ever before:

Tip#1: Focus On Developing Your Lead Guitar Solos Using Bends & Vibrato

Becoming an incredibly expressive guitarist means mastering the use of bends and vibrato in your lead guitar playing.

Get started by making sure you are able to keep these techniques in tune.

It's not hard at all to do this - just spend a little bit of time each day bending the strings trying to get them in tune every time.

An effective exercise to use for this is to first pick the target note that you will be bending up to with the note bent, then applying the bend to the original pitch to quickly try to match the sound of the original note to the bent note.

Eventually, this becomes very easy and you no longer need to play the target note to prepare yourself and stay in tune each time you bend the strings.

Question: “My guitar solos don't seem to lack much emotion. I think I may need to use more vibrato? Is this important or just a side technique?”

Answer: You should definitely apply more vibrato into your guitar playing by using it on the longer sustained notes.

Guitar players often play guitar solos without using enough vibrato and they become very dull over time. They just don't know how important this skill is to master… but good news is, it doesn’t take forever to get better.

Your vibrato technique doesn't have to be the same as that of your favorite players right away, but it’s good to have at least some vibrato used on the longer-held notes to add life into your guitar playing.

Work on doing this using just a handful of notes and trying to make them sound as emotionally expressive as possible.

Focus on thinking of many variations in terms of ways you can apply vibrato. This gives you even more mileage out of an already expressive technique.

Question: “What is another easy way to make my guitar solos sound more musical?”

Answer: Anytime you find yourself repeating the same idea over and over in your guitar solos, ask “What can I do to make this idea more interesting or add variety to it?”

This basic question helps you to begin thinking more creatively and over time your solos become more interesting.

For instance, you might find how many times you can vary the way you use legato such as slides or hammer-ons to embellish a single note in a given guitar lick, then move onto another note in the phrase and repeat.

Remembering this as you play guitar solos helps a lot with being aware of this issue in your playing and knowing when to begin expanding the phrasing further.

Tip #2:  Play Guitar Solos More Melodically By Practicing Better Phrasing

When you play each guitar lick during a solo, it’s important to know how you will move to the next phrase in a smooth and interesting way.

Unfortunately, most guitar players just play notes up and down and hope it sounds good.

Don't fall into this same trap!

Work on doing this instead:

Think of a short guitar phrase, and then sing what will come next (just sing a few notes).

Next, try to play those notes using your guitar. This makes your phrases connect and flow more smoothly just like a singer’s melody.

Over time, your guitar playing solos become more melodic and musically expressive. Plus, your guitar licks begin to feel more musical!

Tip #3: Learn How To Play Guitar Solos Better With A Teacher:

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