10 Free Guitar Solo Tips That Will Help You Immediately Improve Your Guitar Soloing Skills

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You are about to take the first step towards transforming your guitar soloing by discovering lead guitar secrets most guitar players will never know about. These 10 guitar soloing tips will enable you to improve your guitar solos instantly by changing the way you think when playing and composing your solos. You won't find this collection of free guitar solo tips anywhere else! 

You will learn: 

  • The secret to making people listen more carefully to your guitar solos.
  • How to become more self-expressive in your guitar solos.
  • How to apply guitar licks that you know to REAL music!
  • How to use speed in 'musical' ways instead of playing meaningless fast licks in your guitar solos.
  • How to use call and response phrasing like the pros do.
  • How to add subtle but critical nuances to your guitar solos, so that listeners are compelled to pay attention to your playing!
  • How to practice your guitar soloing and phrasing in ways that actually work!
  • and much more...

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