Get Started Mastering Two-Hand Synchronization For Guitar Speed That Feels Effortless

Want to play with fast guitar speed but keep making mistakes or can only sometimes put it all together?


Focus on improving your two-hand synchronization for guitar to lock both hands together like the gears in a watch.

Having both hands together in sync is critical for making your fast guitar playing feel easier while making it more consistent.

How exactly do you practice to get better at two-hand synchronization for guitar?

I'll show you.

Get started playing with faster and easier speed by watching this video about two-hand synchronization on guitar:

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Now you have a powerful exercise to help you improve your two-hand synchronization on guitar quickly. Learn more ways to play guitar fast and easy by reading these additional tips:

Tip #1: Make Your Picking Technique Efficient

It's hard to play guitar fast and clean unless you have efficient technique.

This applies specifically to picking technique. Having technique that minimizes movement helps you pick the string more in less time.

To do this, I recommend using directional picking.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Use alternate picking whenever you are playing on a single string.
  2. Whenever you move from one string to another, use a pickstroke that lines up in the direction of the string change. In other words - move to a thinner string means using a downstroke. Moving to a thicker string means using an upstroke.

This makes your picking more efficient, plus it improves your ability to pick with better articulation and two-hand synchronization.

Tip #2: Replace Palm Muting With Thumb Muting (For Cleaning Up Your Playing)

Muting with your thumb helps you play clean more easily because it doesn't require using a motion that brings your hand away from the strings (like with applying palm muting).

How do you perform thumb muting?


Just rest your picking hand’s thumb on the strings below (in pitch) the one you are playing on to prevent them from bleeding together.

Tip #3: Practice Unplugged Sometimes

Playing guitar unplugged challenges you to articulate notes with more power (to hear them better) and develops your ability to  keep your hands in sync while playing - making playing guitar fast feel effortless.

Practice unplugged on occasion (if you are typically a rock/metal player) in order to observe your two-hand synchronization between hands and make adjustments to improve it. For example: Pick every note of a guitar exercise twice instead of once in order to allow your picking hand to catch up to your fretting hand.

Now you have some tools to help you play guitar fast and clean in no time.

What's next?


Learn the fastest ways to improve weak areas of your guitar playing and reach your musical goals.

This includes not only developing faster speed and great technical skills, but also things like mastering theory, getting better at songwriting, learning how to play melodic phrases, improvising like a pro, etc.

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After studying your evaluation from and creating a lesson plan for your goals, I create a lesson strategy for you for the next 3-6 months and put together your lesson materials.

Your materials are made of all your exercises, training, licks and etudes that improve your skills and help you achieve your goals.

The more you practice, the greater the results you get.

But even if you practice just 15 minutes every day, you still have the potential to get amazingly better.


Your guitar playing goals will likely switch or become refined over time (this is not at all uncommon). If and when this happens, I make changes to your lesson plan to put you on the right course.

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