Learn How To Play Emotional Guitar Solos Using Just A Single Note

Wish you could play emotional guitar solos that sounded expressive just the ones the pros play?

No problem!

It's actually not as difficult as you think, once you understand what makes the notes in a guitar solo feel so emotional. You actually have the power to play amazing things on guitar using no more than just one note.

How is this possible?

I'll show you.

Watch this video to discover how to play emotional guitar solos every time you grab your instrument - starting with just a single note:

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Now that you have watched the video, you are ready to play emotional guitar solos like never before! Use these additional tips to refine your skills:

Play Emotional Guitar Solos Tip #1: Improve Your Bends & Vibrato

Bending and vibrato technique are staples for being able to play emotional guitar solos that really reach out and grab anyone listening.

One way to nake sure these techniques sound great is to work on consistently keeping them in tune.

Investing just a few minutes each day working on nothing but bending the strings  helps you become more consistent and expressive in no time.

Try this out when you sit down to practice bending strings:

Play the pitch that you will be bending up to (by picking it as a normal note) and then play the bend in order to match the sound of the two pitches precisely.

Over time, this becomes second nature and you never need to worry about ruining guitar solos with out of tune string bends.

Question: “My guitar solos don't seem to sound as emotional as the ones by my favorite players since I use vibrato very rarely or as good. Should I use it more often?”

Answer: Yes! Make sure to at least use vibrato on the longer notes of your guitar solos and licks.

Guitar players frequently play guitar solos that eventually sound boring because there is no vibrato in them (or not enough). They just don't know they are making this mistake. It's easy to fix though if you are.

Practice this skill by simply trying to make a single note sound as expressive as possible with vibrato.

Focus on thinking of many variations for the kinds of approaches you use to playing vibrato as well. For example, try using wide/fast vibrato, narrow/slow vibrato, slides into vibrato, and so forth.

Question: “What is a way to play emotional guitar solos that sound memorable?”

Answer: Try this: Anytime you repeat a melody while you play guitar solos, ask yourself “What can I do to make this idea sound more interesting than the first time I played it?”

This simple question forces you to start thinking more creatively in order to make memorable guitar licks that bring your guitar solos together like a story or a conversation. For example, you might start using phrasing ornaments such as varying the rhythm, bending/sliding into some of the notes, palm muting, etc. to add subtle (but interesting) variation to repeated ideas.

Doing this consistently helps you become aware of how the notes feel emotionally much so you can get better - this is much mroe effective than simply looking for cool guitar licks to memorize for solos as many players do.

Play Emotional Guitar Solos Tip #2: Improve Your Aural Skills

When you play guitar solos, it’s important to have some idea of how each phrase/lick in the solo transitions into the next one.

Don't make the common mistake of just hoping to eventually run into a cool note or phrases while soloing memorized patterns!

Try this instead:

Play a short phrase, and then sing the next half of the phrase using only your voice.

Next, try to play the notes you sang on guitar. This programs you to make your phrases connect and flow more smoothly just like vocalist's melody in a song.

Practicing this over time makes your guitar playing take on a more melodic and musically emotional quality. Plus, your fast guitar licks will naturally begin to become more expressive too!

Play Emotional Guitar Solos Tip #3: Learn From A Good Guitar Teacher

Do you spend a lot of time online looking for lessons, videos or exercises to help you play guitar solos better?

You're not the only one.

Tons of guitar plaers do this, but making massive progress requires working with a guitar teacher.

Your guitar solos (and musical skills in all areas) develop quickly when you get better with an expert guitar teacher who has already helped many others play lead guitar just how you want to.

It's a fact: guitar players who learn with a teacher improve their weaknesses much faster than they would on their own. This means you are no longer held back from playing the solos, licks, techniques and patterns that frustrate you.

This is because great guitar teachers are masters at helping you resolve issues in your playing that you never knew about while helping you reach your musical goals as effectively as possible!

If you are still not ready to get started taking guitar lessons with your own teacher, I say this: Try it out. Make the biggest decision for your guitar playing skills you could ever make. The faster you make this decision, the faster you begin performing on guitar just like you always wanted to.

Make the right decision and begin taking guitar lessons today.

Here is what my students have to say about taking guitar lessons:

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